Contemporary Authors: A Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Nonfiction, Poetry, Journalism, Drama, Motion Pictures, Television

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  • ISBN-13: 9781414461564
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  • Grade Level Range: 10th Grade - College Senior
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Find biographical information on more than 130,000 modern novelists, poets, playwrights, nonfiction writers, journalists and scriptwriters. Sketches typically include personal information, contact information, career history, writings, biographical and critical sources, authors' comments, and informative essays about their lives and work. A softcover cumulative index is published twice per year (included in subscription).

Features and Benefits

  • Sketches typically include personal information, contact information, career history, writings, adaptations, biographical and critical sources, and informative essays about authors' lives and works.
  • The series also includes select number of autobiographical essays, about 10,000 words in length, written by the authors themselves and accompanied by a selection of unique family photos.
  • Softcover cumulative index published twice per year (included in subscription) contains references to all entries in the series as well as in other Gale literature reference works.

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Table of Contents

Abram, David.
Adams, John H.
Adams, Patricia.
Amos, Beth.
Andrews, Colman.
Angrist, Misha.
Atran, Scott.
Austerlitz, Saul.
Bailey, Elisabeth Tova.
Beamer, Amelia.
Behrens, Andy.
Bertrand, J. Mark.
Billows, Richard A.
Birbiglia, Mike.
Blair, Tony.
Blaxill, Mark.
Boesky, Amy.
Bojowald, Martin.
Breuer, Jim.
Brody, Leslie.
Cambanis, Thanassis.
Cameron, W. Bruce.
Camuto, Robert V.
Carroll, Pete.
Chemerinsky, Erwin.
Chivers, C. J.
Chuculate, Eddie.
Cohagan, Carolyn.
Cohen, Richard.
Cole, Teju.
Connell, Rebecca.
Cosse, Laurence.
Daniel, Ben.
Davidson, Hilary.
Davidson, Ian D.
DeSilva, Bruce.
Dilloway, Margaret.
Doshi, Tishani.
Dublanica, Steve.
Dunton-Downer, Leslie.
Dutton, Danielle.
Eden, Cynthia.
Egan, Robert.
Egeland, Tom.
Eisenberg, Cristina.
Elder, Janet.
Elenbaas, Adam.
Elster, Charles Harrington.
Elton, Charles.
Engel, Patricia.
Epstein, Alex.
Eubanks, Steve.
Farndale, Nigel.
Feiling, Tom.
Feldstein, Mark.
Franco, James.
Frankel, Laurie.
Frykholm, Amy.
Fukuda, Andrew.
Garcia, Tristan.
Gentile, Mary C.
Goldsworthy, Anna.
Gordon, David.
Gormley, Ken.
Gortner, C. W.
Graffin, Greg.
Gray, Marcus.
Greenberg, Keith Elliot.
Green, Hardy.
Grissell, Eric.
Gunn, Cameron.
Hale, Ginn.
Haley, Cameron.
Hamlin, Harry.
Harrison, K. David.
Harvell, Richard.
Hawkins, Rachel.
Hersh, Kristin.
Hildebrandt, Greg Jr.
Hines, Jim C.
Hodge, Roger D.
Holmes, Jeannie.
Hudson, Michael W.
Huso, Anthony.
James, Steven.
Janmohamed, Shelina Zahra.
Jansen, Gary.
Javers, Eamon.
Jebreal, Rula.
Jones, Melissa.
Joseph, Manu.
Kagawa, Julie.
Kahn, Matthew.
Kawakami, Hiromi.
Keene, James.
Kennedy, Joanne.
Kimball, Chris.
Kimball, Kristin.
Kingman, Peg.
Koch, Richard.
Kotb, Hoda.
Lamb, Cathy.
Lang, Michele.
Lanois, Daniel.
Latham, Irene.
Lehman, Tim.
Lelord, Francois.
Leotta, Allison.
LePan, Don.
Lessman, Julie.
Lope, Manuel de.
LuPone, Patti.
Luzzatto, Sergio.
Macbain, Bruce.
Macknik, Stephen L.
Martinez-Conde, Susana.
Martin, Roger L.
McAllister, Peter.
McFarland, Nora.
McGlynn, Stacey.
Mitchell, Kevin.
Montoya, Maceo.
Moore, Graham.
Murray, Liz.
Mustian, Mark T.
Nadol, Jen.
Nather, David.
Nichols, Travis.
Octavia, Grace.
O'Dwyer, Jessica.
Oliver, Lauren.
Ostler, Jeffrey.
Padilla, M.
Parker, Bruce.
Park, Julie.
Parrish, Stephen.
Patterson, William H. Jr.
Peeler, Nicole.
Perez, Henry.
Perry, Nick.
Persson, Leif G. W.
Phoel, Cynthia Morrison.
Pilkey, Brent.
Potter, Wendell.
Powers, William.
Richie, Nicole.
Ritter, Todd.
Rodale, Maria.
Rose, Gideon.
Saintcrow, Lilith.
Sax, Leonard.
Schaefer, Max.
Schussler, Steven.
Scott, A. D.
Shepherd, Lynn.
Sim, Alastair.
Snell, Gordon.
Steinberg, Avi.
Stern, Seth.
Stewart, Matt.
Stothard, Peter.
Sturrock, Donald.
Tawil, Hayim.
Telgemeier, Raina.
Thompson, Kalee.
Titone, Nora.
Turner, Joan Frances.
Van Rooy, Michael.
Vulliamy, Ed.
Walker, Kristin.
Wallace, Nicolle.
White, Amy Brecount.
Wilson, Colin.
Young, Julian.
Zahler, Diane.