Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XX, 1st Edition

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These are the proceedings of the 20th international conference on domain decomposition methods in science and engineering. Domain decomposition methods are iterative methods for solving the often very large linearor nonlinear systems of algebraic equations that arise when various problems in continuum mechanics are discretized using finite elements. They are designed for massively parallel computers and take the memory hierarchy of such systems in mind. This is essential for approaching peak floating point performance. There is an increasingly well developed theory whichis having a direct impact on the development and improvements of these algorithms.‚Äč

Table of Contents

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1: Plenary Presentations.
2: Equidistribution and Optimal Approximation Class*.
3: Some Recent Tools and a BDDC Algorithm for 3D Problems in H(curl).
4: Symbolic Techniques for Domain Decomposition Methods.
5: Scalable Domain Decomposition Algorithms for Contact Problems: Theory, Numerical Experiments, and Real World Problems.
6: Robust Coarsening in Multiscale PDEs.
7: Multi-level Decompositions of Electronic Wave Functions.
8: A Substructuring Preconditioner for Three-Dimensional Maxwell's Equations.
9: Minisymposia.
10: A Two-Level Schwarz Preconditioner for Heterogeneous Problems.
11: Heterogeneous Domain Decomposition Methods for Eddy Current Problems.
12: Mesh Regularization in Bank-Holst Parallel hp-Adaptive Meshing.
13: Robust Parameter-Free Multilevel Methods for Neumann Boundary Control Problems.
14: An Overlapping Domain Decomposition Method for a 3D PEMFC Model.
15: Multigrid Methods for the Biharmonic Problem with Cahn-Hilliard Boundary Conditions.
16: A Two-Level Additive Schwarz Preconditioner for C0 Interior Penalty Methods for Cahn-Hilliard Equations.
17: An Algebraic Multigrid Method Based on Matching in Graphs.
18: Shifted Laplacian RAS Solvers for the Helmholtz Equation.
19: A Subspace Correction Method for Nearly Singular Linear Elasticity Problems.
20: Adaptive Finite Element Methods with Inexact Solvers for the Nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann Equation.
21: Preconditioning for Mixed Finite Element Formulations of Elliptic Problems.
22: Multigrid Preconditioner for Nonconforming Discretization of Elliptic Problems with Jump Coefficients.
23: Domain Decomposition Methods of Stochastic PDEs.
24: Improving the Convergence of Schwarz Methods for Helmholtz Equation.
25: A Domain Decomposition Solver for the Discontinuous Enrichment Method for the Helmholtz Equation.
26: Domain Decomposition Methods for the Helmholtz Equation: A Numerical Investigation.
27: Stable BETI Methods in Electromagnetics.
28: Preconditioning High–Order Discontinuous Galerkin Discretizations of Elliptic Problems.
29: A Block Solver for the Exponentially Fitted IIPG-0 Method.
30: A Nonoverlapping DD Preconditioner for a Weakly Over-Penalized Symmetric Interior Penalty Method.
31: Sharp Condition Number Estimates for the Symmetric 2-Lagrange Multiplier Method.
32: Time Domain Maxwell Equations Solved with Schwarz Waveform Relaxation Methods.
33: Comparison of a One and Two Parameter Family of Transmission Conditions for Maxwell's Equations with Damping.
34: Hybrid Domain Decomposition Solvers for the Helmholtz and the Time Harmonic Maxwell's Equation.
35: Multiscale Domain Decomposition Preconditioners for Anisotropic High-Contrast Problems.
36: A Robust FEM-BEM Solver for Time-Harmonic Eddy Current Problems.
37: Domain Decomposition Methods for Auxiliary Linear Problems of an Elliptic Variational Inequality.
38: New Theoretical Coefficient Robustness Results for FETI-DP.
39: Monotone Multigrid Methods Based on Parametric Finite Elements.
40: TFETI Scalable Solvers for Transient Contact Problems.
41: Model of Imperfect Interfaces in Composite Materials and Its Numerical Solution by FETI Method.
42: A Comparison of TFETI and TBETI for Numerical Solution of Engineering Problems of Contact Mechanics.
43: FETI-DP for Elasticity with Almost Incompressible Material Components.
44: An Alternative Coarse Space Method for Overlapping Schwarz Preconditioners for Raviart-Thomas Vector Fields.
45: A Simultaneous Augmented Lagrange Approach for the Simulation of Soft Biological Tissue.
46: Techniques for Locally Adaptive Time Stepping Developed over the Last Two Decades.
47: Newton-Schwarz Optimised Waveform Relaxation Krylov Accelerators for Nonlinear Reactive Transport.
48: Alternating and Linearized Alternating Schwarz Methods for Equidistributing Grids.
49: Stability Analysis of the Matrix-Free Linearly Implicit Euler Method.
50: Augmented Interface Systems for the Darcy-Stokes Problem.
51: Mortar Coupling for Heterogeneous Partial Differential Equations.
52: Heterogeneous Substructuring Methods for Coupled Surface and Subsurface Flow.
53: An Asymptotic Approach to Compare Coupling Mechanisms for Different Partial Differential Equations.
54: Coupling Geometrically Exact Cosserat Rods and Linear Elastic Continua.
55: Parareal Schwarz Waveform Relaxation Methods.
56: A Parallel Overlapping Time-Domain Decomposition Method for ODEs.
57: Two-Grid LNKSz for Distributed Control of Unsteady Incompressible Flows.
58: On the Applicability of Lions' Energy Estimates in the Analysis of Discrete Optimized Schwarz Methods with Cross Points.
59: Non Shape Regular Domain Decompositions: An Analysis Using a Stable Decomposition in H01.
60: Overlapping Domain Decomposition: Convergence Proofs.
61: Contributed Presentations.
62: FETI Methods for the Simulation of Biological Tissues.
63: Fast Summation Techniques for Sparse Shape Functions in Tetrahedral hp-FEM.
64: A Non-overlapping Quasi-optimal Optimized Schwarz Domain Decomposition Algorithm for the Helmholtz Equation.
65: A Continuous Approach to FETI-DP Mortar Methods: Application to Dirichlet and Stokes Problem.
66: One-Shot Domain Decomposition Methods for Shape Optimization Problems.
67: A Schur Complement Method for Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations.
68: Numerical Study of the Almost Nested Case in a Multilevel Method Based on Non-nested Meshes.
69: BDDC for Higher-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Discretizations.
70: ARAS2 Preconditioning Technique for CFD Industrial Cases.
71: An Implicit and Parallel Chimera Type Domain Decomposition Method.
72: Optimized Schwarz Waveform Relaxation for Porous Media Applications.
73: On Block Preconditioners for Generalized Saddle Point Problems.
74: Optimal Control of the Convergence Rate of Schwarz Waveform Relaxation Algorithms.
75: A New Distributed Optimization Approach for Solving CFD Design Problems Using Nash Game Coalition and Evolutionary Algorithms.
76: A Neumann-Dirichlet Preconditioner for FETI-DP Method for Mortar Discretization of a Fourth Order Problems in 2D.
77: A DG Space–Time Domain Decomposition Method.
78: Parallel Adaptive Deflated GMRES.
79: Quasi-optimality of BDDC Methods for MITC Reissner-Mindlin Problems.
80: Penalty Robin-Robin Domain Decomposition Schemes for Contact Problems of Nonlinear Elasticity.
81: Domain Decomposition Method for Stokes Problem with Tresca Friction.
82: A Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Darcy-Stokes Problems.
83: A Parallel Monolithic Domain Decomposition Method for Blood Flow Simulations in 3D.
84: A Fully Implicit Compressible Euler Solver for Atmospheric Flows*.
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