Allergies Sourcebook, 4th Edition

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Allergies Sourcebook provides updated information about the causes, triggers, treatments, and prevalence of common allergic disorders, including rhinitis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, allergic asthma, dermatitis, eczema, hives, and anaphylaxis. It discusses the immune system and its role in the development of allergic disorders and describes such commonly encountered allergens as pollen, mold, dust mites, and animal dander. Facts about allergies to foods and food additives, insect stings, medications, and chemicals are also included, along with information about allergy diagnosis, treatments, coping strategies, and prevention efforts. The book concludes with a glossary of related terms and directories of resources, including one to help people with food allergies find allergen-free foods and recipes.

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents.
1: Introduction to Allergies and the Immune System.
2: Understanding the Immune System and Allergic Reactions.
3: How Allergies Develop.
4: Genetic Connections.
5: Breastfeeding and Allergic Disease Development.
6: The Hygiene Hypothesis.
7: Allergies Impact Daily Life.
8: Allergies and Cognitive Impairment.
9: Allergen Exposure Interrupts Sleep.
10: Allergies in Children.
11: How Allergies Affect Your Child.
12: Will Your Child Outgrow His or Her Allergies?.
13: Colic May be Linked to Allergies.
14: Urban Environment and Childhood Allergen Exposure.
15: Economic Costs and Trends in Allergic Disease.
16: Types of Allergic Reactions.
17: Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever).
18: What Is Rhinitis?.
19: Postnasal Drip Often Caused by Rhinitis.
20: Cough Caused by Rhinitis.
21: Sinusitis.
22: What Is Sinusitis?.
23: Allergies Cause Sinus Headaches.
24: Allergic Fungal Sinusitis.
25: Nasal Polyps.
26: Allergic Conjunctivitis (Eye Allergies).
27: Allergic Asthma.
28: What Is Asthma?.
29: Do Allergies Cause Asthma?.
30: Immunoglobulin E’s Role in Allergic Asthma.
31: Asthma and its Environmental Triggers.
32: Occupational Asthma Due to Allergen Exposure at Work.
33: Aspergillosis: People With Asthma at Highest Risk.
34: Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema).
35: Understanding Atopic Dermatitis (AD).
36: Taking Care of Your Skin if You Have AD.
37: Allergic Contact Dermatitis.
38: Overview of Contact Dermatitis.
39: Outsmarting Poison Ivy and Other Poisonous Plants.
40: Allergic Contact Rashes.
41: Other Allergic Skin Reactions.
42: Urticaria (Hives).
43: Photosensitivity: Exposure to Light Can Cause Allergic Reactions.
44: Anaphylaxis: Life-Threatening Allergies.
45: Signs of Anaphylaxis.
46: Abnormal Immune Cells May Cause Unprovoked Anaphylaxis.
47: Medical Identification Critical for People With Life-Threatening Allergies.
48: Foods and Food Additives That Trigger Allergic Reactions.
49: Food Allergy: An Overview.
50: Food Allergy or Food Intolerance: How Do You Tell the Difference?.
51: Milk Allergy.
52: Egg Allergy.
53: Understanding Egg Allergy.
54: Flu Vaccine and Egg Allergy.
55: Fish and Shellfish Allergy.
56: Fish Allergy.
57: Shellfish Allergy.
58: Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy.
59: Peanut Allergy.
60: Animal Model Helps Researchers Understand Peanut Allergy.
61: How to Avoid Peanut.
62: Tree Nut Allergy.
63: Wheat Allergy.
64: What Is Wheat Allergy?.
65: Wheat Allergy Often Confused With Celiac Disease.
66: Soy Allergy.
67: Ingredients and Food Additives That Trigger Reactions.
68: Seed Allergy.
69: Sulfite Sensitivity.
70: Histamine Intolerance.
71: Other Health Problems Related to Food Allergic Reactions.
72: Eosinophilic Esophagitis.
73: Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome.
74: Oral Allergy Syndrome.
75: What You Should Know about Living With Food Allergy.
76: Advice for Consumers about Food Labels.
77: Questions and Answers about Food Labels.
78: How to Read a Label for Your Food Allergy.
79: Tips on Avoiding Food Allergy Reactions.
80: A Food Diary Can Reduce Risk of Reactions.
81: Working With a Dietitian If Your Child has Food Allergies.
82: Avoiding Cross Contamination.
83: Airborne, Chemical, and Other Environmental Allergy Triggers.
84: Overview of Airborne Allergens.
85: Pollen Allergy.
86: What Is Pollen Allergy?.
87: Ragweed Allergy: The Most Common Type of Pollen Allergy.
88: Ragweed Therapy Offers Allergy Sufferers Longer Relief.
89: Understanding Pollen Counts.
90: Household Allergens: Animal Dander, Cockroach, Dust Mite, and Mold Allergy.
91: Dust Mite Allergy.
92: Cockroach Allergy.
93: Animal Dander Allergy.
94: Mold Allergy.
95: Air Quality, Allergies, and Your Health.
96: Tobacco Smoke.
97: Sensitivity to Fragrances and Chemicals.
98: Fragrance Sensitivity.
99: Sensitivity to Multiple Chemicals.
100: Sick Building Syndrome.
101: Insect Sting Allergy.
102: Allergies to Medicines and Medical Products.
103: Medications and Drug Allergic Reactions.
104: Latex in Medical Products.
105: Diagnosing and Treating Allergies.
106: When You Should See an Allergist.
107: Health Insurance Issues for People With Allergies and Asthma.
108: Allergy Tests.
109: Tests to Diagnose Allergies.
110: Elimination Diet and Food Challenge Test.
111: Unproven Diagnostic Tests.
112: Lung Function Tests.
113: Allergy Medications.
114: Types of Allergy Medicines.
115: Allergy Medicines for Children.
116: Rhinitis Medications.
117: Medications for Sinusitis.
118: Decongestants.
119: Saline Nasal Sprays and Irrigation.
120: Medical Therapies for Allergies.
121: Anti Immunoglobulin E Therapy.
122: Allergy Shots (Immunotherapy) for Kids.
123: Allergy Shots for Adults.
124: Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for Allergies.
125: Types of CAM Used to Treat Allergies.
126: Can Probiotics Prevent Reactions?.
127: Chinese Herbal Formula May Be Helpful for Peanut Allergies.
128: Avoiding Allergy Triggers, Preventing Symptoms, and Getting Support.
129: Improving Indoor Air Quality and Reducing Environmental Triggers.
130: Guide to Air Cleaners in the Home.
131: Cleaning up Mold in Your Home.
132: Avoiding Skin Allergies: Choosing Safe Cosmetics.
133: Exercising With Allergies.
134: Tips to Prevent Reactions during Exercise.
135: Gardening With Allergies.
136: Preventing Allergy Symptoms during Travel.
137: Preventing Allergy Symptoms during Pregnancy.
138: Support at School and Work: The Americans With Disabilities Act and Allergies.
139: Starting an Allergy Support Group.
140: Additional Help and Information.
141: Glossary of Terms Related to Allergies and the Immune System.
142: Directory of Organizations That Provide Information about Allergies.
143: Resources for People With Food Allergies.
144: Directory of Companies That Market Food Products as a Service to People With Food Allergies.
145: Directory of Websites and Cookbooks for People With Food Allergies.
146: Allergen-Free Recipes for People With Food Allergies.