Encyclopedia of Invasions and Conquests: From Ancient Times to the Present, 1st Edition

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Throughout history, invasions and conquests have played a remarkable role in shaping our world and defining our boundaries, both physically and culturally.

This second edition of the popular Encyclopedia of Invasions & Conquests, a comprehensive guide to over 150 invasions, conquests, battles and occupations from ancient times to the present, takes readers on a journey that includes the Roman conquest of Britain, the Portuguese colonization of Brazil, and the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, to name a few. New articles explore the late 20th and 21st centuries, with a specific focus on recent conflicts in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Grenada and Chechnya.

Categories of entries include countries, invasions and conquests, and individuals. In addition to covering the military aspects of invasions and conquests, entries cover some of the political, economic, and cultural aspects; for example, the effects of a conquest on the invade country's political and monetary system and in its language and religion. The entries on leaders - among them Sargon, Alexander the Great, William the Conqueror, and Adolf Hitler - deal with the people who sought to gain control, expand power, or exert religious or political influence over others through military means.

Revised and updated for this second edition, entries are arranged alphabetically within historical periods. Each chapter provides a map to help readers locate key areas and geographical features, and bibliographical references appear at the end of each entry. Other useful features include cross-references, a cumulative bibliography and a comprehensive subject index.

This authoritative, well-organized, lucidly written volume proves invaluable for a variety of readers, including high school students, military historians, members of the armed forces, history buffs and hobbyists.


"The resulting guide will serve audiences from high school through college." --Lawrence Looks at Books, November 2006

— Lawrence Looks at Books

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Detailed Table of Contents Encyclopedia of Invasions and Conquests from Ancient Times to the Present Second Edition.
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1: Entries.
2: The Ancient World.
3: Assyrian Empire.
4: Canaan, Israelite Invasion of.
5: Chaldean (Neo-Babylonian) Empire, Expansion of.
6: Cyrus the Great.
7: Egypt, Hyksos Invasion of.
8: Hittites, Expansion of.
9: India, Aryan Invasion of.
10: Kush, Expansion of.
11: Palestine, Egyptian Invasions of.
12: Sargon the Great.
13: The Classical World.
14: Alexander the Great.
15: Augustus, Caesar.
16: Britain, Roman Conquest of.
17: Caesar, Julius.
18: Carthage, Expansion of.
19: Carthage, Roman Invasion of (Third Punic War).
20: Ch'in Dynasty.
21: Constantine, Emperor.
22: Egypt, Alexander's Conquest of.
23: Gaul, Roman Conquest of.
24: Germany, Roman Invasion of.
25: Greece, Persian Invasion of.
26: Han Dynasty.
27: Hannibal.
28: India, Alexander's Invasion of.
29: Italy, Carthaginian Invasion of (Second Punic War).
30: Mauryan Empire.
31: Persia, Alexander's Conquest of.
32: Philip of Macedon.
33: Ptolemaic Dynasty.
34: Seleucid Empire.
35: Sicily, Roman Conquest of (First Punic War).
36: Spain, Roman Conquest of.
37: The Dark and Middle Ages.
38: Avars.
39: Axum, Expansion of.
40: Britain, Norman Invasion of.
41: Bulgars.
42: Byzantine Empire.
43: Carolingian Dynasty.
44: China, Khitan Invasion of.
45: China, Mongol Conquest of.
46: Crusades.
47: England, Viking Conquest of.
48: Europe, Mongol Invasion of.
49: France, Viking Invasion of.
50: Franks.
51: Genghis Khan.
52: Ghana, Almoravid Invasion of.
53: Gupta Empire.
54: Hundred Years' War.
55: Huns.
56: India, Kushan Invasion of.
57: India, Muslim Invasion of.
58: Ireland, English Invasion of.
59: Ireland, Viking Invasions of.
60: Italy and Sicily, Norman Conquest of.
61: Japan, Mongol Invasions of.
62: Justinian.
63: Khmer Kingdom.
64: Korea, Mongol Invasion of.
65: Kubilai Khan.
66: Lombards.
67: Magyars.
68: Mali, Expansion of.
69: Mexico, Aztec Conquest of.
70: Middle East, Mongol Invasion of the.
71: Middle East, Muslim Conquest of the.
72: Ming Dynasty.
73: Ostrogoths.
74: Russia, Establishment and Expansion of.
75: Russia, Mongol Conquest of.
76: Scotland, English Conquest of.
77: Scythians.
78: Songhay, Expansion of.
79: Spain, Muslim Conquest of.
80: Tamurlane.
81: T'ang Dynasty.
82: Turks.
83: Vandals.
84: Vietnam, Chinese Conquest of.
85: Visigoths.
86: The Renaissance and the Age of Exploration.
87: Africa, Dutch Occupation in.
88: Africa, Portuguese Occupation in.
89: Australia, British Occupation of.
90: Austria, Turkish Invasion of.
91: Brazil, Portuguese Colonization of.
92: Caribbean, European Occupation of.
93: Ceylon, Dutch Occupation of.
94: Ceylon, Portuguese Occupation of.
95: Ching (Manchu) Dynasty.
96: Cortes, Hernan.
97: Cyprus, Ottoman Invasion of.
98: East Indies, Dutch Occupation of the.
99: England, Spanish Invasion of (Spanish Armada).
100: India, British Occupation of.
101: India, French Occupation of.
102: Italy, Austrian Invasion of (War of the Spanish Succession).
103: Italy, French Invasions of.
104: Moghul Empire.
105: Netherlands, French Invasions of the.
106: North America, British Occupation of.
107: North America, French Occupation of.
108: Ottoman Empire.
109: Palatinate, French Invasion of the (War of the League of Augsburg).
110: Portugal, Spanish Occupation of.
111: Russia, Swedish Invasion of (Great Northern War).
112: Saxony, Prussian Invasion of (Seven Years' War).
113: Silesia, Prussian Invasion of (War of the Austrian Succession).
114: Thirty Years' War.
115: Uzbeks.
116: Western Hemisphere, Spanish Occupation of.
117: Zulus, Expansion of.
118: The Age of Revolutions and Napoleon.
119: Austria, Napoleon's Conquest of.
120: Canada, American Invasion of.
121: Canada, U.S. Invasion of.
122: Egypt, Napoleon's Invasion of.
123: France, European Invasion of.
124: Italy, Napoleon's Invasion of.
125: Napoleon Buonaparte.
126: New York, British Invasion of (1776).
127: New York, British Invasion of (1777).
128: Prussia, Napoleon's Invasion of.
129: Russia, Napoleon's Invasion of.
130: Southern United States, British Invasion of.
131: United States, British Invasion of.
132: The Age of Empires.
133: Afghanistan, British Invasions of.
134: Africa, French Occupations in.
135: Africa, German Occupations in.
136: Algeria, French Occupation of.
137: Ashanti, British Conquest of.
138: Ceylon, British Occupation of.
139: China, British Invasion of (Opium War).
140: Congo, Belgian Occupation of.
141: Cuba, U.S. Invasion of.
142: Egypt, British Occupation of.
143: France, Prussian Invasion of (Franco-Prussian War).
144: Indians of North America, U.S. Conquest of.
145: Indochina, French Occupation of.
146: Kenya, British Colonization of.
147: Korea, Japanese Invasion of (Sino-Japanese War).
148: Mexico, French Occupation of.
149: Mexico, U.S. Invasion of.
150: New Zealand, British Occupation of.
151: Paraguayan War.
152: Philippines, U.S. Occupation of the.
153: Puerto Rico, U.S. Invasion of.
154: Singapore, British Occupation of.
155: Somalia, European Colonization of.
156: South Africa, British Occupation of.
157: Uganda, British Occupation of.
158: War of the Pacific.
159: Zululand, British Invasion of.
160: The Twentieth Century.
161: Afghanistan, Soviet Invasion of.
162: Afghanistan, U.N. Invasion of.
163: Albania, Italian Conquest of.
164: Austria, Nazi Occupation of.
165: Balkans, Nazi Invasion of.
166: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbian Invasion of.
167: Britain, Nazi Invasion of (Battle of Britain).
168: Burma, Japanese Invasion of.
169: China, Japanese Invasion of.
170: Cyprus, Turkish Invasion of.
171: Czechoslovakia, Nazi Occupation of.
172: Dutch East Indies, Japanese Invasion of.
173: East Africa, British Invasion of.
174: Egypt, Italian Invasion of.
175: Eisenhower, Dwight David.
176: Ethiopia, Italian Invasion of.
177: Finland, Soviet Invasion of.
178: France, Allied Invasion of.
179: France, German Invasion of.
180: France, Nazi Invasion of.
181: Germany, Soviet Invasion of.
182: Grenada, U.S. Invasion of.
183: Hitler, Adolf.
184: Iraq, US/Coalition Invasion of.
185: Israel, Arab Invasion of (Yom Kippur War).
186: Italy, Allied Invasion of.
187: Kuwait, Iraqi Invasion of.
188: Latin America, U.S. Interventions in.
189: Libya, Italian Occupation of.
190: MacArthur, Douglas.
191: Manchuria, Japanese Invasion of (1904) (Russo-Japanese War).