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Analytics On Demand is a data solution that helps libraries quickly and easily learn more about their users and communities. It allows you to transform your existing ILS and other data into information you can use to better understand—at the household level—who your customers are (and aren't) so you can make data-driven decisions and drive meaningful outcomes for your library and community.

Through ongoing access to detailed and customized reports, you'll be able to connect with your users like never before. Apply rich patron-intelligence, like demographics, general interests, lifestyle and behaviors, to better inform your strategic planning, create targeted community outreach campaigns, refine or develop collections and programs, AND measure your performance to goal achievement.

Features and Benefits

  • Reports cover descriptive Mosiac Lifestyle Customer/Market Segmentation data, so you can learn who your patrons are and are not.
  • Maps and charts make the data easy to understand and actionable.
  • Demographics include age, ethnicity, household size, income, marital status, and presence of children.
  • Socioeconomic attributes covered are commute, education, employment, language spoken, industry, occupation, and social status.
  • Location features population density, rurality, and urbanization.
  • Property characteristics include amenities, dwelling type, housing value, length of residence, rent, and year built.
  • Behaviors and interests by household show mail responsiveness, mail-order buyer, children/parenting products, credit cards, charitable contributions, internet/computer/technology, and survey data.
  • Gale partners with you to help your library gain insights, prioritize improvements and measure performance.
  • Analytics On Demand allows you to focus outreach where it's needed most – thanks to human-centric, household-level segmentation and embrace a data-driven approach to understanding patrons and deliver on your library's mission and vision.