The World of Toni Morrison: A Guide to Characters and Places in Her Novels, 1st Edition

  • Gloria Grant Roberson
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  • ISBN-10: 0313065209
  • ISBN-13: 9780313065200
  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - College Senior
  • 262 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2003 | Published/Released October 2007
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2003

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Contains numerous brief entries, highlighting all of Morrison's characters and settings, both major and minor. Provides information on her many allusions to figures such as Moses, Thoreau, and W.E.B. DuBois. Demonstrates how Morrison draws on a vast wealth of material and points to new directions for exploring her universe.

Table of Contents

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Other Frontmatter.
Abu Snake Charmer [BLV].
Abyssinian Baptist Church [PA].
Acton [JZ].
African Woman [TB].
Aisha [TB].
Ajax [SU].
Albright, Frank [PA].
Albright, Mavis [PA].
Albright, Merle & Pearl [PA].
Albright, Sally, Frankie, & Billy James [PA].
Alcorn, Mississippi [PA].
Alfred, Georgia [BLV].
Algeria [TB].
Alice Manfred's Brother-in-Law [JZ].
Alice Manfred's Sister [JZ].
Alice Tully Hall [TB].
Alighieri, Dante (1256–1321) [BE].
Amanuensis [SS].
A.M.E. Zion & Good Shepherd Baptist Churches [TB].
Anarchic [TB].
Andrew [TB].
Angelino, Luke [BE].
Angel Man [BLV].
Appolonaire, Marie [BE].
Arabian Nights Dancer [BLV].
Arapaho Girls [PA].
Armistice Day [JZ].
Atenas [PA].
Audrey [BE].
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo (354–430 AD) [PA].
Aunt Alice [PA].
Aunt Florence [SS].
Aunt Jemima Act [SS].
Aunt Phyllis [BLV].
Aunt Rosa [TB].
Aunti Julia [BE].
Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685–1750) [TB].
Bains, Cency [SS].
Bains, Guitar [SS].
Bargeman the [SU].
Bay Boy [BE].
Beatrice [BE].
Beatrice [TB].
Beauchamp, Luther [PA].
Beauchamp, Ossie [PA].
Beauchamp, Ren [PA].
Beauchamp, Royal (Called Roy) & Destry [PA].
Beaver River [BLV].
Beavers, Louise (1908–1962) [SS].
Becky (Dog) [SS].
Bede Clayton [JZ].
Beechnut [SU].
Beechnut Cemetery [SU].
Belle, True [JZ].
Beloved [BLV].
Ben (Dog) [PA].
Bennie [PA].
Best, Delia [PA].
Best, Faustine [PA].
Best, Fulton & Olive [PA].
Best, Patricia (Cato) [PA].
Best, Roger [PA].
Betty [TB].
Beulah [TB].
Big Daddy (I.E., Rector Morgan) [PA].
Big Mama [BE].
Big Papa [BE].
Birds of Violet Trace [JZ].
Bishop Allen [BLV].
Black Jake. [SS].
Blackhorse, Celeste [PA].
Blackhorse, Drum [PA].
Blackhorse, Ethan [PA].
Blackhorse, Peter [PA].
Blackhorse, Thomas [PA].
Bleached Nigger [BLV].
Blind Race [TB].
Blind Twins [JZ].
Blood Bank District [SS].
Bob (Dog) [BE].
Bodwin, Brother & Sister [BLV].
Boon, Winnie [TB].
Boston, Massachusetts [BLV].
Bottom, the [SU].
Bow-Tie [TB].
Boyboy [SU].
Brandts, the [TB].
Brandywine [BLV].
Breakstone, Calvin [SS].
Breedlove, Charles [BE].
Breedlove, Cholly [BE].
Breedlove, Pauline Williams [BE].
Breedlove, Pecola [BE].
Breedlove, Sammy [BE].
Bride of Polar Bear [TB].
Bridges, B.J. [TB].
Brother (Tree) [BLV].
Brother Otis (1941–1967) [PA].
Brothers, the [JZ].
Brown Girls, the [BE].
Brown, Nero [SS].
Brown, Sally [TB].
Bubba (Pig) [JZ].
Bud [JZ].
Buffalo Men [BLV].
Bullet Head [BE].
Butler Family [SS].
Bryd Crowell (Crow) [SS].
Byrd, Heddy [SS].
Byrd, Mary.
Byrd, Susan [SS].
Cain, Woodrow [BE].
Caliban (S) [TB].
Candy Dance [BE].
Candy King [TB].
Carl [TB].
Carlos [PA].
Carnival Acts [BLV].
Catherine the Great (1762–1796) [TB].
Catholic Foundling Home [JZ].
Cato, August [PA].
Cato, Billie Delia [PA].
Cato, Billy [PA].
Cato, Bitty Friendship [PA].
Cato, Fawn Blackhorse [PA].
Cato, Jupe [PA].
Cato, Sterl [PA].
Cato, William [PA].
CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) [BE].
Celestina & Alicia [TB].
Cestaire, Aime (1913–) [TB].
Charmaine [PA].
Che [PA].
Cherokee Indians [BLV].
Cheyenne [TB].
Chicken Little [SU].
Children in Christmas Play [PA].
Children of Baby Suggs [BLV].
Children of Zechariah & Mindy Flood Morgan [PA].
Childs, Jadine (I.E., Jade) [TB].
Childs, Ondine (I.E., Nanadine) [TB].
Childs, Sydney [TB].
China [SU].
Chipper & Sampson (Dogs) [BLV].
Chocolate Eater [TB].
Chokecherry Tree [BLV].
Christ the King School for Native Girls [PA].
Churches in Ruby, Oklahoma [PA].
Cincinnati, Ohio [BLV].
Circe [SS].
Cissy & Frank [TB].
Clarissa & Penney [PA].
Clark, Winsome [JZ].
Clearing, the [BLV].
Cleopatra Products [JZ].
Colbert, Claudette (1905–1996) [BE].
Compton, Praise [PA].
Convent, the [PA].
Coop [SS].
Copper Venus [TB].
Cora [SU].
Cottown, Tennessee [JZ].
C.P.T. [JZ].
Creek Nation [PA].
C.T. [JZ].
Cuny [TB].
Daddy Man [PA].
Daddy Sage [JZ].
Darlene [BE].
Daudet Alfonse (1840–1897) [SS].
David [PA].
Dawn [TB].
Dead, First Corinthians [SS].
Dead, Macon I (I.E., Old Jake) [SS].
Dead, Macon II [SS].
Dead, Macon III (I.E., Milkman) [SS].
Dead, Magdalene Called Lena [SS].
Dead, Pilate [SS].
Dead, Ruth Foster [SS].
Dead, Sing Byrd (I.E., Singing Bird) [SS].
Dear, Rose [JZ].
Denver, Amy [BLV].
Desdemona [BE].
Dessie [SU].
Devil's Confusion [BLV].
Devore Street [BLV].
Deweys, the [SU].
Dice [PA].
Dick & Jane Series [BE].
Dick's [SU].
Dillinger, John Herbert (1903–1934) [BE].