Archetypes and Motifs in Folklore and Literature, 1st Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: 11th Grade - College Senior
  • 515 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2005 | Published/Released November 2007
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2005

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This eBook provides a detailed analysis of the most common archetypes or motifs found in the folklore of selected communities around the world. It includes examination of such motifs as Bewitching, Chance and Fate, Choice of Roads, Death or Departure of the Gods, the Double, Ghosts and Other Revenants, the Hero Cycle, Journey to the Otherworld, Magic Invulnerability, Soothsayer, Transformation, Tricksters, and more.

Table of Contents

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A. Mythological Motifs.
1: Nature of the Creator: Motif A10.
2: The Hero Cycle: Various Motifs in A.
3: Death or Departure of the Gods: Motif A192, and Return, Motif A193.
4: Creation Myth: Cosmogony and Cosmology: Motifs A600-A899.
5: Fight of the Gods and Giants: Motif A162.1.
6: Doomsday (Day of Judgment): Motif A1002.
7: Confusion of Tongues: Motif A1333.
8: Origin of Pentecost: Motif A1541.6.
9: Origins of Inequality: Motifs A1600-A1699.
10: Hermaphroditism.
B. Mythical Animals.
11: Mythical Animals: Motifs B0-B99.
12: Mythical Animals: Dragon: Motif B11.
13: Mythical Birds: Motif B30.
14: Leviathan: Motif B61.
15: Animal Brides and Grooms: Marriage of Person to Animal: Motif B600, and Animal Paramour, Motif B610.
C. Tabu.
16: Tabu: Eating and Drinking: Motifs C200-C299.
17: Tabu: Looking: Motifs C300-C399.
18: Tabu: Speaking: Motifs C400-C499.
19: Tabu: Forbidden Chambers: Motif C611.
D. Magic.
20: Transformation: Motifs D0-D699.
21: Flight (Magic): Motifs D670-D674.
22: Magic Bodily Members: Human Eye and Hand: Motif D990.
23: Soothsayer (Diviner, Oracle, Etc.): Motif D1712.
24: Magic Invulnerability: Motif D1840.
25: Magic Invisibility: Motif D1980.
26: Bewitching: Motif D2020.
27: Wishes: Various Motifs.
E. The Dead.
28: Ghosts and Other Revenants: Motifs E200-E599.
F. Marvels.
29: Otherworld Journeys: Motifs F0-F199.
30: Fairies and Elves: Motifs F200-F399.
31: Water Spirits: Motif F420.
32: Extraordinary Sky and Weather Phenomena: Motif F790.
G. Ogres.
33: Cannibalism: Motif G10.
H. Tests.
34: Identity Tests: Motifs H0-H199.
35: Riddles: Motifs H530-H899.
36: Quest: Motif H1200.
37: Quest for the Vanished Husband/Lover: Motifs H1385.4 and H1385.5.
J. The Wise and the Foolish.
38: Individuation: Motif J1030.1§.
K. Deceptions.
39: Contest Won by Deception: Motifs K0-K99.
40: Thief Escapes Detection: Motif K400.
41: Seduction or Deceptive Marriage: Motifs K1300-K1399.
42: Entrance into Girl's (Man's) Room (Bed) by Trick: Motif K1340.
L. Reversal of Fortune.
43: Pride Brought Low: Motifs L400-L499.
M. Ordaining the Future.
44: Bargain with Devil: Motif M210.
45: Curses: Motifs M400-M462.
N. Chance and Fate.
46: Chance and Fate: Motifs N0-N899.
47: Choice of Roads: Motif N122.0.1, and Crossroads, Various Motifs.
48: Wise Old Man/Woman: Various Motifs.
P. Society.
49: Sister and Brother: Motif P253.
50: Step Relatives: Motif P280.
Q. Rewards and Punishments.
51: The Kind and Unkind: Motif Q2.
R. Captives and Fugitives.
52: Abductions: Motifs R10-R99.
S. Unnatural Cruelty.
53: Cruel Parents: Motif S10.
54: Cruel Spouses: Motif S60.
55: Abandoned or Murdered Children: Motifs S300-S399.
56: Persecuted Wife: Motifs S410-S451.
T. Sex.
57: Conception and Birth: Motifs T500-T599.
58: Monstrous Births: Motifs T550-T557.
59: Incest: Various Motifs in A (and T).
U. Nature of Life.
60: Justice and Injustice: Motif U10 and Various Motifs.
Z. Miscellaneous.
61: The Double.
62: Good and Evil: Various Motifs.
63: Trees: Various Motifs.
64: The Trickster: Various Motifs.
65: Union of Opposites, or Coniunctio Oppositorum: Various Motifs.
66: Water: Various Motifs.