World Religions: Almanac, 1st Edition

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Religion influences the views and actions of many people, in both political and personal ways. To make sense of many historical and current events, to learn how many people find meaning and purpose in their lives, students and the general public need to understand the development and doctrines of the world's religions. UXL's World Religions Reference Library meets the demand for a thorough, objective resource covering the history, traditions and worldviews of dominant and less prominent religions and their sects and offshoots.

The Almanac volumes focus on Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. Less traditional and practiced religions are also included such as Shinto and Daoism.


"Students who need to research today's religions and ancient beliefs can find information to compare and contrast in this title. The worship of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome are described as is agnosticism and atheism. Research and activity ideas are proposed at the beginning of the first volume, followed by an essay, 'What is Religion.' Within this chapter, an inset box poses 'Religion or Cult?' Each chapter begins with a helpful sidebar 'Words to Know' to expand the glossary list found in the frontmatter of the book. Black and white line maps help place worshipers across the globe. The section on Christianity divides into Catholic and Protestant, but the different churches within the Protestant faith are not seperated. This will be an excellent resource for students to compare and contrast the teachings, the ways of worship as well as the buildings in which worship is held." --Reference for Students, May 2007

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