Proceedings of 2013 Chinese Intelligent Automation Conference

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Proceedings of the 2013 Chinese Intelligent Automation Conference presents selected research papers from the CIAC'13, held in Yangzhou, China. The topics include e.g. adaptive control, fuzzy control, neural network based control, knowledge based control, hybrid intelligent control, learning control, evolutionary mechanism based control, multi-sensor integration, failure diagnosis, and reconfigurable control. Engineers and researchers from academia, industry, and government can gain an inside view of new solutions combining ideas from multiple disciplines in the field of intelligent automation. Zengqi Sun and Zhidong Deng are professors at the Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University, China.

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1: Formation Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Based on Finite-Time Consensus Algorithms.
2: The Research on Fault Diagnosis of Building Electrical System Based on RBF Neural Network.
3: Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control of Stochastic Strict Feedback Nonlinear Systems.
4: Three-Dimensional Path Planning for AUV Based on Fuzzy Control.
5: Consensus Analysis of Multi-Agent System with Impulsive Effects and Time-Varying Delays.
6: One Method of Judging Spatial Topological Relations in N-Dimensional Space and Its Application in Interpolation.
7: Modified Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Multi-Sensor Dynamic Scheduling.
8: Experimental Study on Improved Differential Evolution for System Identification of Hammerstein Model and Wiener Model.
9: The Coverage Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Quantum-Inspired Cultural Algorithm.
10: Sensor Failure Detection and Diagnosis via Polynomial Chaos Theory—Part I: Theoretical Background.
11: Adaptive Tracking Control of Nonlinear Systems with Unmodeled Dynamics and Unknown Gain Sign.
12: Generalized Projective Synchronization of Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Drive-Response Dynamical Networks with Time Delay.
13: Immune Mobile Agent and Its Application in IDS.
14: The Improved Discernibility Matrix Based on Decision Vector.
15: Backward Circular Motion Control for Mobile Robot with Two Trailers.
16: Instruments Fault Detection in Process Industry with Independent Component Analysis.
17: Nonlinear Process Fault Detection Based on Multi-Scale Sparse Kernel Classifier.
18: Backstepping Based Type-2 Adaptive Fuzzy Control for a Generic Hypersonic Flight Vehicle.
19: Ahead of the End Dynamic Time Warping Distance Algorithm Application in Iterative Learning Control.
20: Application of Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm to Aviation Rescue Base Location.
21: Intelligent Control Based on ADRC for Large Container Ship Course Keeping.
22: Course Keeping Control of Underactuated Surface Vessels Based on Improved PSO Algorithm.
23: On-line Optimization of Fuzzy-Immune PID for PEMFC Temperature Control Based on RBF Neural Network.
24: Adaptive Fuzzy Controller Design for Strict-Feedback Nonlinear System Using Command Filtering.
25: Consensus Problem of Second-Order Multi-Agent Systems with Communication Delay and Input Delay.
26: An Image-Based Visual Servo Control of Robots with Omni-Directional Camera.
27: Simulation and Forecast About Vegetable Prices Based on PSO-RBFNN Model.
28: A Belief-Rule-Based Inference Method for Carrier Battle Group Recognition.
29: Multi-Robot Cooperation Handling Based on Immune Algorithm in the Known Environment.
30: Global Exponential Synchronization Between Two Different Complex Networks with Time Vary Delays.
31: Pattern Recognition of the Thigh Amputee Motion Based on Genetic Algorithm and BP.
32: R–Fuzzy Subsemigroups.
33: A New Constant Gain Kalman Filter Based on TP Model Transformation.
34: Spacecraft Attitude Control via New Non-Singular Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Control.
35: Time-Variant Gait Planning for Under-Actuated Biped Robot via Optimization.
36: Immune Network Risk Evaluation Model Based on the Spreading of Infectious Diseases.
37: Recurrent Neural Network for Human Activity Recognition in Smart Home.
38: Optimization of an Advanced Guidance Scheme for Long-Range AAMs Based on SPSO.
39: Research on High-Accuracy Data Association of Space-Borne SAR and AIS.
40: A Control Method of Inclined Inverted Pendulum on a Mobile Foundation with Disturbances.
41: TiltRotor Aircraft Flight Control Study Based on Fuzzy Logic Control via Genetic Algorithm.
42: Hybrid Projective Synchronization of a New Hyperchaotic System.
43: Fuzzy Observer-Based Robust H∞ Guaranteed Cost Fault-Tolerant Design for Nonlinear NCS.
44: Study on Adaptive Parameters for GDFNN via Genetic Algorithms.
45: A Decreased Extreme Learning Machine with Ridge Parameter for Online Identification of Nonlinear Systems.
46: Security Region Estimation of the Peak of Track Irregularity Based on Dangerous Points Distribution Ratio and SVM.
47: On the Symmetry of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controllers Using Different Type-Reduction Methods.
48: Development of Database System for Overhead Power Transmission Line Inspection Robot.
49: Two Methods for Solving the Parameters of Weibull Distribution of Wind Velocity.
50: A Direct Robust Predictive Control Algorithm for Multi-Rate Systems.
51: Nonlinear Adaptive Control of Magnetic Levitation System with Uncertain Parameters and Unknown Disturbances.
52: Mass Metrology Based on Robotic Mass Measurement System.
53: A Reconfigurable Intelligent Gateway for Heterogeneous Networks.
54: Robust Stability of a Class of Uncertain Discrete-Time Stochastic Systems.
55: H2 Controller Design for Markov Jump Systems with Polytopic-Type Uncertainty and Partly Known Transition Probabilities.
56: A New Control Method in pH Neutralization Process.
57: Control Technology Research of the Underground Hydraulic Support Motion Simulation.
58: Research on Chilled Water Pressure Difference of the Model Reference Adaptive Control.
59: Research on Greenhouse Climate Control Based on RBF Neural Networks.
60: Research on Neural Network Model for Greenhouse Temperature Predictive Control.
61: The Research on Fault Diagnosis Method of the Coal Mill Based on Information Fusion.
62: Higher Sliding Mode Tracking Control for Underactuated Surface Vessel.
63: Modeling and Simulation of Biomimetic Motion Dynamics for Dextrous Hand.
64: Nonlinear Integrator Sliding Mode Control for Brushless Double-Fed Wind Power Generation System.
65: Time-Varying Constant Identification Based on PSO and Dynamic Compensation of Temperature Sensors.
66: Path Tracking Control of Underactuated AUVs Based on ADRC.
67: Fuzzy Method for Sub-Communities Identification in Complex Networks.
68: Modeling for the Clarifying Process of Sugar Mills with ESN.
69: A Method of Metro Vehicle Auxiliary Inverter Fault Diagnosis Based on Weighted Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm.
70: The Inverted Pendulum Control System Based on Two Degree of Freedom Model Driven PID.
71: Delay-Dependent Robust Stabilization for Singular Nonlinear System with Markovian Jumping Parameters.
72: A Free-Weighting Matrices Technique for Stochastic Stability Analysis of Uncertain Singular Hybrid System.
73: Application of EKF Training RBFNN in Fault Diagnosis of Subway Auxiliary Inverter.
74: Fuzzy Combination Rule of Multiple Classifiers System Based on Yager Triangular Norm.
75: Application of Swarm Intelligence Optimization in EEG Analysis.
76: Blind Detection of BPSK Signals Using Hysteretic Hopfield Neural Network.
77: Design of Sewage Treatment Using Iron Nanoparticles Based on Fuzzy Logic Control.
78: The Application of Fuzzy PI and RBF Neural Network Tuning PID in Servo System.
79: Navigation Control of Humanoid Robot Based on Motor Imaginary.
80: Stabilizability of a Class of Singularly Perturbed Systems via Switched Output Feedback.
81: Design and Stability Analysis of the RRD Fuzzy Controller with D-Stability Constraint.
82: Short-Term Forecasting of Traffic Flow Based on Genetic Algorithm and BP Neural Network.
83: Joint State and Parameter Estimation for a Robot Hydraulic Actuator.
84: Delay-Dependent Robust Control for Output PDFs of Discrete-Time Non-Gaussian Stochastic Processes.
85: Review and Perspective of Theories and Methods About Emergency Evacuation Plans for UMT Station.
86: The Allocation of Berth and Quay Crane by Using a Particle Swarm Optimization Technique.
87: Optimal Trajectory Planning of Gaze Shifts Based on Modified Simulated Annealing Algorithm.
88: Robust Dissipative Filter for Time-Varying and Time-Delay T-S Fuzzy Descriptor Systems with Parameter Uncertainties.
89: The Realization of Fuzzy Control in Fire-Proof Material Batching System.
90: An Intuitionistic Fuzzy Neural Network with Triangular Membership Function.
91: Covariance Intersection Fusion Robust Steady-State Kalman Predictor for Two-Sensor Systems with Unknown Noise Variances.
92: Weighted Measurement Fusion Steady-State Robust Kalman Filter.
93: Research on Evaluation of Cabin Design in Naval Ship Based on the Method of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Group Decision-Making.
94: Studying the Effect of the Group-Size on the Search Computing Cost of MEC for Function Optimization.
95: Covariance Intersection Fusion Robust Steady-State Kalman Filter for Multi-Sensor Systems with Unknown Noise Variances.
96: Study on Online eNN Q-Learning for Multi-Robot System Based on Community Perception Network.