America in World History, 1st Edition

  • Susan Crean
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America has played a significant role in world affairs from first contact between Europeans and Native Americans into the twenty-first century. America in World History explores the core historical events, trends, and personalities from U.S. history within the context of global history and international relations. Organized in four chronological sections, the work recounts and analyzes key episodes in American history from a global perspective. Each article includes sidebars and special features that examine specific nuances of the event and offer primary source material for further analysis.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Title Page.
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America in World History: Table of Contents.
Introduction: America in World History.
A-Z Entries.
1: Abolitionism in the Transatlantic World.
2: Afghanistan: The Soviet Invasion.
3: Alien and Sedition Acts and Political Repression.
4: American Revolution and Global War.
5: Armed Neutrality and Lend Lease.
6: Articles of Confederation.
7: Bacon's Rebellion and Colonial Resistance to the British.
8: Barbary Wars and U.S. Foreign Policy.
9: Benjamin Franklin and the American Enlightenment.
10: Bosnia and the Balkan Wars.
11: Boston Tea Party and the East India Company.
12: California Gold Rush.
13: Camp David Accords (1978).
14: China and Normalization.
15: Civil Rights Movement and Anti-Colonialism.
16: Civil War and Modern Combat.
17: Civil War Blockade Runners and U.S.-British Relations.
18: Civil War, Mexico, and French Imperialism.
19: Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.
20: Cold War.
21: Constitution and Bill of Rights.
22: Continental Congresses and Europe's Democratic Legacy.
23: Counterculture, 1960s.
24: Cuban Missile Crisis.
25: Declaration of Independence in World History.
26: Détente.
27: Dutch Colonization and New Amsterdam.
28: Early Native American Societies.
29: Empires at War, Eighteenth Century.
30: Enlightenment and Transatlantic Revolutions.
31: Fall of the Berlin Wall and End of the Cold War.
32: Filibusters: Early U.S. Expansion in the Caribbean and Latin America.
33: First Red Scare.
34: French and Indian War.
35: French Colonization and the Fur Trade.
36: French Revolution and American Politics.
37: Frontier Culture: United States and Australia.
38: Georgia and Penal Colonies.
39: Globalization and Free Trade.
40: Great Awakening and Evangelical Protestantism.
41: Great Depression, Global.
42: Hawaii Annexation.
43: Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
44: Humanitarian Crises and Ethnic Conflict, Post–Cold War.
45: Immigration, 1800s.
46: Immigration, Late 1800s and Early 1900s.
47: Indian Removal and Colonial Suppression.
48: Industrial Revolution: Overview.
49: Iran-Contra and the Sandinistas.
50: Iran, Guatemala, and the CIA.
51: Iran Hostage Crisis.
52: Iraq War.
53: Israel: U.S. Recognition and Regional Response.
54: Jamestown and Tobacco.
55: King Philip's War and Native-Colonial Conflict.
56: Korean War.
57: Latin American–U.S. Relations, Post–Cold War.
58: League of Nations and Isolationism.
59: Lexington and Concord and the “Shot Heard'Round the World”.
60: Louisiana Purchase.
61: Lusitania and Submarine Warfare.
62: Manifest Destiny and European Imperialism.
63: Marshall Plan.
64: Massachusetts Bay and New England.
65: McCarthyism and Global Anti-Communism.
66: Mexico and the Caribbean: U.S. Interventions, 1898–1962.
67: Mid-Atlantic Colonies and Indentured Servitude.
68: Missouri Compromise.
69: Monroe Doctrine and Latin American Revolutions.
70: Navigation Acts and British Mercantilism.
71: New Frontier and Alliance for Progress.
72: New Harmony and the Utopian Movement.
73: New World Order and Somalia.
74: North American Colonies and European Empires.
75: North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
76: North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
77: Nuclear Proliferation and North Korea.
78: Oil States, Rise of.
79: Open Door Policy and Boxer Rebellion.
80: Oregon and U.S.-British Relations.
81: Panama Canal.
82: Perry's Mission to Japan.
83: Persian Gulf War.
84: Reaganomics and Thatcherism.
85: Reconstruction.
86: Russo-Japanese War and Portsmouth Conference.
87: Salem, Witchcraft, and Religious Intolerance.
88: Second Great Awakening and the Missionary Movement.
89: Seneca Falls Convention and Women's Rights.
90: September 11 Terrorist Attacks.
91: Slavery and Race in the Colonies.
92: Social Welfare in the Postwar Era.
93: Southern Colonies and the Planter Class.
94: Space Race.
95: Spanish-American War.
96: Spanish Colonization.
97: Stagflation and the World Oil Market.
98: State Secession and National Independence Movements.
99: Stimson Doctrine and China.
100: Suez Canal Crisis and Arab Nationalism.
101: Tariffs, Protectionism, and the International Economy.
102: Taxation Without Representation.
103: Terrorism, 1980s.
104: Terrorism: Overview.
105: Texas Annexation and the Mexican War.
106: Three Worlds Collide: Europe, Africa, and the Americas, 1420s–1625.
107: Tiananmen Square.
108: Transatlantic Migration and Exchange, Early Colonial.
109: Transcendentalism and Literary Romanticism.
110: Transportation Revolution, Nineteenth Century.
111: Treaty of Versailles and Fourteen Points.
112: Truman Doctrine.
113: United Nations and the New World Order.
114: Vietnam War and the Limits of American Power.
115: War of 1812.
116: War on Terror.
117: Watergate.
118: Wild West Shows and America's Global Image.
119: Woman Suffrage.
120: Women in Colonial Society.
121: World War I.
122: World War II.
Master Bibliography.