Experiencing the American Civil War: Experiencing Eras & Events, 1st Edition

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The U·X·L® Experiencing Eras & Events series consists of two- to four-volume works each devoted to a specific era, event or theme that is studied in the middle school or high school curriculum. Each volume includes an overview essay introducing the topic followed by approximately 25 entries, 10-20 pages each, on the fiction, nonfiction, short stories, poetry, drama, music and/or movies associated with the topic. Each genre is discussed in an overview essay. Following each overview are 3-6 entries for each genre covering significant works, focusing on those appropriate for younger students and researchers. Identified by advisors, the topics are those that are most often the subjects of written reports, oral presentations and other research projects. Among the topics to be covered are the American civil rights movement, the Holocaust, the Harlem Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the Vietnam War and others.


"Novels, nonfiction books, short stories, poems, plays, films, and songs that provide insight into the Civil War are covered in entries that give biographical data about each author, historical background of each work, and the work's plot and characters, style, and theme...Each volume begins with a detailed time line and includes an outstanding index. In each article, black and white illustrations help explain the work and make it more interesting. The coverage, from classics to very current books, is excellent... These volumes will help give teachers an even broader background and make introducing additional works for study easier. Particularly valuable in American history classes, especially those examining history through literature as well as events, but also valuable in English, music history, art history, and film classes. Highly recommended. -- Book Report (May 2002)

— Book Report

"... A social studies instructor would definitely applaud this commendable reference set. I highly recommend that Experiencing the American Civil War be a MUST for the history shelf in the middle school/junior high library." -- Catholic Library World (December 2004)

— Catholic Library World

"...selections do represent an interesting mix of ideas. Librarians will find this a nice addition to school library and curriculum-oriented public library collections." -- Booklist (April 2002)

— Booklist

"This handsome set features twenty-five essays analyzing works relating to the American Civil War...The primary value of this set will be to serve as a selection aid for teachers looking to supplement Civil War curriculum. It also provides students with overviews of the war and possible report subjects. Of course, Civil War buffs will enjoy browsing." -- VOYA (June 2002)


"Gr 6-9—Within its self-imposed limitation of exploring relatively few works in depth rather than attempting comprehensive coverage, this collection of critical essays will be a boon to many teachers...Although most useful as a supplementary source for classroom study, this reference tool has sufficient visual and textual appeal to arouse browsers' curiosity about the materials discussed." -- School Library Journal (May 2002)

— School Library Journal