Oral History of Zhang Xueliang, 1st Edition

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  • Zhang Xueliang
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Zhang Xueliang

Zhang Xueliang or Chang Hsueh-liang (1901–2001) was the son of General Zhang Zuolin, a warlord from the northeastern part of China. After the assassination of his father by the Japanese in June 1928, he became the effective ruler of Manchuria and much of northern China, and later the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Nationalist Army when a full-scale war broke out between the two countries. As an instigator of the Xi’an Incident during which he kidnapped General Chiang Kai-shek, the then president of China, and forced him to forge a coalition with the Communists led by Mao Zedong to fight against the Japanese invaders, Zhang was detained by Chiang and spent over fifty years under house arrest in China and Taiwan. Set free in 1990, he moved to the US in 1995 and passed away in 2001.