Xviith International Congress On Mathematical Physics, 1st Edition

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The International Congress on Mathematical Physics is a major conference in its field that attracts a very wide spectrum of researchers. Held every three years, it provides an overview of recent developments and achievements in mathematical physics. This volume presents the plenary lectures and invited topical session lectures from the XVIIth ICMP, which was held in Aalborg, Denmark, August 2012. It also includes additional material from the Congress.In this volume, one can find survey lectures on orthogonal polynomials, random systems, information theory in physics, several aspects of quantum field theory and quantum mechanics, general relativity, and classical and quantum dynamical systems.The topical sessions covered the following areas:Dynamical systems, classical and quantumEquilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanicsPDE and general relativityStochastic models and probabilityOperator algebras, exactly solvable modelsQuantum mechanics and spectral theoryQuantum information and computationQuantum many-body theory and condensed matter physicsQuantum field theoryString theory and quantum gravityReaders are exposed to state-of-the-art views on mathematical physics. Several of the plenary lectures give broad surveys on recent activities, for example, in orthogonal polynomials, PDE in mathematical physics, and information theory in physics.

Table of Contents

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Congress Committees.
1: Prizes.
2: Plenary Lectures.
3: Integrable Combinatorics.
4: Piecewise Smooth Perturbations of Integrable Systems.
5: Applications of Random Matrices to Operator Algebra Theory.
6: Reading in the Brain.
7: d = 4, N = 2 Field Theory and Physical Mathematics.
8: Microlocal Singularities and Scattering Theory for Schrödinger Equations on Manifolds.
9: The Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Equation and Universality Class.
10: Generalized Entropies.
11: Associative Algebraic Approach to Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory.
12: The Method of Concentration Compactness and Dispersive Hamiltonian Evolution Equations.
13: Quantum Dynamics, Coherent States and Bogoliubov Transformations.
14: Spectral Theory of Orthogonal Polynomials.
15: Quasilocal Mass and Surface Hamiltonian in Spacetime.
16: Surprises in the Phase Diagram of the Anderson Model on the Bethe Lattice.
17: Randomness – A Computational Complexity Perspective.
18: Topical Sessions.
19: Dynamical Systems, Classical and Quantum.
20: Periodic Solutions of the Planetary N-Body Problem.
21: Entropy, Chaos and Weak Horseshoe for Infinite Dimensional Random Dynamical Systems.
22: Instability in Nearly Integrable Hamiltonian Systems: Geometric Methods.
23: Unstable Manifolds and L2 Nonlinear Instability of Euler Equations.
24: Contributed Talks.
25: Posters.
26: Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics.
27: Stochastic Stability and the Spin Glass Phase. The State of Art for Mean Field and Finite Dimensional Models.
28: Macdonald Processes.
29: Some Simple Questions from Nonequilibrium Physics.
30: Conformal Invariance of Ising Model Correlations.
31: Entropic Functionals in Quantum Statistical Mechanics.
32: Stochastic Energy Exchange Models with Degenerate Rate Functions.
33: Quantum Heisenberg Models and Random Loop Representations.
34: Contributed Talks.
35: Posters.
36: PDE and General Relativity.
37: Black Hole Formation from a Complete Regular Past for Vlasov Matter.
38: Symmetries and Hidden Symmetries for Fields Outside Black Holes.
39: Existence of Dynamical Vacuum Black Holes.
40: The Role of Liouville Type Systems in the Study of Non-Topological Chern-Simons Vortices.
41: Local Dynamics Near Unstable Branches of NLS Solitons.
42: Breakdown Criteria of Einstein Equations in CMC Gauge.
43: Contributed Talks.
44: Posters.
45: Stochastic Models and Probability.
46: Complexity of Random Energy Landscapes.
47: Bulk Universality for One-Dimensional Log-Gases.
48: Vacant Set of Random Walk on Finite Graphs.
49: Invariant Measures and the Soliton Resolution Conjecture.
50: Solving the KPZ Equation.
51: The Brownian Map: A Universal Limit for Random Planar Maps.
52: Contributed Talks.
53: Operator Algebras, Exactly Solvable Models.
54: Razumov-Stroganov Type Correspondences.
55: The Resolvent Algebra of the Canonical Commutation Relations.
56: Fermionic Basis of Local Operators in Quantum Integrable Models.
57: Some Universal Properties of Levin-Wen Models.
58: On the Developments of Sklyanin's Quantum Separation of Variables for Integrable Quantum Field Theories.
59: Construction of Wedge-Local QFT through Longo-Witten Endomorphisms.
60: Contributed Talks.
61: Posters.
62: Quantum Mechanics and Spectral Theory.
63: Ground State Properties of Multi-Polaron Systems.
64: Dynamical Localization of Random Quantum Walks on the Lattice.
65: Inverse Problems, Trace Formulae for Schrödinger Operators on the Square Lattice.
66: On the Number of Electrons That a Nucleus Can Bind.
67: A Trace Formula for Eigenvalue Clusters of the Perturbed Landau Hamiltonian.
68: Absence of Positive Eigenvalues for Hard-Core N-Body Systems.
69: Contributed Talks.
70: Posters.
71: Quantum Information and Computation.
72: An Improved Area-Law for the Ground States of 1D Gapped Hamiltonians.
73: Is a Random State Entangled?.
74: Criticality Without Frustration For Quantum Spin-1 Chains.
75: Inner Approximations of the One-Body Quantum Marginal Polytope.
76: Towards the Fast Scrambling Conjecture.
77: Finite-Dimensional Approximations of Quantum Systems and Connes' Embedding Conjecture.
78: Contributed Talks.
79: Posters.
80: Quantum Many-Body Theory and Condensed Matter Physics.
81: Mean-Field Electronic Structure Models for Disordered Materials.
82: The Nematic Phase of a System of Long Hard Rods.
83: Mean Field Limits for Photons – A Way to Establish the Semiclassical Schrödinger Equation.
84: Microscopic Derivation of the Ginzburg-Landau Model.
85: 2D Coulomb Gas, Abrikosov Lattice and Renormalized Energy.
86: Real Analyticity of Solutions to Schrödinger Equations Involving a Fractional Laplacian and Other Fourier Multipliers.
87: Disordered Bose Einstein Condensates with Interaction.
88: Contributed Talks.
89: Posters.
90: Quantum Field Theory.
91: New Light on Infrared Problems: Sectors, Statistics, Spectrum and All That.
92: Two-Dimensional Quantum Field Models (with Applications to Lattice Statistical Mechanics).
93: Construction and Properties of Noncommutative Quantum Fields.
94: A Review of the 1/N Expansion in Random Tensor Models.
95: Fedosov Quantization Approach to QFT.
96: A Field Theoretic Approach to Stochastic Calculus: Exploring Rough Paths.
97: Contributed Talks.
98: Posters.
99: String Theory and Quantum Gravity.
100: On-Shell Physics and the Positive Grassmannian.
101: Is a Graviton Detectable?.
102: Exact Spectrum of 4D Conformal Gauge Theories from Integrability.
103: Quantum Teichmüller Theory and TQFT*.
104: Instanton Partition Functions of N = 2 Quiver Gauge Theories and Integrable Systems.
105: From Groups and Knots to Black Hole Entropy – Mathematical Aspects of Loop Quantum Gravity.
106: Superconformal Indices and Partition Functions for Supersymmetric Field Theories.
107: Contributed Talks.
108: Other Topics.
109: Posters.
110: Young Researcher Symposium.
111: Plenary Talks.
112: Contributed Talks.
Registered Participants.
Speaker Index.