Contemporary Authors: A Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Nonfiction, Poetry, Journalism, Drama, Motion Pictures, Television

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Find biographical information on more than 130,000 modern novelists, poets, playwrights, nonfiction writers, journalists, and scriptwriters. Sketches typically include personal information, contact information, career history, writings, biographical and critical sources, authors' comments, and informative essays about each author's life and work. A softcover cumulative index is published twice a year (included in subscription).

Features and Benefits

  • Sketches typically include personal information, contact information, career history, writings, adaptations, biographical and critical sources, and informative essays about each author's life and work.
  • The series also includes a select number of autobiographical essays, about 10,000 words in length, written by the authors and accompanied by a selection of unique family photos.
  • A softcover cumulative index published twice a year (included in subscription) contains references to all entries in this series as well as in other Gale literature reference works.

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Table of Contents

CA Numbering System and Volume Update Chart.
Authors and Media People Featured in the Volume.
Author Listings.
Ahmed, Saladin 1975-.
Alexander, Jill S. 1967-.
al-Jubouri, Amal 1967-.
Altman, Donald 1950-.
Amirante, Sam L.
Ashton, Jennifer 1969-.
Backderf, John.
Bacon, John U. 1964-.
Balbes, Xorin 1957-.
Banfield, William C.
Bara, Brett.
Barker, Martin 1946-.
Barnett, Kaitlin Bell 1983-.
Barrick, Linda.
Bartlett, Patricia P. 1949-.
Bartlett, Richard D. 1938-.
Bartra, Eli 1947-.
Bates, A. W.
Bates, Suzanne 1956-.
Béchard, Deni Y. 1974-.
Beers, Charlotte 1935-.
Bell, Robert H. 1946-.
Benincasa, Sara.
Bérenguier, Nadinea.
Bergman, Megan Mayhew.
Bernstein, Joshua M.
Beth, Berit 1954-.
Bishop, Jeffrey P. 1967-.
Bishop, Ronald 1961-.
Bittle, Scott.
Blackford, Holly 1971-.
Boachie, Ahmed.
Bond, Justin Vivian 1963-.
Borhaug, Leslie Parker.
See Tillit, L. B.
Brinker, Helmut 1939-2012.
Broadwell, Paula.
Broderick, Danny.
Brunner, Bernd.
Budd, Ann 1956-.
Burch, Heather.
Burgis, Stephanie.
Busch, Benjamin 1968-.
Byock, Ira.
Carpenter, Dale 1966-.
Chambers, Neil B. 1974-.
Chemeche, George 1934-.
Clark, Mark 1966-.
Clifford, Leah.
Coe, Amanda 1965-.
Cohen Suarez, Ananda.
Conaway, Wayne A.
Cooper, Elspeth 1968-.
Coscarelli, Chloe 1987-.
Cotner, Sehoya.
Cox, Brian 1968-.
Cox, Virginia 1962-.
Cristiano, Giuseppe 1957-.
Cundick, Bryce Moore.
See Moore, Bryce.
Dale, Cyndi.
Daly, Nicholas.
Dau, Stephen 1971-.
Day, Christian 1969-.
Dean, Josh 1971-.
Della Chiesa, Ron 1938-.
See Backderf, John.
Dermont, Amber.
DeStefano, Lauren.
Diamandis, Peter H. 1961-.
Donnelly, Sara.
See Benincasa, Sara.
Dow, Mike.
Driscoll, Patricia.
Drucker, Ernest 1940-.
Dunmore, Tom.
Elkind, Sarah S. 1963-.
Epstein, Marc Michael.
Ernst, Carl H.
Ernst, Evelyn M.
Fernandez, Jean 1956-.
Fitts, Robert K. 1965-.
Flannery, Eóin.
Fleischmann, Arthur.
Forde, Susan.
Frankel, Bethenny 1970-.
Geithner, Carole 1962(?)-.
Goldsmith, Elizabeth 1950-.
Gottschall, Jonathan.
Gould, Sasha.
Gravano, Karen.
Gray, Amelia.
Griffith, Joanne.
Grow, Matthew J.
Hacala, Sara 1949-.
Haley, Nikki 1972-.
Halverson, Seré Prince.
Hanson, Nils 1922-.
Hardman, Robert.
Haskell, David George.
Hassman, Tupelo 1973-.
Hayhurst, Dirk 1981-.
Hebert, Christopher.
Hegarty, Neil.
Heinberg, Richard 1950-.
Hellisen, Cat 1977-.
Hines, Stephen W. 1948-.
Hirshberg, Meg Cadoux 1956-.
Holtam, Nicholas 1954-.
Johnson, Jean.
Jubouri, Amal al.
See al-Jubouri, Amal.
Kruger-Robbins, Jill.
See Robbins, Jill.
LaGrand, Louis.
Lanza, Michael 1961-.
Leap, Jorja.
Lehman, Katherine J.
Lewis, Ricki.
Liebenow, R. Mark 1953-.
Liero, Hannelore.
Mahoney, Karen.
Maitland, Leslie 1949-.
Mali, Taylor 1965-.
Markides, Kyriacos.
Markowitz, Yvonne J.
Marsh, Joanna 1976-.
Martin, Jenny Beth.
Matus, Jill L. 1952-.
Mauro, Hayes Peter 1970-.
Maxwell, Mitchell.
McComas, Mary Kay.
McGee, Krista 1975-.
McGuire, Bill 1954-.
McKenzie, Catherine.
McKillop, Andrew.
McKinney, Phil.
Meckler, Mark.
Mercer, Amy Stockwell.
Mihaley, James.
Milam, Jennifer D. 1968-.
Miller, Barnabas.
Miller, Edward D. 1960-.
Moore, Bryce.
Moore, Delaine 1970-.
Moretti, Enrico.
Morris, Scott A.
Moskowitz, Hannah 1991-.
Muggleton, Joshua 1989-.
Murav, Harriet 1955-.
Naylor, David 1955-.
Nethersole, Scott.
Nganang, Patrice 1970-.
Nielsen, Michael 1974-.
Ó Guilín, Peadar 1968-.
Peikoff, Kira.
Peréz, Ashley Hope.
Perich, Shannon Thomas.
Peritz, Aki 1979-.
Persky, Stan 1941-.
Pop, Ioan Es. 1958-.
Poznanski, Ursula 1968-.
Price, Lissa.
Purcell, Kim.
Randhawa, Nimrata.
See Haley, Nikki.
Robbins, Jill 1962-.
Robbins, Ruth 1965-.
Rovelli, Carlo 1956-.
Russell, Alex.
Schabas, Martha.
Scheel, Judy 1959-.
Schofield, Philip 1958-.
Shank, Marilyn Sue.
Shuler, Jack.
Smith, Amy Claire.
Sonnenfeld, Carole.
See Geithner, Carole.
Spotswood, Jessica.
Stewart, Gordon T. 1945-.
Stoessinger, Caroline.
Sykes, Christopher Simon 1948-.
Sylvest, Casper.
Tang, Xiaobing 1964-.
Tannenbaum, Rob.
Taylor, Karol 1948-.
Thompson, Carl.
Tillit, L. B.
Tracy, Thomas.
Treitler, Leo 1931-.
Trenear-Harvey, Glenmore S. 1940-.
Tsoknyi Rinpoche 1966-.
Vaughan, W. E. 1944-.
Vijg, Jan.
Volz, Jim 1953-.
Von Hayhurst, Dirk.
See Hayhurst, Dirk.
Wallace, David 1954-.
Waller, David 1962-.
Webb, Andrew.
Weinstein, Bruce 1960-.
Weir, David 1947-.
Wells, Jeremy 1971-.
Whitaker, Alexandra.
Winslet, Kate 1975-.
Zehr, E. Paul 1968-.
Zeitlin, Meredith.