ICT and Critical Infrastructure: Proceedings of the 48th Annual Convention of Computer Society of India- Vol II, 1st Edition

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This volume contains 85 papers presented at CSI 2013: 48th Annual Convention of Computer Society of India with the theme "ICT and Critical Infrastructure". The convention was held during 13th –15th December 2013 at Hotel Novotel Varun Beach, Visakhapatnam and hosted by Computer Society of India, Vishakhapatnam Chapter in association with Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant, the flagship company of RINL, India. This volume contains papers mainly focused on Data Mining, Data Engineering and Image Processing, Software Engineering and Bio-Informatics, Network Security, Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime, Internet and Multimedia Applications and E-Governance Applications.

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1: Content Based Retrieval of Malaria Positive Images from a Clinical Database VIA Recognition in RGB Colour Space.
2: Modified Clustered Approach for Performance Escalation of Distributed Real-Time System.
3: Indian Stock Market Predictor System.
4: Text Clustering Using Reference Centered Similarity Measure.
5: A Comparative Analysis of New Approach with an Existing Algorithm to Detect Cycles in a Directed Graph.
6: Super Resolution of Quality Images through Sparse Representation.
7: An Interactive Rule Based Approach to Generate Strength Assessment Report: Graduate Student Perspective.
8: Analysis of Stutter Signals with Subsequent Filtering and Smoothening.
9: Fingerprint Reconstruction: From Minutiae.
10: Performance Analysis of Asynchronous Periodic Pattern Mining Algorithms.
11: A Comparative Study of the Classification Algorithms Based on Feature Selection.
12: Analysis and Classification of Plant MicroRNAs Using Decision Tree Based Approach.
13: Features Selection Method for Automatic Text Categorization: A Comparative Study with WEKA and RapidMiner Tools.
14: Outliers Detection in Regression Analysis Using Partial Least Square Approach.
15: Cluster Analysis on Different Data Sets Using K-Modes and K-Prototype Algorithms.
16: Content Based Image Retrieval Using Radon Projections Approach.
17: A Novel Approach for Facial Feature Extraction in Face Recognition.
18: Video Shot Boundary Detection Using Finite Ridgelet Transform Method.
19: Enhanced Algorithms for VMTL, EMTL and TML on Cycles and Wheels.
20: Improved Iris Recognition Using Eigen Values for Feature Extraction for Off Gaze Images.
21: Database Model for Step-Geometric Data - An Object Oriented Approach.
22: A Proposal for Color Segmentation in PET/CT-Guided Liver Images.
23: Audio Segmentation for Speech Recognition Using Segment Features.
24: A Modified Speckle Suppression Algorithm for Breast Ultrasound Images Using Directional Filters.
25: An Efficient Secret Image Sharing Scheme Using an Effectual Position Exchange Technique.
26: Image Fusion Technique for Remote Sensing Image Enhancement.
27: Variant Nearest Neighbor Classification Algorithm for Text Document.
28: Naive Bayes for URL Classification Using Kid's Computer Data.
29: Semantic Framework to Text Clustering with Neighbors.
30: Multi-Agent System for Spatio Temporal Data Mining.
31: Cropping and Rotation Invariant Watermarking Scheme in the Spatial Domain.
32: Satellite Image Fusion Using Window Based PCA.
33: Rough Set Approach for Novel Decision Making in Medical Data for Rule Generation and Cost Sensitiveness.
34: Position Paper: Defect Prediction Approaches for Software Projects Using Genetic Fuzzy Data Mining.
35: A Fast Algorithm for Salt-and-Pepper Noise Removal with Edge Preservation Using Cardinal Spline Interpolation for Intrinsic Finger Print Forensic Images.
36: An Approach to Predict Software Project Success Based on Random Forest Classifier.
37: An Efficient Approach to Improve Retrieval Rate in Content Based Image Retrieval Using MPEG-7 Features.
38: Performance Evaluation of Multiple Image Binarization Algorithms Using Multiple Metrics on Standard Image Databases.
39: A Signal Processing Approach for Eucaryotic Gene Identification.
40: Addressing Analyzability in Terms of Object Oriented Design Complexity.
41: An Approach for Automated Detection and Classification of Thyroid Cancer Cells.
42: Quality Validation of Software Design before Change Implementation.
43: Testing Approach for Dynamic Web Applications Based on Automated Test Strategies.
44: Study on Agile Process Methodology and Emergence of Unsupervised Learning to Identify Patterns from Object Oriented System.
45: Data Collection, Statistical Analysis and Clustering Studies of Cancer Dataset from Viziayanagaram District, AP, India.
46: Classification on DNA Sequences of Hepatitis B Virus.
47: An Effective Automated Method for the Detection of Grids in DNA Microarray.
48: Software Safety Analysis to Identify Critical Software Faults in Software-Controlled Safety-Critical Systems.
49: Mutual Dependency of Function Points and Scope Creep towards the Success of Software Projects: An Investigation.
50: Prediction of Human Performance Capability during Software Development Using Classification.
51: Defect Detection Efficiency of the Combined Approach.
52: Risk Measurement with CTP Parameters in Software Development Process.
53: A Cryptographic Privacy Preserving Approach over Classification.
54: An Advanced Authentication System Using Rotational Cryptographic Algorithm.
55: Privacy Preserving Data Mining.
56: Enhanced Trusted Third Party for Cyber Security in Multi Cloud Storage.
57: Performance Analysis of Multi-class Steganographic Methods Based on Multi-Level Re-stegnography.
58: A Stylometric Investigation Tool for Authorship Attribution in E-Mail Forensics.
59: Privacy Preserving in Association Rule Mining by Data Distortion Using PSO.
60: Inline Block Level Data De-duplication Technique for EXT4 File System.
61: Unique Key Based Authentication of Song Signal through DCT Transform (UKASDT).
62: DCT-PCA Based Method for Copy-Move Forgery Detection.
63: Online Hybrid Model for Fraud Prevention (OHM-P): Implementation and Performance Evaluation.
64: Cyber Crime Investigations in India: Rendering Knowledge from the Past to Address the Future.
65: A Novel SVD and GEP Based Image Watermarking.
66: Complete Binary Tree Architecture Based Triple Layer Perceptron Synchronized Group Session Key Exchange and Authentication in Wireless Communication (CBTLP).
67: Color Image Authentication through Visible Patterns (CAV).
68: Smart Infrastructure at Home Using Internet of Things.
69: A Novel Approach for Ipv6 Address.
70: Secured Internet Voting System Based on Combined DSA and Multiple DES Algorithms.
71: Defending Approach against Forceful Browsing in Web Applications.
72: Effect of Indexing on High-Dimensional Databases Using Query Workloads.
73: A Novel Architecture for Dynamic Invocation of Web Services.
74: Development of Web-Based Application for Generating and Publishing Groundwater Quality Maps Using RS/GIS Technology and P. Mapper in Sattenapalle, Mandal, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh.
75: A Reactive E-Service Framework for Dynamic Adaptation and Management of Web Services.
76: Enabling Time Sensitive Information Retrieval on the Web through Real Time Search Engines Using Streams.
77: New Architecture for Flip Flops Using Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata.
78: Emerging ICT Tools for Virtual Supply Chain Management: Evidences from Progressive Companies.
79: ICT to Renovate the Present Life Line Systems from Fossil Fuels to Green Energy.
80: A Secure and Reliable Mobile Banking Framework.
81: Challenges towards Implementation of e-Government Project in West Bengal, India: A Fishbone Analysis in Order to Find Out the Root Causes of Challenges.
82: Tackling Supply Chain through Cloud Computing: Management: Opportunities, Challenges and Successful Deployments.
83: e-Health and ICT in Insurance Solutions.
84: Modified Real-Time Advanced Inexpensive Networks for Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience.
85: Regression Model for Edu-data in Technical Education System: A Linear Approach.
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