Global History: Cultural Encounters from Antiquity to the Present, 1st Edition

  • David W. Del Testa
  • Florence Lemoine
  • John Strickland
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  • ISBN-10: 0765682702
  • ISBN-13: 9780765682703
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  • Grade Level Range: College Freshman - College Senior
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  • Original Copyright 2013 | Published/Released September 2014
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2013

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Written in a lively, engaging style and designed to complement the high school social studies curriculum as well as programs in the social sciences and humanities, this reference vividly recreates and analyzes pivotal encounters, exchanges, and conflicts between cultures and civilizations that profoundly influenced the course of human history. It covers all regions of the globe—Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and the Pacific -- and all time periods—from the early trade networks of the Fertile Crescent in 10,000 B.C.E. to the spread of monotheism in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages, through Columbus's arrival in the Americas in 1492, up to the expansion of the World Wide Web. Each article details one encounter, highlighting the historical background of the civilizations or cultures involved, describing the exchange, and analyzing its social, political, economic, and cultural significance.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Title Page.
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Table of Contents.
Introduction: The Emergence of Global History as an Area of Study.
A–Z Entries.
1: African, Asian, and Pacific Islander Influence on European Art and Culture, 1891–1920s.
2: African Colonial Independence and Global Warfare, 1914–1960s.
3: Age of Discovery and Colonial Expansion: Introduction.
4: AIDS Pandemic, 1977–Present.
5: American Empire in the Philippines, 1898–1945.
6: Americanization of Popular and Consumer Culture, 1945–Present.
7: Antiquity: Introduction.
8: ANZAC Troops in World War I, 1914–1945.
9: Asian Religions and the New Age in the United States, 1893–Present.
10: Asian Thought in American Culture, 1836–1925.
11: Atlantic Slave Economy, ca. 1500–1888.
12: Barbarians in China, 206 B.C.E. –907 C.E..
13: Barbarians in the Roman Empire, ca. 300–700 C.E..
14: Black Death Spreads to Europe, 1345–1352.
15: British Empire and Chinese Civilization, 1793–1912.
16: Buddhism in China, 400s–845.
17: Byzantine Empire and the Slavs, 980–1453.
18: Celts and the Civilizations of Western Europe, 461–1169.
19: Chavín Culture in Pre-Columbian Peru, 900–200 B.C.E..
20: China's Contact with Southeast Asia, 200 B.C.E.–1433 C.E..
21: Chinese and Islamic Empires in Central Asia, 651–1279.
22: Chinese Migration to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim, 1405–1960s.
23: Chinese Writing System: Spread Across East Asia, 200 B.C.E.–1200s C.E..
24: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Exchange, 1492–1542.
25: Cold War, 1945–1991.
26: Commercial Air Travel, 1925–Present.
27: Contemporary World: Introduction.
28: Ecumenical Movement: The Promotion of Christian Unity, 1910–2000.
29: England's East India Company, 1600–1873.
30: Environmental Movement: From Localism to Globalism, 1962–Present.
31: Eurasian Trade and Migration, 5000–500 B.C.E..
32: European Colonialism and the Civilizations of Asia, 1498–1900.
33: Frankish Crusades and the Civilizations of the Eastern Mediterranean, 1095–1291.
34: French Colonization of West Africa, 1828–1960.
35: French Fur Trade in Canada, 1603–1763.
36: Germany and Nineteenth-Century Europe, 1789–1918.
37: Global Human Rights, 1975–Present.
38: Great Zimbabwe Trading Empire, 800–1500.
39: Greek Bronze Age: Minoan and Mycenaean Influence and Exchange, 1700–1200 B.C.E..
40: Greek Empire: Creation of the Hellenistic World, 327 B.C.E.–600 C.E..
41: Hollywood and the Global Film Community, 1920s–Present.
42: Ibn Battuta and the Spread of Islam in Asia and Africa, 1325–1355.
43: India's Cultural Expansion to Southeast Asia, 500 B.C.E.–900 C.E..
44: Indo-European Migration to the Indus Valley, 1500–500 B.C.E..
45: International Monetary System, 1944–Present.
46: Internet Revolution, 1977–Present.
47: Islam: Establishment and Spread, 570–1050.
48: Islam in Spain, 700–1000.
49: Islam: Spread to Sub-Saharan Africa, 1055–1543.
50: Italians in Ethiopia, 1896–1942.
51: Jamestown: Colonial Diversity, 1561–1705.
52: Japan Opens to the West, 1853–1889.
53: Jerusalem and the Rise of Monotheistic Civilizations, ca. 950 B.C.E.–700 C.E..
54: Jesuits and the Civilizations of Europe and Asia, 1541–1723.
55: Marco Polo in Asia, 1271–1295.
56: Mongols and the Civilizations of Eurasia, 1210–1380.
57: Muslim Brotherhood and Its Influence, 1928–Present.
58: Napoleon's Occupation of Egypt and the Reforms of Muhammad Ali, 1798–1882.
59: Nestorian Christianity and the Civilizations of Asia, 424–1395.
60: Nok Culture and Spread of the Bantu Peoples, 500 B.C.E.–500 C.E..
61: Olmec Influence in Mesoamerica, 1250 B.C.E.–300 C.E..
62: Opium Wars, 1839–1860.
63: Ottoman Empire and European Civilization, 1453–1923.
64: Palestinian Arabs: The Great Revolt, 1936–1939.
65: Persian Empire of Darius, 521–486 B.C.E..
66: Phoenician Trading Empire and Spread of the Alphabet, 2500–800 B.C.E..
67: Portuguese in Kongo, 1480s–1975.
68: Railroads in India, 1853–1947.
69: Rock and Roll and Youth Culture, 1954–Present.
70: Roman Empire and the Mediterranean World, 46 B.C.E.–330 C.E..
71: Russian Empire and the Civilizations of Asia and America, 1552–1876.
72: Russian Empire and Western Europe, 1682–1917.
73: Satellite Broadcasting, 1962–Present.
74: Seljuk Turks and Islamic Civilization, 1055–1308.
75: Silk Roads, 400 B.C.E.–900 C.E..
76: Soviet Union and the Communist International, 1919–1943.
77: Soviet Union and Twentieth-Century Europe, 1917–1991.
78: Spanish Empire and the Civilizations of Mexico, 1521–1823.
79: Spanish New Mexico: Borderlands Exchange, 1598–ca. 1700.
80: Spread of Religions and Empires: Introduction.
81: Tejano Music, 1910–1995.
82: Turkey: Modernization, 1922–1938.
83: Vietnam's Southward Expansion, 1009–1692.
84: World War II and World Institutions, 1941–1950.
85: Zheng He and the Treasure Fleet: Chinese Naval Expeditions, 907–1435.
Master Bibliography.