Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts from the Society of Antiquaries, London

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This impressive, but often overlooked, collection from the Society of Antiquaries makes key resources available for the study of medieval and renaissance literature.

Highlights in Part One include a 12th-century text of the Orationes of Anselm, a 12th-century text of the Sermons of St. Bernard, Sir John Harrington's The History of Edward III, a 15th-century miscellany with verse and proverbs, Lord Howard Henry's On Women, Lydgate's Life of Our Lady and Gower's Confessio Amantis, the medieval romance of Bocchus and Sydrach, the Pore Caitif and Myrour of Synners, and Langland's Piers Plowman and the Prick of Conscience.

Also featured are versions of works by Aristotle, Virgil and Seneca; less well-known or unattributed poems; and several works by William Wyrcestre addressing medieval chivalry and courtly behavior.

Part Two presents the extremely important yet under-utilized Winton Domesday as well as a near contemporary text of Magna Carta. In addition, two Registers of Peterborough Abbey provide details of local life; the Historia Bohemia offers an Italian humanist perspective on events up to the 15th century; and finely illustrated psalters and Books of Hours contrast the styles of Dutch, English, Flemish and French artists active in the 15th century. Also included are rare materials on astrology, astronomy, law, magic, mathematics, medicine and politics.

Part One: Literary Manuscripts
6 reels
Part Two: Manuscripts Relating to History and Art History
5 reels