Annual Reports of the Secretary of the Navy, 1821-1901

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Published in cooperation with the U.S. Naval Historical Center

The Annual Reports of the Secretary of the Navy provides a comprehensive overview of the institutional and operational history of the U.S. Navy in the nineteenth century. They include communications from the Navy Department to Congress, summaries of departmental activites, estimates of naval forces necessary in various situations, and correspondence from high-ranking naval officers. Also recorded are institutional changes, such as the first court-martial, the reorganization of the department, and the development of the Naval Academy.

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'"Anyone doing research in American naval history will find the Annual Reports of the Secretary of the Navy of inestimable value; they provide the offical outlook with respect to a myriad of problems the navy faced in peace and war."-- Paolo E. Coletta, U.S. Naval Academy (ret.)

— Paolo E. Coletta