Gene Therapy of Cancer, 3rd Edition

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Gene therapy as a treatment for cancer is at a critical point. Exciting new developments, coupled with results from the first generation of studies have led to design and testing of new approaches. The Third Edition of Gene Therapy of Cancer is a comprehensive assessment of the field including suicide gene therapy, oncogene and suppressor gene targeting, and drug resistance gene therapy. Researchers at all levels will find this book e instructive. Cancer gene therapy is evolving rapidly, testing new concepts, targets and pathways, evoking new technologies, and passing new regulatory hurdles. Its essence, however, has not changed: the hope and challenges of returning altered genes to normal, using targeted gene expression to alter the function of tumor and microenvironment, and in some cases normal cells, and delivering functionally important genes to specific cell types to increase sensitivity to killing or to protect normal cells from cancer therapies. Gene therapy for cancer can form a continuum from gene repair through the use of molecularly modified cells; the use of viral and non-viral vector-based gene delivery; the use of viral and gene-based vaccines; and development of new gene-based therapeutics. The unique mechanistically chosen vector platforms are at the heart of this technology because they allow direct and selective cell death and transient to sustained delivery of vaccine molecules or molecules that affect the microenvironment, vasculature, or immune response.

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1: Viral and Nonviral Vector Methodologies: Targets and Approaches.
2: Ex Vivo Gene Therapy Utilization of Genetic Vectors for the Generation of Genetically Modified Cell Products for Therapy.
3: Targeting Tumor Vasculature Using Adeno-Associated Virus Phage Vectors Coding Tumor Necrosis Factor-α.
4: Viral Insertion Site Detection and Analysis in Cancer Gene Therapy.
5: Targeted Systemic Delivery of Therapeutic siRNA.
6: Bacterial Delivery of RNAi Effectors.
7: Gene-Directed Enzyme Prodrug Cancer Therapy.
8: Electroporation Gene Therapy.
9: Toxin-Based Cancer Gene Therapy Under the Control of Oncofetal H19 Regulatory Sequences.
10: Gene Therapy in Radiotherapy of Cancer.
11: Oncolytic Viruses.
12: Advances in Oncolytic Virotherapy for Brain Tumors.
13: Oncolytic Adenoviruses in the Treatment of Cancer in Humans1.
14: Selectively Replicating Oncolytic Adenoviruses Combined with Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, or Molecular Targeted Therapy for Treatment of Human Cancers.
15: Reoviral Therapy for Cancer Strategies for Improving Antitumor Efficacy Using Radio- and Chemotherapy.
16: Selectively Replicating Herpes Simplex Viral Vectors.
17: Modified Oncolytic Herpesviruses for Gene Therapy of Cancer.
18: The Lister Strain of Vaccinia Virus as an Anticancer Therapeutic Agent.
19: Immunotherapeutics.
20: Poxvirus-Based Strategies for Combined Vaccine and Tumor Microenvironment Manipulation.
21: Genetically Engineered (T Cell Receptor) T Cells for Adoptive Therapy.
22: Genetically Modified Dendritic Cell Vaccines for Solid Tumors.
23: Dendritic Cell Vaccination.
24: Chemokine Gene-Modified Dendritic Cells for Cancer Therapy.
25: The Use of T Cell Costimulation to Enhance the Immunogenicity of Tumors.
26: Clinical Application of Plasmid-Based Cancer Vaccines.
27: Lentivector Vaccines.
28: Therapeutic Efficacy and Systemic Antitumor T Cell Immunity Induced by RheoSwitch-Regulated IL-12 Expression after Intratumoral Injection of Adenovirus Vector or Vector-Transduced Dendritic Cells.
29: Drug Resistance and Metabolism Gene Therapy.
30: Clinical Trials Using LV-P140K-MGMT for Gliomas.
31: RNA Interference Therapeutics for Tumor Therapy: Promising Work in Progress.
32: MGMT Stem Cell Selection and Protection: Preclinical Large Animal and Clinical Studies.
33: Cytidine Deaminase in Myeloprotective Gene Therapy.
34: Cancer Therapy Imaging Vectors.
35: Genetically Engineered Salmonella typhimurium for Targeted Cancer Therapy.
36: Imaging of Oncolytic Virus Gene Expression.
37: Lentiviral-Encoded Sodium Iodide Symporter-Mediated Cancer Gene Therapy.
38: Bacteriophage From Bacteria to a Successful Targeted Systemic Gene Delivery for Cancer.
39: Issues in Trial Design Review and Approval.
40: Issues in Moving Gene Therapy Approaches to Early Clinical Trials.
41: The FDA Review Process for Cancer Gene Therapy.
42: Ethics in Translational Gene Transfer Research.