The International Conference on Health Informatics, 1st Edition

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This volume presents the proceedings of the International Conference on Health Informatics (ICHI). The conference was a new special topic conference initiative by the International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE), held in Vilamoura, Portugal on 7-9 November, 2013. The main theme of the ICHI2013 was "Integrating Information and Communication Technologies with Biomedicine for Global Health".The proceedings offer a unique forum to examine enabling technologies of sensors, devices and systems that optimize the acquisition, transmission, processing, storage, retrieval of biomedical and health information as well as to report novel clinical applications of health information systems and the deployment of m-Health, e-Health, u-Health, p-Health and Telemedicine.

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1: IMRT Beam Angle Optimization Using Dynamically Dimensioned Search.
2: Multiple Modality Fusion for Glaucoma Diagnosis.
3: Directional Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Packet Transform Implementation Using Band-Limited Synthetic Signals.
4: State of the Art on Games for Health Focus on Parkinson’s Disease Rehabilitation.
5: Recip-e: The Electronic Prescription System for Ambulatory Care in Belgium.
6: Is Unobtrusive Monitoring Becoming Popular?.
7: Feature-Based Supervised Lung Nodule Segmentation.
8: End-to-End Quality of Service-Based Admission Control via Virtual Sensor Nodes.
9: On the Relationship of Arousals and Artifacts in Respiratory Effort Signals.
10: Respiratory Monitoring Based on Video Processing.
11: Personalizing Breast Cancer Patients with Heterogeneous Data.
12: PS Model-Based Dynamic Cardiac MRI with Compressed Sensing.
13: Innovative Immunosensors for Early Stage Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Monitoring.
14: Medication Incompliance and Vital Signs in Heart Failure Patients.
15: Effective Current Dipole Model of CA1 Hippocampus Pyramidal Neurons in Rat.
16: Noninvasive Strain Imaging and Hemodynamic Evaluation of Atherosclerosis.
17: Cavitation Endothelium Damage of Large Artery Vessel: A Potential Application to Animal Model of Atherosclerosis.
18: A Telehealth Framework for Mobile Nursing: Improving Patient Medical Record Management and Staff Communications.
19: Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Assisted Strength Exercising.
20: Time-Varying Under-Sampling Trajectory Design for Compressed Sensing Based DCE-MRI.
21: An Ontology Based Intelligent Telehealth System for Long-Term Management of Hypertension.
22: Maintaining Continuity of Care in a Multidisciplinary Health Service by Using M-Health Technologies to Develop Patient Medical Records.
23: Time-Spatial Ultrasound Induced Temperature Evaluation on Perfused Phantoms.
24: Prototype of Respiratory Sounds Monitoring System Based on Compressive Sampling.
25: Design of a Smart Cup – A Tele-Medical System for Behavioral Intervention through Interactive Materiality.
26: A Portable Low-Power 7-Lead ECG Recorder with a New Analogue Front-End IC.
27: Smartphone Based Remote Monitoring of Heart Failure.
28: Approximate Entropy for Short-Term Heart Rate Variability Analysis: Is the Threshold Value Computed by Chon's Formula Appropriate?.
29: PHARM – Association Rule Mining for Predictive Health.
30: Towards a Dependable Cardiovascular Surveillance System.
31: Performance Analysis of Optimal and Rectangular Template-Based MRC Receive Diversity for UWB-Based Off-Body WBANs in Presence of Timing-Jitter.
32: Exploration of Data Dimensionality Reduction Methods for Improving Classification Performance of Voluntary Movements.
33: A Short Report on the Relation Between the mRNA Sequence and the Encoded Protein Structure*.
34: Capillary Electrophoresis Microchip for DNA Amperometric Detection Featuring Agarose Gel.
35: A DC-DC Converter with 91% @55mA Light Load Conversion Efficiency for Portable Medical Electronics.
36: Reconstruction of Central Blood Pressure Using an Individualized Two-Segment Transmission Line Model.
37: Computational Analysis of Pathways Enrichment in DNA Methylation Array Data.
38: A Rod-Like Acoustic Radiation Force in Ultrasound-Based Elastography: A Simulation Study.
39: Physical Layer Network Coding with Feedback for One Simple Body Area Wireless Sensor Network.
40: A System to Improve Continuity of Care in Heart Failure Patients.
41: Ethicted – Evaluation Process Model to Improve Personalised ICT Services for Independent Living and Active Ageing; Future Scenario Model.
42: Flexible Linear Discriminant Wavelet Networks for Rapid Physiological Signal Interpretation.
43: Energy Efficient Techniques for Implanted Nodes in Body Sensor Networks.
44: Personalization Based on Grouping Strategies for Short-Term Cardiovascular Event Risk Assessment.
45: A Numerical Study of the Hemodynamics in Common Carotid Artery Affected by Different Shapes of Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaque.
46: Changes in Blood Pressure with Different Postures While Swallowing.
47: Hypertension Risk Assessment Based on a Trend Prediction Methodology.
48: A Heart Sound Transmission and Reception System Based on NFC and Bluetooth.
49: Pattern Detection in Vital Signals Daily Collected by Means of a Tele-Monitoring Application.
50: Automatic Detection of Calcified Plaque with Acoustic Shadowing.
51: A Full Custom Fully Integrated ECG Measurement IC for Healthcare Applications.
52: Cardiovascular Risk Prediction during Cardiac Rehabilitation.
53: The Relationship Between the 24-h Blood Pressure Variability and Carotid Intima-Media Thickness: A Preliminary Study.
54: Comparison of Heart Rate Variability from PPG with that from ECG.
55: Quantifying Effect of Blood Pressure on Stress Distribution in Atherosclerotic Plaque.
56: An A Priori and A Posteriori Protection by Means of Data Hiding of Encrypted Images: Application to Ultrasound Images.
57: Predicting the Ineffective Efforts in ICU Assisted Ventilation via Multiparametric Models.
58: Amplitude Index for the Quality Assessment of Pulsatile Signals in Noise.
59: The Design and Implementation of IEEE 802.15.6 Baseband on FPGA.
60: Battery-Friendly Packet Transmission Strategies for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy.
61: Assessment of the Pulse Wave Variability for a New Non-Invasive Device.
62: Efficient Fuzzy Vault Application in Node Recognition for Securing Body Sensor Networks.
63: Fully-Automatic Multimodal Co-Registration of Retinal Fundus Images.
64: Decomposing of Cardiac and Respiratory Signals from Electrical Bio-Impedance Data Using Filtering Method.
65: Advanced Tools for Clinical Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders.
66: Principal Component Analysis of Differential Electrocardiographic Leads – A Contribution to the Synthesis of ECGs.
67: SportsMBAN: Sports and Tele-Healthcare Wireless Medical Body Area Network for Real-Time Activity Monitoring and Fall Detection.
68: Telemedicine Network for Early Diagnosis and Care of Heart Malformations.
69: A Novel Method for Pulse Onset Detection on Photoplethysmogram Using Changes of Waveform Trend.
70: Sensor-Based Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Behaviors.
71: A High-Resolution Tile-Based Approach for Classifying Biological Regions in Whole-Slide Histopathological Images.
72: A Novel Method for Identifying Continuity of Care in Hospital Discharge Summaries.
73: An Interpolation-Free and Fitting-Less Sub-Sample Time-Delay Estimation Algorithm.
74: A Software Tool to Support the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and the User Need Elicitation of Medical Devices via the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).
75: Corneal Nerve Morphometry for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Assessment.
76: Weighted Gene Co-Expression Network Analysis Applied to Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Data.
77: Design of a Clinical Decision Support System for Assisting in Empiric Antibiotic Treatments.
78: Process Definition on Information Systems for Epidemiology and Public Health.
79: A Cytoscape-Based Web Tool for Representing Protein Networks.
80: Interpretation of Long-Term Clinical Diabetes Data and Prediction of Glycemic Control Based on Data Mining Techniques.
81: Sub-Band Mean Phase Coherence for Automated Epileptic Seizure Detection.
82: Influence of Circadian Rhythms on Epileptic Seizure Predictors Based on Machine Learning Methods.
83: Detection of Motion Artifacts in Photoplethysmographic Signals: Algorithms Comparison.
84: Specific EEG/ERP Responses to Dynamic Facial Expressions in Virtual Reality Environments.
85: Distributed System for Acquisition and Processing the sEMG Signal.
86: Quantification and Modulation of Tremor in Rapid Upper Limb Movements.
87: HeartWays Solution for Exercise Based Cardiac Rehabilitation.
88: Management Tools for Medical Professionals for Prescription and Follow-Up of Cardiac Rehabilitation Based on Physical Exercise Therapies.
89: Expanding the Scope of Electronic Nursing Documentation.
90: Wearable Sensor for Real-Time Monitoring of Exercise Routines.
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