Critical Essays on British Literature Series: Shakespeare's Richard III, 1st Edition

  • Series Name: Critical Essays on British Literature
  • Hugh M. Richmond
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A collection of essays that discuss the story of the Duke of Gloucester, one of Shakespeare's most vivid and dastardly villains.

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Critical Essays on British Literature

The full range of literary traditions comes to life in the Twayne Critical Essays Series. Volume editors have carefully selected critical essays that represent the full spectrum of controversies, trends, and methodologies relating to each author's work. Essays include writings from the author's native country and abroad, with interpretations from the time they were writing, through the present day. Each volume includes: an introduction providing the reader with a lucid overview of criticism from its beginnings, illuminating controversies, evaluating approaches, and sorting out the schools of thought; the most influential reviews and the best reprinted scholarly essays; a section devoted exclusively to reviews and reactions by the subject's contemporaries; original essays, new translations, and revisions commissioned especially for the series; and previously unpublished materials such as interviews, lost letters and manuscript fragments. Also included are a bibliography of the subject's writings and interviews, and a name and subject index.