Encyclopedia of Love in World Religions, 1st Edition

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What do the world's major faiths teach us about the many forms of love -- divine and human, spiritual and sexual, romantic and altruistic? To assume those precepts to always be stern, simplistic, and strictly focused on the divine is to miss out on one of the richest sources of interpretation of the most complex of human emotions.

Encyclopedia of Love in World Religions is the first reference work to offer a comprehensive portrait of love in the context of the classic and contemporary literature of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism, as well as other cultures and philosophies. Like no volume published to date, it reveals the full richness of religious teachings on love in all its many forms, exploring an extensive range of topics that offer philosophical, psychological, and religious perspectives to guide the quest for the meaning of love.

Encyclopedia of Love in World Religions features approximately 300 subject entries, as well as insightful biographic sketches of preeminent thinkers, all written by a multidisciplinary team of some of the foremost scholars on the subject. Entries examine both general and culture-specific interpretations of love: not just the dichotomy of spiritual and physical love, but the full emotional spectrum of love in relationships and practices. Collectively, they encompass love's integral -- and sometimes conflicting -- role in shaping beliefs and behavior in a vastly diverse world.

Table of Contents

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Title Page.
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List of Entries.
List of Contributors.
1: Reflections on Love by Contemporary Spiritual Readers.
2: The Supreme Emotion.
3: Encyclical Letter Deus Caritas Est.
4: Sufi Love.
5: Love and Compassion.
6: Love in Jainism.
7: A History of Love.
8: Love: erspectives from Sociology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies.
9: The Art of Compassion.
10: Love and Autonomy.
11: Mythic Versus Prosaic Love: Sociological Perspectives on the American Marriage and Culture of Love.
12: Adultery in Buddhism.
13: Adultery in Christianity.
14: Adultery in Hinduism.
15: Adultery in Islam.
16: Adultery in Judaism.
17: African American Religion.
18: African Religions.
19: Ahavah.
20: Akiva ben Yosef.
21: Altruistic Love.
22: Ancestors.
23: Androgynous Myths.
24: Art in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
25: Asceticism.
26: Awe.
27: Beauty in Buddhism.
28: Beauty in Christianity.
29: Beauty in Hinduism.
30: Beauty in Islam.
31: Beauty in Judaism.
32: Beloved Community.
33: Betrayal.
34: Bhagavad Gita.
35: Bhakti.
36: Birth in Hinduism.
37: Bisexuality.
38: Bliss.
39: Bodhisattva.
40: Body in Buddhism.
41: Body in Christianity.
42: Body in Hinduism.
43: Body in Islam.
44: Body in Judaism.
45: Buddha.
46: Catholic Mysticism.
47: Celibacy.
48: Charity in Buddhism.
49: Charity in Christianity.
50: Charity in Hinduism.
51: Charity in Islam.
52: Charity in Judaism.
53: Chosenness.
54: Church Fathers.
55: Commandments to Love.
56: Community in Buddhism.
57: Community in Christianity.
58: Community in Hinduism.
59: Community in Islam.
60: Community in Judaism.
61: Compassion and Mystical Experience.
62: Compassion in Buddhism.
63: Compassion in Christianity.
64: Compassion in Hinduism.
65: Compassion in Islam.
66: Compassion in Judaism.
67: Compassion in Christianity.
68: Confucius.
69: Covenant.
70: Daoism.
71: Dead Sea Scrolls.
72: Death in Buddhism.
73: Death in Christianity.
74: Death in Hinduism.
75: Death in Islam.
76: Death in Judaism.
77: Desire.
78: Devotion.
79: Dialoghi d'Amore.
80: Disenchantment.
81: Divine Comedy.
82: Divine Love in Buddhism.
83: Divine Love in Christianity.
84: Divine Love in Hinduism.
85: Divine Love in Islam.
86: Divine Love in Judaism.
87: Divorce in Buddhism.
88: Divorce in Christianity.
89: Divorce in Hinduism.
90: Divorce in Islam.
91: Divorce in Judaism.
92: Ecstasy.
93: Emotion in Sikhism.
94: Emotions.
95: Envy.
96: Eros.
97: Fantasies.
98: Fatherhood in Buddhism.
99: Fatherhood in Christianity.
100: Fatherhood in Hinduism.
101: Fatherhood in Islam.
102: Dead Sea Scrolls.
103: Fear and Love in Judaism.
104: Feminist Thought in Buddhism.
105: Feminist Thought in Christianity.
106: Feminist Thought in Hinduism.
107: Feminist Thought in Islam.
108: Feminist Thought in Judaism.
109: Festivals of Love in Buddhism.
110: Festivals of Love in Christianity.
111: Festivals of Love in Hinduism.
112: Festivals of Love in Islam.
113: Festivals of Love in Judaism.
114: Filial Love in Buddhism.
115: Filial Love in Christianity.
116: Filial Love in Confucianism.
117: Filial Love in Hinduism.
118: Filial Love in Islam.
119: Filial Love in Judaism.
120: Food in Buddhism.
121: Food in Christianity.
122: Food in Hinduism.
123: Food in Islam.
124: Food in Judaism.
125: Forgiveness in Buddhism.
126: Forgiveness in Christianity.
127: Forgiveness in Hinduism.
128: Forgiveness in Islam.
129: Forgiveness in Judaism.
130: Fragrance in the Song of Songs.
131: Freudianism and Marxism.
132: Friendship.
133: Gita Govinda.
134: God as Father.
135: God as Mother.
136: Goddesses in Buddhism.
137: Goddesses in Hinduism.
138: Gods and Goddesses in Greek and Roman Religions.
139: Gods in Buddhism.
140: Gods in Hinduism.
141: Grace in Buddhism.
142: Grace in Christianity.
143: Grace in Hinduism.
144: Grace in Islam.
145: Grace in Judaism.
146: Guilt.
147: Guru.
148: Happiness.
149: Harmony.
150: Hasidism.
151: Hatred.
152: Healing.
153: Hebrew Bible.
154: Hedonism.
155: Hierodouleia.
156: Hindu Mysticism.
157: Homosexuality in Buddhism.
158: Homosexuality in Christianity.
159: Homosexuality in Hinduism.
160: Homosexuality in Islam.
161: Homosexuality in Judaism.
162: Honor and Love in Christianity.
163: Hospitality.
164: Incest in Buddhism.
165: Incest in Christianity.
166: Incest in Hinduism.
167: Incest in Islam.
168: Incest in Judaism.
169: Intellectual Love of God.
170: Interfaith Dialogue.
171: Intermarriage in Judaism.
172: 'Ishq.