The Rodgers and Hammerstein Encyclopedia, 1st Edition

  • Thomas S. Hischak
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Still the most influential and popular songwriting team in the history of the American Musical Theatre, Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein represent Broadway musicals at their finest. The team revolutionized the musical play with Oklahoma! in 1943 and then went on to explore territory never put on the musical stage before in such beloved shows as Carousel, South Pacific, The King and I and The Sound of Music. The team also worked in film, as with State Fair, and in the new medium of television, with Cinderella.

In addition to their plays and films together, every work that each man did with other collaborators is also discussed. Hundreds of their songs are described, and there are entries on the many actors, directors, and other creative artists who they worked with. A complete list of awards, recordings and books about the team are included, as well as a chronology of everything either man wrote. But The Rodgers and Hammerstein Encyclopedia is not just about facts. It explains their work, explores themes in their musicals, and illustrates why they remain a driving force in the American Theatre.

This is the first encyclopedia to look specifically at the careers and works of Rodgers and Hammerstein, covering all their musicals together for stage, screen and televsion, but also everything they wrote with others. The purpose is to create a comprehensive guide to the American Musical Theatres foremost collaboration. The encyclopedia is (1) comprehensve, describing the works, the people involved in those works, and many of their famous songs; ( 2) up-to-date, including the most recent revivals of their works and new recordings of their scores; and (3) easy to use, being alphabetically arranged with cross-reference listings, chronological lists, lists of awards and recordings, and bibliographic information for further reading.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
List of Entries.
Guide to Related Topics.
The Story of R&H (Abridged).
1: Abbott, George [Francis].
2: Adiarte, Patrick.
3: “Ah Still Suits Me”.
4: Albert, Eddie [né Edward Albert Heimberger].
5: “All at Once You Love Her”.
6: “All ‘er Nothin’”.
7: “All I Owe Ioway”.
8: “All Kinds Of People”.
9: “All the Things You Are”.
10: “All Through The Day”.
11: Allegro.
12: “Allegro”.
13: Alton [Hart], Robert.
14: Always You.
15: Amateur Productions.
16: American Jubilee.
17: America's Sweetheart.
18: Anderson, John Murray.
19: Andrews, Dana [Né Carver Dana Andrews].
20: Andrews, Julie [née Julia Elizabeth Wells].
21: Androcles and the Lion.
22: “At the Roxy Music Hall”.
23: Autobiographies and Biographies.
24: Awards.
25: “Away From You”.
26: Babes in Arms.
27: “Babes In Arms”.
28: Bainter, Fay.
29: Balanchine, George [né Gyorgi Melitonovitch Balanchivadzel].
30: “Bali Ha'I”.
31: Ball at the Savoy.
32: Ballard, Kaye [née Catherine Gloria Balotta].
33: Ballet and Dance.
34: “Bambalina”.
35: “Beat Out Dat Rhythm On A Drum”.
36: Belafonte, Harry [né Harold George Belafonte, Jr.].
37: Bennett, Robert Russell.
38: Berkeley, Busby [né William Berkeley Enos].
39: Betsy.
40: “Bewitched (Bothered and Bewildered)”.
41: “The Big Black Giant”.
42: Bigley, Isabel.
43: Bikel, Theodore [Meir].
44: “Billy Makes A Journey”.
45: Blackton, Jay [né Jacob Schwartzdorf].
46: Blaine, Vivian [née Vivian Stapleton].
47: “Bloody Mary (Is the Girl I Love)”.
48: “Blow High, Blow Low”.
49: “Blue Moon”.
50: “The Blue Room”.
51: Blyden, Larry [né Ivan Lawrence Blieden].
52: Bolger, Ray [né Raymond Wallace Bulcao].
53: “Boys and Girls Like you and Me”.
54: Boys from Syracuse, The.
55: Brazzi, Rosanno.
56: Brynner, Yul [né Taidje Khano].
57: Buloff, Joseph.
58: By Jupiter.
59: “Bye and Bye”.
60: “Can I Forget You?”.
61: “Can't Help Lovin’ Dat Man”.
62: Carmen Jones.
63: Carousel.
64: “Carousel Waltz”.
65: Carroll, Diahann [née Carol Diahann Johnson].
66: Cast Recordings.
67: Charm Songs.
68: Chee-Chee.
69: Children.
70: Children of Dreams.
71: “Chop Suey”.
72: Choral Numbers.
73: Cinderella.
74: Clayton, Jan [née Jane Byral].
75: “Climb Ev'ry Mountain”.
76: “A Cockeyed Optimist”.
77: Collaborators.
78: Comic Songs.
79: Connecticut Yankee, A.
80: Connolly, [Robert] Bobby.
81: Cook, Barbara.
82: Crain, Jeanne.
83: Critics.
84: Crosland, Alan.
85: Da Silva, Howard [né Herbert Silverblatt].
86: Daffy Dill.
87: Dancing Pirate.
88: Dandridge, Dorothy.
89: Darling, Jean.
90: “Dat's Love”.
91: Day, Edith [Marie].
92: De Mille, Agnes [George].
93: Dearest Enemy.
94: Deep in My Heart.
95: Dell'Isola, Salvatore.
96: “Dere's A Cafe on De Corner”.
97: The Desert Song.
98: “The Desert Song”.
99: Director.
100: “Dites-Moi”.
101: Dixon, Lee.
102: Do I Hear A Waltz?.
103: “Do I Hear A Waltz?”.
104: “Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?”.
105: “Do-Re-Mi”.
106: Donehue, Vincent J..
107: “Don't Be Afraid of an Animal”.
108: “Don't Ever Leave Me”.
109: “Don't Marry Me”.
110: Drake, Alfred [né Alfredo Capurro].
111: Drury Lane Theatre.
112: Dunne, Irene [Marie].
113: East Wind.
114: Eddy, Nelson.
115: “Edelweiss”.
116: Edens, Roger.
117: “The Emperor's Thumb”.
118: Ethnicity.
119: Ever Green.
120: “Everybody's Got A Home But Me”.
121: “Ev'rything I Got (Belongs to You)”.
122: “Falling in Love With Love”.
123: Family.
124: “The Farmer and The Cowman”.
125: Felix, Seymour.
126: “A Fellow Needs A Girl”.
127: Fields, Herbert.
128: Fields, Joseph.
129: Fields, Lew [né Lewis Maurice Shanfield].
130: Flower Drum Song.
131: “The Folks Who Live On The Hill”.
132: Fools for Scandal.
133: Ford, Helen [née Helen Isabel Barnett].
134: Free for All.
135: Freed, Arthur [né Arthur Grossman].
136: Friml, Rudolf [Charles].
137: Gang's All Here, The.
138: Garde, Betty.
139: Garrick Gaieties, The.
140: Gaynor, Mitzi [née Francesca Mitzi De Czanyi Von Gerber].
141: “The Gentleman Is A Dope”.
142: Gentlemen Unafraid.
143: “Geraniums In The Winder”.
144: Gershwin, George [né Jacob Gershvin].
145: “Getting To Know You”.
146: Ghost Town.
147: Girl Friend, The.
148: “A Girl Is on Your Mind”.
149: “Give Her A Kiss”.
150: Give Us This Night.
151: “Glad To Be Unhappy”.
152: Golden Dawn.
153: Good Boy.
154: Grahame, Gloria [née Gloria Grahame Hallward].
155: A Grand Night for Singing.
156: “Grant Avenue”.
157: Grayson, Kathryn [Zelma Kathryn Elizabeth Hedrick].
158: Great Waltz, The.
159: Greenwood, [Frances] Charlotte.
160: Guettel, Adam.
161: Hall, Juanita [née Juanita Long].
162: Hallelujah, I'm A Bum.
163: “Hallelujah, I'm A Bum”.
164: Halliday, Robert.
165: Hammerstein, Arthur.
166: Hammerstein, James.
167: Hammerstein, Oscar I.
168: Hammerstein, William.
169: Hammerstein's Theatre.
170: Haney, Carol.
171: “The Happiest House On The Block”.
172: “Happy Talk”.
173: Harbach, Otto [né Otto Abels Hauerbach].
174: Harnick, Sheldon [Mayer].
175: Hart, Lorenz [Milton].
176: “Have You Met Miss Jones?”.
177: Hayes, Bill [né William Foster Hayes].
178: Haymes, [Richard Benjamin] Dick.
179: Hayward, Leland.
180: Heads Up!.
181: “Heaven In My Arms”.
182: Helburn, Theresa.
183: “Hello, Young Lovers”.
184: Henderson, Florence.
185: “Here Am I”.
186: “Here In My Arms (It's Adorable)”.
187: High, Wide and Handsome.
188: Higher and Higher.
189: “The Highest Judge of All”.
190: Hollywood.