A Feather for a Fan: A Washington Territory Story, 1st Edition

  • Series Name: Five Star Frontier Fiction Standing Order Plan
  • Karla Stover
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  • ISBN-10: 1432829157
  • ISBN-13: 9781432829155
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  • 272 Pages | Print | Hardcover
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Everything about New Tacoma in Washington Territory comes as a shock to Hildy Bacom when she and her family move there in 1876. Cows and pigs roam the muddy streets‚ some people live in lean-tos or hollowed-out tree trunks‚ and her first friend‚ Mrs. Money‚ runs a shop with a parrot on her head. Hildy’s new life includes a new best friend and a romance‚ plus a lady of the night‚ Indian and lots of Chinese. Over her first year on the frontier Hildy encounters a skunk‚ a bear‚ and a lost Chinese baby. From fires to landslides to the unexpected appearance of her cousin‚ Elsie‚ Hildy’s life in a rough frontier town isn’t at all what she expected.

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