The Papers of Albert Gallatin

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Albert Gallatin (1761-1849) is best remembered as a brilliant financier who served Jefferson and Madison as secretary of the treasury. His equally impressive diplomatic career included appointments to Russia, France, and Great Britain, and a role in negotiating the Treaty of Ghent. Gallatin's papers reflect his wide range of interests and are revealing sources on the early treasury; national fiscal policy; currency, banking, and commerce; American diplomacy through the late 1820s; and, thanks to his own studies, the growth of ethnological interest in the Indian tribes of North and Central America.

This collection includes the 1985 Supplement.

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"The product of years of painstaking scholarship, this new, complete microfilm edition of the voluminous Gallatin papers is an essential resource for historians of the early republic." -- Edwin G. Burrows, Brooklyn College, CUNY

— Edwin G. Burrows