Classroom In Context: Earth Science

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Loaded with lesson plans, assessments, and more, CLiC Earth Science is a curriculum-aligned course that delivers authoritative digital content directly to the classroom. This powerful product brings rigor to your curriculum through a specially designed scope and sequence that's both customizable and expandable, covering everything from Earth's Energy to Dynamic Earth Processes to Minerals and Rocks. Fueled by Gale's award winning Science In Context, CLiC Earth Science ensures that your classroom has the most up to date content to meet today's educational standards and the means to organize it through an engaging, online experience.

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Classroom In Context Series

CLiC provides classrooms with an instructional path to robust, authoritative and rigorous digital content, delivered in a format designed to increase student engagement and effectively develop 21st Century skills and are aligned to universal themes, units and topics that support Common Core and other State standards.

Pulling content from Gale's renowned In Context resource, classrooms have access to reference books, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, podcasts and much more. Content is continually updated to ensure classrooms have access to the most relevant and current information for their studies. CLiC also provides schools with an easy transition from books to e-learning resources.

The CLiC family of resources includes Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Government & Economics, U.S. History and World History.

Features and Benefits

  • Digital platform providing up to date content for the classroom.
  • Web portal with multimedia content mapping to national curriculum framework.
  • Content compiled from Gale's Science In Context resource which includes reference books, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, videos and more.
  • Curriculum management tool that enables teachers to customize their classroom learning experience.