American Civil Rights Reference Library, 1st Edition

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As the underlying source for so many important social, political, cultural, economic and personal events, it's no wonder that the study of civil rights is among the leading topics used to advance cross-curriculum understanding of American history and current events. In just four comprehensive and consistent volumes, your students gain access to a rich set of data chosen by independent experts. This set focuses on the civil rights of America's largest ethnic groups, but also covers selected immigrant groups, women and others.

American Civil Rights: Almanac offers essays, definitions, further readings and interpretation in two volumes. Information is arranged in six chapters by group: African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, nonethnic groups, and selected immigrant groups. It also features approximately 120 photographs. Useful for report writing, the Almanac presents objective interpretation of the era.

American Civil Rights: Biographies introduces students to 23 people who symbolize American civil rights. Illustrated essays cover well-known and lesser-known individuals. Each entry includes a biographical overview, sidebars on related people and topics and a list of further reading. Each volume includes a timeline/chronology, photographs, glossrary, further reading section and a cumulative index.

American Civil Rights: Primary Sources allows students and researchers to review approximately 19 full or excerpted speeches, memoirs, and other documents arranged in broad subject chapters for easy comparison. Each entry features an historical overview, a document excerpt, an in-text glossary, sidebars detailing related events and selections for further reading. Also 50 photographs are included.

For table of contents, sample pages or other volume specific information see the entry for the Almanac, Biographies or Primary Sources.


(a starred review). "An impressive testimonial to the reality that people working together can change history... would be an excellent addition to public and middle- and high-school library collections." --RBB/Bookist (01/01/00)

— Booklist

"Composed of three titles that could be used independently, this resource works well as an integrated set. ...the format, reading level, and research and activity ideas in this set make it suitable for middle school and high school. Biographies and Primary Sources support the Almanac, bringing basic material together in one place to make this a worthwhile purchase for student use." -- VOYA (April 2000)

— Vicky Yablonsky

"The uniqueness of this set lies in the range of people covered. Students will find it an excellent resource for reports and interesting reading." -- School Library Journal (May 2000)

— Rodney Stevens

"Hundreds of photos, illustrations, and sidebars enhance the text of these commendable volumes." -- The Herald, Columbian, SC (2/13/2000)

— Rodney Stevens