Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, 1st Edition

  • Gene Likens
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Contains over 240 individual articles covering various broad topics including properties of water hydrologic cycles, surface and groundwater hydrology, hydrologic balance, lakes of the world, rivers of the world, light and heat in aquatic ecosystems, hydrodynamics and mixing in rivers, reservoirs, and lakes, biological integration among inland aquatic ecosystems, pollution and remediation, and conservation and management of inland aquatic ecosystems.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Dedication to Robert G. Wetzel.
1: Introductory Overviews.
2: Inland Waters.
3: Limnology as a Discipline.
4: Aesthetic Values of Lakes and Rivers.
5: Aquatic Ecosystem Services.
6: Water as a Human Resource.
7: Air/Water and Land/Water Interfaces, Wetlands and the Littoral Zone.
8: Aquatic Plants: A General Introduction.
9: Aquatic Plants and Attached Algae.
10: Coarse Woody Debris in Lakes and Streams.
11: Gas Exchange at the Air–Water Interface.
12: Littoral Zone.
13: Mosses (Bryophytes).
14: Neuston in Aquatic Ecosystems.
15: Algae (Incl. Cyanobacteria): Types, Phytoplankton, and Eutrophication/Remediation.
16: Algae.
17: Algae of River Ecosystems.
18: Chrysophytes – Golden Algae.
19: Comparative Primary Production.
20: Cyanoprokaryota and Other Prokaryotic Algae.
21: Diatoms.
22: Eutrophication of Lakes and Reservoirs.
23: Green Algae.
24: Other Phytoflagellates and Groups of Lesser Importance.
25: Photosynthetic Periphyton and Surfaces.
26: Phytoplankton Nutrition and Related Mixotrophy.
27: Phytoplankton Population Dynamics in Natural Environments.
28: Phytoplankton Population Dynamics: Concepts and Performance Measurement.
29: Phytoplankton Productivity.
30: The Phycogeography of Freshwater Algae.
31: Applied Aspects of Inland Aquatic Ecosystems.
32: Agriculture.
33: Aquaculture, Freshwater.
34: Biomanipulation of Aquatic Ecosystems.
35: Conservation of Aquatic Ecosystems.
36: Effects of Recreation and Commercial Shipping.
37: Harmful Algal Blooms.
38: International Water Convention and Treaties.
39: Lake and Reservoir Management.
40: Lake Management, Criteria.
41: Restoration Ecology of Rivers.
42: Restoration of Acid Drainage.
43: Transboundary Aquifer Resources.
44: Urban Aquatic Ecosystems.
45: Biological Integration Among Inland Aquatic Ecosystems.
46: Biodiversity of Aquatic Ecosystems.
47: Biological Interactions in River Ecosystems.
48: Competition Among Aquatic Organisms.
49: Dystrophy.
50: The Ecological Niche in Aquatic Ecosystems.
51: Ecological Zonation in Lakes.
52: Endemism in Aquatic Ecosystems.
53: Lakes as Ecosystems.
54: Modeling of Lake Ecosystems.
55: Models of Ecological Processes in Riverine Ecosystems.
56: Ontogeny of Aquatic Ecosystems.
57: Paleolimnology.
58: Regulators of Biotic Processes in Stream and River Ecosystems.
59: Sediments of Aquatic Ecosystems.
60: Streams and Rivers as Ecosystems.
61: Trophic Dynamics in Aquatic Ecosystems.
62: Hydrodynamics and Mixing in Lakes, Reservoirs, Wetlands and Rivers.
63: The Benthic Boundary Layer (in Rivers, Lakes, and Reservoirs).
64: Biological–Physical Interactions.
65: Currents in Rivers.
66: Currents in Stratified Water Bodies 1: Density-Driven Flows.
67: Currents in Stratified Water Bodies 2: Internal Waves.
68: Currents in Stratified Water Bodies 3: Effects of Rotation.
69: Currents in the Upper Mixed Layer and in Unstratified Water Bodies.
70: Density Stratification and Stability.
71: Flow in Wetlands and Macrophyte Beds.
72: Flow Modification by Submerged Vegetation.
73: Hydrodynamical Modeling.
74: Small-Scale Turbulence and Mixing: Energy Fluxes in Stratified Lakes.
75: The Surface Mixed Layer in Lakes and Reservoirs.
76: Hydrology.
77: Atmospheric Water and Precipitation.
78: Evapotranspiration.
79: Fluvial Export.
80: Fluvial Transport of Suspended Solids.
81: Ground Water.
82: Ground Water and Surface Water Interaction.
83: Groundwater Chemistry.
84: Hydrological Cycle and Water Budgets.
85: Rivers.
86: Snow and Ice.
87: Springs.
88: Streams.
89: Vadose Water.
90: Wetland Hydrology.