Records of the Department of State Relating to Commercial Relations between theUnited States and the Soviet Union, 1910-1949

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The documents found in this file -- predominantly instructions to and dispatches from diplomatic and consular officials --provide valuable information on economic relations between Russia/the Soviet Union and the United States, from the time of the last czar through the later years of Stalin. Also provided are general insights on the period 1918-1933, when the only relations maintained between the United States and the Soviet Union were commercial.

Of particular interest are documents relating to the effect of the Bolshevik Revolution on Soviet-American trade, the activities of the Soviet purchasing office in the United States during the 1920s, U.S.-Soviet trade and debt negotiations that were part of the normalization of relations in 1933, the administration of Lend-Lease (extended to the Soviet Union in 1941), and the Soviet refusal of the U.S. offer of economic aid as proposed under the Marshall Plan.

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