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Find biographical information on more than 130,000 modern novelists, poets, playwrights, nonfiction writers, journalists, and scriptwriters. Sketches typically include personal information, contact information, career history, writings, biographical and critical sources, authors' comments, and informative essays about each author's life and work. A softcover cumulative index is published twice a year (included in subscription).

Features and Benefits

  • Sketches typically include personal information, contact information, career history, writings, adaptations, biographical and critical sources, and informative essays about each author's life and work.
  • The series also includes a select number of autobiographical essays, about 10,000 words in length, written by the authors and accompanied by a selection of unique family photos.
  • A softcover cumulative index published twice a year (included in subscription) contains references to all entries in this series as well as in other Gale literature reference works.

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Table of Contents

CA Numbering System and Volume Update Chart.
Authors and Media People Featured in the Volume.
Author Listings.
Abadie, Daniel 1945-.
Ahearn, Laura M.
Alejandro, Roberto 1955-.
Ames, Roger T. 1947-.
Anderson, Mark Lynn 1960-.
Baldwin, Joshua 1984-.
Barnhill, Anne Clinard.
Berendsen, Herman J.C.
Bernstein, Jay 1937-2006.
Bigelow, Susan Jane.
Bilal, Parker.
See Mahjoub, Jamal.
Boman, Steve.
Bostic, Megan 1969-.
Bridges, Robin.
Chanter, Tina 1960-.
Daly, John A. 1952-.
Diermeier, Daniel.
Donatich, John.
Dorling, Daniel 1968-.
Dorsen, David M. 1935-.
Drezner, Mania.
See Werber, Millie.
DuBois, Jennifer 1983-.
Dutilleul, Pierre R.L. 1961-.
Edwards, John 1949-.
Etienne, Sarah Wilson.
Fahs, Alice.
Favor, Lesli J.
Feldman, James W.
Fenoli, Randy.
Finley, Carmel.
Fonda, Jane 1937-.
Forter, Greg.
Fox, Kevin 1968-.
Frank, Matthew Gavin 1968-.
Franklin-Willis, Amy 1972(?)-.
Frater, Stephen.
Friel, Bob.
Fryd, Hallie.
Fultz, John R.
Fury, Dalton.
Gable, Eric 1955-.
Gaillard, Emmanuelle.
Gates, Alexander E. 1957-.
Gelbwasser, Margie 1976-.
George, Alex 1970-.
Giansanti, Gianni 1956-2009.
Gilpin, R. Blakeslee.
Gilstrap, Patti.
Gorman, Hogan.
Gross, Michael 1963-.
Holoman, D. Kern 1947-.
Holowchak, M. Andrew.
Hood, Evelyn 1936-.
Hore, Rachel.
Houston, Eve.
See Hood, Evelyn.
Hubbard, G. Scott.
Hubbard, Kirsten.
James, Louise.
See Hood, Evelyn.
Jasper, Karin.
Johnson, Nuala C. 1962-.
Johnston, Kristen 1967-.
Jordan, Dream.
Joseph, Danielle 1973-.
Juhasz, Tamas.
Kaledin, Arthur 1930-.
Kandel, Abraham 1941-.
Karkov, Catherine E.
Kaufmann, Eric 1970-.
Keirstead, Christopher M. 1970-.
Kerns, Ann 1959-.
Khalil, Ashraf.
Kinnear, Karen L. 1949-.
Kirby, Richard R. 1965(?)-.
Klauss, Lucas.
Klein, Jessie.
Kluver, Cayla 1992-.
Knight, Andrew 1970-.
Koosed, Jennifer L.
Kowalski, Gerald 1945-.
Lashinsky, Adam.
Lau, George F. 1969-.
Laukkanen, Owen 1983(?)-.
Lawlor, Veronica.
Leal, Joanne.
Lee, Krys.
Lemmerich, Jost 1929-.
Lenné, J. M.
Levine, Michael P. 1950-.
Levinson, Cynthia 1945(?)-.
Lewis, Marc 1951-.
Lipinski, Maureen.
Lisosky, Joanne M.
Liu, Bing 1963-.
Lloyd, John 1951-.
Locke, John L.
Loeb, Vernon.
Lombardi, Kate Stone.
Lorentz, Dayna.
Lurz, Robert W. 1968-.
Lutterbie, John H. 1948-.
Mack, Doug.
MacKinnon, Douglas 1955-.
MacKinnon, Rebecca 1969-.
Mahjoub, Jamal 1960-.
Mahmutcehajic, Rusmir 1948-.
Major, William H.
Mander, W. J.
Marchitello, Howard 1960-.
McLoughlin, Kate 1970-.
McMillan, Tracie.
Meredith, Christina.
Merino, Faith.
Milani, Farzaneh.
Mills, Jon 1947-.
Mills, Robin 1976-.
Mitchinson, John 1963-.
Moore, Carley.
Morgan, Chris 1968-.
Morris, Daniel 1962-.
Morrison, Terri.
Morse, Donald J.
Moulton, Courtney Allison 1986-.
Nakken, Craig.
Nash, Roderick F. 1939-.
Nelson, O. T.
Nemesvari, Richard 1959-.
Nguyen, Duy 1960-.
Norman, Larry F.
O’Brien, Nick 1972-.
Olley, Michelle 1966-.
Oppenheimer, Clive 1964-.
O’Rourke, Erica .
Orzel, Chad.
Parish, Billy 1981-.
Patterson, Paul H.
Peiss, Kathy 1953-.
Pemberton, Stephen.
Penn, Thomas 1974-.
Polites, Taylor M. 1970-.
Pomfret, Richard 1948-.
Pontynen, Arthur.
Potter, Seryn.
Ratner-Rosenhagen, Jennifer 1970-.
Rayner, Sarah.
Reese, Jenn.
Reid, Heather L.
Richter, William.
Rivera, Roberto Alejandro.
See Alejandro, Roberto.
Rogers, Morgan Callan 1952-.
Ronnenberg, Herman Wiley.
Roppé, Laura 1970-.
Ruck, Janet M.
St. James, Simone.
Schoppa, R. Keith 1943-.
Schwartz, Peggy.
Seely, Hart 1952-.
Shelton, Christina.
Shinn, Sharon 1957-.
Shirvington, Jessica 1979(?)-.
Shuman, Michael H.
Sicile-Kira, Chantal.
Simmons, Gail 1976-.
Simmons, Kristen.
Singleton, Alicia.
Smith, Carlos A.
Stampler, Ann Redisch.
Stone, Robyn.
Straub, Emma 1980-.
Stuntz, William J. 1958-2011.
Szalay, David 1974-.
Taylor, Ben 1974-.
Taylor, John B.
Thompson, R. Paul 1947-.
Thurston, Baratunde 1977-.
Titus, Mark 1987-.
Unger, David C. 1947-.
van Dooren, Thom 1980-.
Walton, K. M.
Waltrip, Darrell 1947-.
Webster, Elizabeth A.
See Hood, Evelyn.
Werber, Millie 1927(?)-.
Wheater, C. Philip 1956-.
White, Philip.
Williams, Drid 1928-.
Williamson, Mike 1957-.
Wilson, Adam 1982-.
Wortmann, Fletcher 1987(?)-.
Yallop, Jacqueline.
Yardley, Jim 1964-.
Zagano, Phyllis.
Zanders, Edward D. 1950-.
Zickefoose, Julie.

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