Sensors and Microsystems, 1st Edition

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This book contains a selection of papers presented at the 17th AISEM ("Associazione Italiana Sensori e Microsistemi") National Conference on Sensors and Microsystems, held in Brescia, 5-7 February, 2013. The conference highlighted state-of-the-art results from both theoretical and applied research in the field of sensors and related technologies. This book presents material in an interdisciplinary approach, covering many aspects of the disciplines related to sensors, including physics, chemistry, materials science, biology and applications.

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1: Physical Sensors.
2: Investigation of Seebeck Effect in Metal Oxide Nanowires for Powering Autonomous Microsystems.
3: Piezopolymer Interdigital Transducers for a Structural Health Monitoring System.
4: Noise and Performance of Magnetic Nanosensor Based on Superconducting Quantum Interference Device.
5: Nonintrusive IR Sensor for Real-Time Measurements of Gas Turbine Inlet Temperature.
6: Thermally Actuated Microfluidic System for Polymerase Chain Reaction Applications.
7: Microfluidic Sensor for Noncontact Detection of Cell Flow in a Microchannel.
8: A Comparison between Fresh and Thermally Aged Polyaniline Prepared by Different Approaches: On the Conductivity under High Pressure.
9: Thermal Sensor for Fire Localization.
10: Localization, Recognition, and Classification of a Superficial Seismic Source in an Inhomogeneous Mean.
11: Design and Fabrication of a Compact p–v Probe for Acoustic Impedance Measurement.
12: Functional Comparison of Acoustic Admittance Measurements with a CMOS-Compatible p–v Microprobe and a Reference One.
13: Design and Characterization of a Micro-opto-mechanical Displacement Sensor.
14: Multisensor Acoustical Systems: Calibration and Related Problems.
15: Automatic System to Measure the Impedance of Piezoelectric Actuators Used in Ultrasonic Scalpels.
16: Chemical Sensors.
17: Amperometric Determination of Strong Oxidising Species through Titanium Electrode Systems.
18: Oligopeptides-Based Gas Sensing for Food Quality Control.
19: Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide.
20: COST Action TD1105 on New Sensing Technologies for Air-Pollution Control and Environmental Sustainability: Overview in Europe and New Trends.
21: A Smart System to Detect Volatile Organic Compounds Produced by Hydrocarbons on Seawater.
22: Electrical and Morphological Characterization of TiO2 Electrospun Nanofibers.
23: A Handy Method for Reproducible and Stable Measurements of VOC at Trace Level in Air.
24: UV Effect on Indium Oxide Resistive Sensors.
25: P-Type NiO Thin Films Prepared by Sputtering for Detection of Pollutants.
26: Well-Ordered Titania Nanostructures for Gas Sensing.
27: A Disposable Ammonia Sensor by Low-Cost Ink-Jet Printing Technology.
28: Reproducibility of the Performances of Graphene-Based Gas-Sensitive Chemiresistors.
29: Exfoliation of Graphite and Dispersion of Graphene in Solutions of Low-Boiling-Point Solvents for Use in Gas Sensors.
30: A High-Resistance Measurement Setup for MOX Sensing Materials Characterization.
31: A Portable Gas Sensor System for Air Quality Monitoring.
32: Biosensors.
33: Herbicide Analysis Using a New OPIE. A Case Study: Sunflower Oil.
34: Electrochemical Immunoassay for Mucin 1 Detection as a Diagnostic Tool in Ovarian Cancer.
35: Monitoring Photocatalytic Treatment of Olive Mill Wastewater (OMW) in Batch Photoreactor Using a Tyrosinase Biosensor and COD Test.
36: Electrochemical Antibody-Aptamer Assay for VEGF Cancer Biomarker Detection.
37: Electrochemical Liposome-Based Biosensors for Nucleic Acid Detection.
38: On-Chip Diagnosis of Celiac Disease by an Amorphous Silicon Chemiluminescence Detector.
39: Development and Characterization of a Novel Antibacterial Material Based on GOx Immobilized in a PVA Film.
40: Development of a QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance) Biosensor to Detection of Mycotoxins.
41: Label-Free Biosensor Based on Copolymer-Functionalized Optical Fiber Long-Period Grating.
42: Optical Sensors.
43: Chemiluminescence-Based Micro-Total-Analysis System with Amorphous Silicon Photodiodes.
44: Optical Spectroscopy for Hogwash Oil Detection in Soybean Chinese Oils.
45: Ultra-compact Optical Fiber Fabry-Perot Interferometer Based on In-Line Integrated Submicron Silicon Film.
46: Polymer Microflow Cytofluorometer.
47: On the Design of a Clad-Etched Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor for Magnetic Field Sensing Applications.
48: Moisture Measurement System for Brick Kiln.
49: Breath Figures onto Optical Fibers for Miniaturized Sensing Probes.
50: Sensitivity of Wood-Rayleigh Anomalies in Metallic Nanogratings.
51: Sensored Handheld Fiber-Optic Delivery System for Controlled Laser Ablation.
52: Differential Pulse-Width Pair Brillouin Optical Time-Domain Analysis Employing Raman Amplification and Optical Pulse Coding.
53: Water-Jet Waveguide for Fluorescence Spectroscopy.
54: Microsystems.
55: Moore's II Law and Microsystems Manufacturing.
56: Development of a Low Cost Planar Micro Thermoelectric Generator.
57: Dielectric Layers for MEMS Deposited at Room Temperature by HMDSO-PECVD.
58: Label-Free Detection of Specific RNA Sequences by a DNA-Based CMOS BioMEMS.
59: Thin Film Device for Background Photocurrent Rejection in Biomolecular Analysis Systems.
60: FEM Modeling of Nanostructures for Sensor Application.
61: Sensor Electronics and Sensor Systems.
62: Supervised Machine Learning Scheme for Wearable Accelerometer-Based Fall Detector.
63: A Compact Architecture for Heartbeat Monitoring.
64: MEMS Flow Sensor Based on a Sigma–Delta Modulator Embedded in the Thermal Domain.
65: Optimal Parameters Selection for Novel Low-Voltage Vibration Energy Harvesters.
66: Wireless Sensor Networks for Distributed Measurements in Process Automation.
67: An Ultrasonic Human–Computer Interface.
68: Power Management Circuit Analysis for an Inductive Energy Harvester.
69: Radio Frequency Energy Harvester for Remote Sensor Networks.
70: Development of an Attitude and Heading Reference System for Motion Tracking Applications.
71: A Novel Method to Size Resistance for Biasing the POSFET Sensors in Common Drain Configuration.
72: A Novel Wireless Battery Recharge System for Wearable/Portable Devices.
73: Assessment of Performances of Optical Ceramics-Based Device for Monitoring of Electrical Components.
74: Characterization of a Novel Ultra-low-Power System on Chip for Biopotential Measurement.
75: A Gas Multisensor Platform for Biometric and Environmental Applications.
76: A Modified De Sauty Autobalancing Bridge-Based Interface for Wide-Range Capacitive Sensor Applications.
77: A New CMOS-Integrated Analog Lock-In Amplifier for Automatic Measurement of Very Small Signals.
78: Impact-Enhanced Multi-beam Piezoelectric Converter for Energy Harvesting in Autonomous Sensors.
79: A Low-Cost Electronic Interface for Electrochemical and Semiconductor Gas Sensors.
80: Modeling Hysteresis Losses in Magnetic Core Inductors for DC–DC Conversion.
81: Nonlinear Multi-frequency Converter Array for Energy Harvesting from Broadband Low-Frequency Vibrations.
82: A Wireless Sensor Network Architecture for Structural Health Monitoring.
83: Characterization of Multi-sensor System for Noninvasive Measurement of Vital Parameters.
84: Wireless Sensor Network Based on wM-Bus for Leakage Detection in Gas and Water Pipes.
85: Arduino-Based Shield for Resistive Gas Sensor Array Characterization under UV Light Exposure.
86: Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting from von Karman Vortices.
87: Mobile System for Air Pollution Evaluation.
88: Applications.
89: A Wearable Sweat pH and Body Temperature Sensor Platform for Health, Fitness, and Wellness Applications.
90: Influence Quantity Estimation in Face Recognition Digital Processing Algorithms.
91: Printed Sensors on Textiles for Biomedical Applications.
92: E-Nose as a Potential Quality Assurance Technology for the Detection of Surface Contamination by Aeronautic Fluids.
93: IMS Development at NRNU MEPhI.
94: Fiber-Optic Flow Sensor for the Measurement of Inspiratory Efforts in Mechanical Neonatal Ventilation.
95: Determination of Polyphenols in Bakery Food Matrices with New Detection Methods.
96: Electronic Nose and Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry for the Philippine Civet Coffee Discrimination.
97: Simulation of Chlorine Decay in Drinking Water Distribution Systems: Case Study of Santa Sofia Network (Southern Italy).
98: Use of Kinetic Models for Predicting DBP Formation in Water Supply Systems.
99: Development of Electronic-Nose Technologies for Biomedical Applications.