William Morris

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One of the most influential political and artistic theorists of Victorian times, Morris was a true Renaissance man with interests as diverse as architecture, furniture, textile and book design and socialism.

Part One contains drafts of poems and tales from The Earthly Paradise, as well as minute books of the Hammersmith branch of books of the Social Democratic Federation.

Part Two, from the Huntington Library collection, concentrates on Morris' literary talents and includes many of the romances and sagas that so interested him.

Part Three, filmed from the holdings of the International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam, represents the complete surviving archives of the Socialist League. They record an important phase in the development of labor politics in Britain and are an indispensable element in understanding the full range of William Morris' motives, creative work and political activities.

Part Four covers Morris' work as a printer, designer, artist and critic. Rare copies of printed pamphlets, some annotated, illustrate Morris' output and his views concerning architecture, art and fine painting.

Part One: The Literary Manuscripts of William Morris from the British Library, London Additional Manuscripts 37497-99, 45298-45322, 45324-36, 45407-12 and 45891-94 9 reels

Part Two: The Literary Manuscripts of William Morris from The Huntington Library, San Marino, California 7 reels

Part Three: Archives of the Socialist League, 1884-91: Minutes and Papers of the Council of the League from the Nettlau Archive at the International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam 37 reels

Part Four: Art, Book Design and Literary Papers from Kelmscott Manor, The Society of Antiquaries, London and the British Library Department of Printed Books 5 reels

Complete Collection: 58 reels