Notable Scientists: From 1900 to the Present, 2nd Edition

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The 1,289 scientists profiled in Notable Twentieth-Century Scientists (NTCS) represent this century's most prolific and productive contributors in all of the applied and physical sciences, both living and deceased. The 4-vol. set includes scientists from around the world, with coverage on more than 225 women scientists, nearly 150 Asian-, African-, Hispanic- and Native North American scientists; and nearly 75 scientists from countries outside North America and Western Europe. Look for these outstanding individuals:

  • British chemist
  • Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
  • Austrian zoologist Konrad Lorenz
  • French AIDS researcher Luc Montagnier
  • African-American botanist George Washington Carver
  • American computer scientist Grace Hopper
  • And many others
NTCS's entries are arranged alphabetically to help researchers locate specific individuals quickly. Additional access to entries is available through four indexes. Each 750 to 2,500 word essay provides personal and career information and includes a list of major writings, resources for further information and, when available, a personal statement from the scientist. Approximately 400 photos are included, as well as a general bibliography and a timeline of scientific achievements.


"...All five volumes of the set begin with a list of entries and a chronology of major advances, and volume five ends with several indexes based on the scientist's specialization, gender, nationality/ethnicity, and subject. Over 400 scientists garner photographs. Diversity and internationalism are hallmarks of the set. Suitable for high school and colleges." -- Scitech Book News (September 2001)

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