Missionary Files: Methodist Episcopal Church Missionary Correspondence, 1846-1912 (China, Japan, Korea)

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Organized by the Methodist Episcopal Church in New York in 1819, the Missionary Society aided the Annual Conferences in spreading the gospel and benevolent and charitable work in domestic and foreign missions. In 1907, the Board of Foreign Missions (BFM) was created to absorb the Missionary Society's duties in foreign work--promotion and support of Christian missions and educational institutions in foreign countries. The BFM was succeeded in 1912 by the Division of Foreign Missions.

These files are composed primarily of incoming correspondence from missionaries in the field. They are arranged geographically and then alphabetically by name within that area or conference.

•    China
    10 rolls of 35mm microfilm

•    Japan
    4 rolls of 35mm microfilm

•    Korea
    3 rolls of 35mm microfilm

Number of rolls: 17