American Civil Liberties Union Archives (ACLU) 1950-1990, Series 2, Project Files

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The Project Files of the ACLU document the organization's involvement in two of the twentieth century's most important issues: the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights movement. The Files are divided into two sections, The Amnesty Project and the Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee.

Amnesty Project, 1964-1980 [bulk 1971-1977]
The Project on Amnesty operated from 1972-1975, and these files document amnesty and clemency issues for draft evaders, military deserters, and veterans holding other-than-honorable discharges.

The project subject files, which contain the bulk of the material, include Henry Schwarzschild's correspondence with the staff of other amnesty organizations and the Selective Service System, attorneys in the Departments of Defense and Justice, and members of United States Congress.

The files of the Clemency Litigation Division include correspondence, project reports, and legal dockets.

The Project Director's files are subdivided into two sections: project files and project subject files. The records span 1964 to 1979 and include material which pre-dates and post-dates the existence of the project.

Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee, 1964-1976 [bulk 1964-1968]
Founded in the summer of 1964 to assist the civil rights movement, the Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee (LCDC) solicited lawyers to provide volunteer legal representation for worthy or significant cases. Typically, a volunteer lawyer would travel to a small town in the South and spend one month working on cases in coordination with one of the LCDC's regional offices.

The Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee subseries documents the administrative activities of the LCDC and legal case work done in the southern United States. It is divided into administrative, correspondence, publicity and legal files.

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