Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, and Social Policy, 1st Edition

  • Coulter Krason Myers Varacalli
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With more than 800 topics from over 300 contributors, Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, and Social Policy is a comprehensive introduction to the Catholic vision of society, social relations, and the human being. It combines theoretical work on important topics and scholarly disciplines (e.g., economics, moral theology, natural law, philosophy, psychology); social science perspectives on a variety of topics (e.g., alcoholism and drug abuse, forgiveness and mercy, globalization); and treatment of practical policy implications that flow from applying the Catholic religious, moral, and intellectual tradition to contemporary issues (e.g., abortion, assisted suicide, immigration policy, school choice, torture).

The book reflects a broad range of Catholic thought that is international in scope, but with an emphasis on the American situation. Its interdisciplinary approach offers insights from a variety of perspectives: theological, philosophical, historical, economical, sociological, political, psychological, and legal. The work will appeal to individuals who want a clear and accurate introduction to Catholic social thought and a Catholic-informed social science and social policy. One certainly need not be a devotee and advocate for Catholic social thinking to find this encyclopedia of good use as a handy reference tool.

About the Authors:
Michael L. Coulter, Ph.D. is Professor of Political Science and Humanities at Grove City College.

Stephen M. Krason, Ph.D., J.D. is Professor of Political Science and Legal Studies and Director of the Political Science Program at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Richard S. Myers, J.D. is Professor of Law at Ave Maria School of Law.

Joseph A. Varacalli, Ph.D. is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for Catholic Studies at Nassau Community College - S.U.N.Y.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
1: Abortion.
2: Abortion Vaccines.
3: Abstinence Education.
4: Academic Freedom.
5: Action Française.
6: Acton Institute.
7: Acton, John Emerich Edward Dalberg, 1st Baron.
8: Adenauer, Konrad.
9: Adler, Mortimer Jerome.
10: Adoption.
11: Advertising.
12: Aegidius Romanus.
13: Affirmative Action.
14: Africa (Sub-Saharan).
15: Age Discrimination.
16: Agnosticism and Atheism.
17: Agriculture and Rural Life.
18: Aids.
19: Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.
20: Alienation.
21: Alinsky, Saul.
22: Allers, Rudolf.
23: Almsgiving.
24: American Catholic Philosophical Association.
25: American Catholic Psychological Association.
26: American Catholic Sociological Society.
27: American Progressive Era.
28: Anarcho-Syndicalism.
29: Angelica, Mother Mary (Rita Rizzo).
30: Animal Rights.
31: Annulments.
32: Anthropology.
33: Anti-Catholicism.
34: Antichrist.
35: Anticlericalism.
36: Anti-Semitism and the Church.
37: Aquinas, St. Thomas.
38: Aquino, Corazon C.
39: Archival Deposits.
40: Aristocracy.
41: Aristotle.
42: Arms Control and Disarmament.
43: Arms Trade.
44: Art.
45: Artificial/Assisted Nutrition and Hydration.
46: Assisted Suicide.
47: Association for Social Economics.
48: Association of Catholic Trade Unionists.
49: Asylum and Refugee Policy.
50: Augustine, St.
51: Augustinianism.
52: Australia.
53: Austrian School of Economics.
54: Authority.
55: Avarice.
56: Avery, Martha Moore.
57: Baars, Conrad Walter.
58: Balthasar, Hans Urs Von.
59: Barbarigo, Cardinal Mark Anthony.
60: Barry, Commodore John.
61: Base Communities.
62: Beck, Aaron T.
63: Becker, Ernest.
64: Behavioral Therapy.
65: Bellah, Robert H.
66: Bellarmine, St. Robert.
67: Belloc, Hilaire.
68: Berger, Peter L.
69: Bernardin, Cardinal Joseph.
70: Bioethics.
71: Biological Weapons.
72: Birth Control.
73: Birth Control Controversy.
74: Bishops’ Program of Social Reconstruction, the.
75: Black Catholics in the United States.
76: Blanshard, Paul B.
77: Blondel, Maurice.
78: Boethius.
79: Boff, Leonardo.
80: Bonald, Louis De.
81: Bonaventure, St.
82: Bozell, L. Brent, Jr.
83: Brain Death and Vital Organ Donation.
84: Bridget of Sweden, St.
85: Brownson, Orestes.
86: Brungs, Robert A., Sj.
87: Buckley, William F., Jr.
88: Buddhism.
89: Bureaucracy.
90: Burke, Edmund.
91: Business Ethics.
92: Cabrini, St. Frances Xavier.
93: Caldera Rodriguez, Rafael.
94: Call to Action, Conference and Movement.
95: Câmara, Dom HeLder.
96: Canavan, Father Francis, Sj.
97: Canon Law.
98: Capital, Human and Social.
99: Capitalism.
100: Cardinal Newman Society.
101: Care for the Dying.
102: Caritas Internationalis.
103: Carlists and Falange.
104: Carroll, Charles.
105: Carroll, Daniel.
106: Carroll, John.
107: Carroll, Warren H.
108: Casti Connubii.
109: Catechism of the Catholic Church.
110: Catherine of Siena, St.
111: Catholic Action.
112: Catholic Anthropological Conference.
113: Catholic Campaign for Human Development.
114: Catholic Central Union (Verein) of America.
115: Catholic Charities, Usa.
116: Catholic Education Resource Center.
117: Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute.
118: Catholic Historical Review.
119: Catholic Land Movement.
120: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.
121: Catholic Moment, the.
122: Catholic Press, the.
123: Catholic Relief Services.
124: Catholic Social Science Review.
125: Catholic Social Thought.
126: Catholic Theological Society of America, the.
127: Catholics United for the Faith.
128: Catholic Worker Movement, the.
129: Celam (Council of Latin American Bishops).
130: Censorship.
131: Center for Economic and Social Justice.
132: Center of Concern.
133: Centesimus Annus.
134: Challenge of Peace, the.
135: Champagnat, St. Marcellin.
136: Character Development.
137: Charter for Health Care Workers.
138: Charter of the Rights of the Family.
139: Chastity.
140: Chemical Weapons.
141: Chesterton, Gilbert Keith.
142: Childrearing.
143: Children’s Rights.
144: Christian Coalition, the.
145: Christian Democracy.
146: Christian Democracy in Latin America.
147: Christian Family Movement, the.
148: Christifideles Laici.
149: Church, the (Nature, Origin, and Structure of).
150: Church Fathers, Early.
151: Church, Indirect Power of (Potestas Indirecta).
152: Citizenship.
153: Civil Disobedience.
154: Civil Liberties.
155: Civil Religion.
156: Civil Rights Movement, the.
157: Civilization of Love.
158: Class Conflict.
159: Clergy.
160: Clericalism.
161: Cloning.
162: Cohabitation.
163: Cold War.
164: Collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World, on the (Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church).
165: Collective Bargaining and the Right to Strike.
166: Collectivism.
167: Colonialism.
168: Common Good.
169: Communal Catholicism.
170: Communio.
171: Communion and Liberation Movement.
172: Communism.
173: Communitarianism.
174: Community.
175: Community-Based Psychological Services.
176: Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church.
177: Concordats.
178: Concupiscence.
179: Condoms.
180: Confucianism.
181: Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
182: Conscience.
183: Conscientious Objection: Life and Health Care Issues.
184: Conscientious Objection to Military Service.
185: Consequentialism.
186: Conservatism in the United States.
187: Consistent Ethic of Life (Seamless Garment).
188: Constitutionalism.
189: Consumerism.
190: Contraceptive Mentality.
191: Cooperation: Formal and Material.
192: Cooperative Associations.
193: Corporations, Multinational.