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In continuation of the FRINGE Workshop Series this Proceeding contains all contributions presented at the 7. International Workshop on Advanced Optical Imaging and Metrology. The FRINGE Workshop Series is dedicated to the presentation, discussion and dissemination of recent results in Optical Imaging and Metrology. Topics of particular interest for the 7. Workshop are: - New methods and tools for the generation, acquisition, processing, and evaluation of data in Optical Imaging and Metrology (digital wavefront engineering, computational imaging, model-based reconstruction, compressed sensing, inverse problems solution) - Application-driven technologies in Optical Imaging and Metrology (high-resolution, adaptive, active, robust, reliable, flexible, in-line, real-time) - High-dynamic range solutions in Optical Imaging and Metrology (from macro to nano) - Hybrid technologies in Optical Imaging and Metrology (hybrid optics, sensor and data fusion, model-based solutions, multimodality) - New optical sensors, imaging and measurement systems (integrated, miniaturized, in-line, real-time, traceable, remote) Special emphasis is put on new strategies, taking into account the active combination of physical modeling, computer aided simulation and experimental data acquisition. In particular attention is directed towards new approaches for the extension of existing resolution limits that open the gates to wide-scale metrology, ranging from macro to nano, by considering dynamic changes and using advanced optical imaging and sensor systems.

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Conference Committee.
1: Honorary Lecture.
2: Holography Viewed from the Perspective of the Light Field Camera.
3: Invisibility, Perfect Imaging and More – Where Optics Meets Magic.
4: New Methods and Tools for the Generation, Acquisition, Processing, and Evaluation of Data in Optical Imaging and Metrology.
5: Fourier Modal Method and Its Applications to Inverse Diffraction, Near-Field Imaging, and Nonlinear Optics.
6: The Road towards Accurate Optical Width Measurements at the Industrial Level.
7: Lowering the Cross Correlation between Different Shape Parameters of the Inverse Grating Problem in Coherent Fourier Scatterometry.
8: Fast Geometric Characterization of Gold Nanorod Ensembles Based on Inverse Scattering Spectroscopy.
9: Engineering Harmonic Content in Diffractive Optical Elements.
10: Linear Theory of Optical Surface Measuring Instruments.
11: Quasi Ellipse Method Enabling High Accuracy Phase Reconstruction with Random Phase Steps in Fizeau-Interferometers.
12: Measurement of Aspheres and Free-Form Surfaces with the Tilted-Wave-Interferometer.
13: Correction of Errors in Polarization Based Dynamic Phase Shifting Interferometers.
14: Single Shot Shape Evaluation Using Dual-Wavelength Holographic Reconstructions and Regularization.
15: Compressive Imaging and Spectroscopy – Beyond the Single Pixel Camera.
16: Wave-Optical Reconstruction of Plenoptic Camera Images.
17: Iterative Phase Retrieval and the Important Role Played by Initial Conditions.
18: High Precision Single Beam Phase Retrieval Techniques.
19: Comparison of Digital Holography and Transport of Intensity for Quantitative Phase Contrast Imaging.
20: Spatial Stationarity of Statistical Optical Fields for Correlation Holography.
21: Implementation of Image Inversion Microscopy by Using Digital Holography.
22: Performance Evaluation of Phase Unwrapping Algorithms for Noisy Phase Measurements.
23: Fast Fourier Virtual Fields Method for Determination of Modulus Distributions from Full-Field Optical Strain Data.
24: Multi-Wavelength Doppler Phase Shift Holography and Interferometry.
25: Characterization of the Sound Field Generated by an Ultrasonic Transducer in a Solid Medium by Rayleigh-Sommerfeld Back-Propagation of Bulk Acoustic Waves Measured with Double-Pulsed TV Holography.
26: Wavefront Reconstruction from Noisy Fringe Observations via Sparse Coding.
27: Fast Adaptive Processing of Low Quality Fringe Patterns by Automated Selective Reconstruction and Enhanced Fast Empirical Mode Decomposition.
28: Use of Generalized N-Dimensional Lissajous Figures for Phase Retrieval from Sequences of Interferometric Images with Unknown Phase Shifts.
29: Quantitative Analysis of Static and Vibratory Displacements by Holographic Processing of Projected Fringes.
30: Experimental Analysis of n-Butanol Solubilization in Seawater by Pure-Phase Digital Holography.
31: Spatiotemporal Phase-Shifting Method for Robust Phase Analysis of Noisy Fringe Pattern.
32: Axial Decorrelation of Paraxial Wavefields: Theory and Experiment.
33: Phase Extraction by Spiral Phase Transform in Digital Shearography.
34: Real-Time Fringe Evaluation for Displacement Measurement by Exploiting Multi-Core Capabilities of Modern Computers.
35: Comprehensive Fringe Pattern Processing Using Continuous Wavelet Transform.
36: Comparison of Unwrapping Strategies for a 3D Measurement System Based on a Tailored Free-Form Mirror for Fringe Generation.
37: High Resolution Wavefront Measurement with Phase Retrieval Using a Diffractive Overlapping Micro Lens Array.
38: Automated Defect Detection Algorithm Applied to Shearography in Composites.
39: Design of a Chromatic Fringe Projector for 3D Object Reconstruction.
40: Coherence Length Measurement for Ultra-Short Laser Pulses Using Digital Holography and Statistical Fringe Analysis.
41: A TVSOOPDE Model for Denoising Fringe Pattern in Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry.
42: Phase Profiling Using Single Shot Digital Holography.
43: Digital Speckle Correlations in Coherent Surface Metrology and Imaging.
44: A Robust Method for Full Chromatic Error Compensation in Digital Color Holography.
45: High-Accuracy Characterisation of Spheres Using PTB's Sphere Interferometer with an Enhanced Stitching Procedure.
46: Fiber Polarization Mode Excitation Applied to Confocal Microscopy.
47: Multi-Level Spiral Phase Filtering in Speckle Interferometry Using Spatial Light Modulators.
48: Fractional Vortex Dipole Spatial Filtering.
49: Measuring the Complex Amplitude of Wave Fields by Means of Phase Retrieval Using Partially Coherent Illumination.
50: Some Characteristics of Doubly Scattered Speckle Fields.
51: Improving of Zero Order Fringe Detection in Full-Field Low Coherence Interferometry by Light Source Spectrum Shaping.
52: Non Ripple-Effect Discrete Fourier Integration Method.
53: Novel Analytical Method of Wavefront Tracing and Its Application in Ophthalmic Optics.
54: Imaging and Quantitative Microscopy in Turbid Microfluidic Channels by Digital Holography.
55: Phase and Polarization Measurement of a Spatially Varying Linear Polarization Distribution.
56: Dynamic Fringe Analysis in Spectral Interferometry and Optical Coherence Tomography Based on Recurrence Computational Algorithms.
57: Filtering ESPI Fringe Images with Non-Local Means Algorithm.
58: Computational Simulation of the Light Propagation Process through Nonlinear Media.
59: Measurement of All Orthogonal Components of the Displacement Field in the Volume of Scattering Materials Using Tilt Scanning Interferometry.
60: Positional Accuracy of Optical Vortex Metrology (OVM).
61: Fringe Processing Methods for Adaptive Interferometry.
62: Optimized Phase Retrieval Algorithm with Multiple Illuminations.
63: White-Light Interferometer-Micro-Profile Measurement Based on Higher Steps Phase-Shifting Algorithm.
64: Increasing Scatterometric Sensitivity by Simulation Based Optimization of Structure Design.
65: Estimating the Accuracy of Different Parametric Freeform Surface Descriptions.
66: An Inverse Measurement Strategy to Determine Phase Errors Introduced by Rigorous Effects in CGH.
67: Rigorous Speckle Simulation Using Surface Integral Equations and Boundary Element Methods.
68: Programmable Microscopy.
69: Phase Retrieval with Resolution Enhancement by Using Random-Phase Illumination.
70: Illumination Optics in Phase Space.
71: Holographic Imaging of a 3D Object Hidden behind a Diffuser or around a Corner.
72: Application-Driven Technologies in Optical Imaging and Metrology.
73: Ultra High-Precision Wavefront Metrology Using EUV Low Brightness Source.
74: Interferometric Homogeneity Test Using Adaptive Frequency Comb Illumination.
75: Wafer-Based Aberration Metrology for Lithographic Systems Using Overlay Measurements on Targets Imaged from Phase-Shift Gratings.
76: ISO Definition of Resolution for Surface Topography Measuring Instruments.
77: Measurement Uncertainty of Optical Methods for the Measurement of the Geometrical Shape of Objects.
78: Random Phase Shift Interferometer for the Measurement of Spherical Surfaces.
79: New Definition of the SI Unit Kilogram – Spherical Interferometry as the Limiting Factor.
80: A Synchronized Stroboscopic Holography Setup for Traveling Wave Analysis on Biomechanical Structures.
81: Polarization State Detection by Using Multiplexing Digital Holography.
82: Non Diffractive Beam Configurations for Optical Trapping.
83: Biospeckle PIV and Applications.
84: The Connection between Rays and Waves.
85: Object Depending Measurement Uncertainty of Confocal Sensors.
86: Survivability of MEMS Packages at High-g Loads.
87: Novel Industry Ready Sensors for Shape Measurement Based on Multi Wavelength Digital Holography.
88: Positioning Errors in Coherence Scanning Interferometers: Determination of Measurement Uncertainties with Novel Calibration Artifacts.
89: Traceable Quasi-Dynamic Stroboscopic Scanning White Light Interferometry.
90: Measurement of Temperature Profile around Heated Wire Using Digital Holography.
91: Experimental Study on the Absolute Measurement of Flats.
92: Optical Measurements of Nonlinearity in the Middle Ear.
93: Efficient Optical Metrology for Industrial Inspection.
94: Three-Dimensional Measuring of Immersed Objects in Transparent Media.
95: Fault Detection by Shearography and Fringes Projection Techniques.
96: Measurement of Temperature and Temperature Profile of Axi-Symmetric Butane Torch Burner Flame Using Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometry (DSPI).
97: High Speed Fringe Pattern Topography for Detection of the Arterial Pulse Wave in Vivo.
98: 6D-Measurement System for the Position Determination of a Robot End-Effector.
99: Interference Microscopy for Clean Air – How Optical Metrology is Improving Quality Control of Fuel Injection Systems.
100: Extending the Capabilities of PTB’s Ultra-Precision Interferometer towards the Measurement of Piezoelectric Strain at High Temperatures.
101: Spatial-Frequency Filtering of Images by Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals.
102: Temperature Measurement of Diffusion and Pre-Mixed Flames under the Influence of Magnetic Field Using Digital Holographic Interferometry.
103: Interference Measurement of Surfaces Roughness.
104: Holographic Three-Dimensional Tracking of Micro-Objects Exploiting Their Morphological Properties.
105: Measurements of Three-Dimensional Freeform and Aspheric Geometries.
106: Comparison of Two Methods to Design Computer Generated Holograms of Discrete Points Objects.
107: Wide-Field, Low-Cost Mapping of Power Ultrasound Fields in Water by Time-Average Moiré Deflectometry.
108: Model-Based Deflectometric Measurement of Transparent Objects.
109: Digital Holographic Setup for Measurement of Fast Developing Phenomenon in Wide Area.
110: White Light Phase-Shifting Interference Microscopy for Quantitative Phase Imaging of Red Blood Cells.
111: Instantaneous Impact Measurements of an Anodised Aluminium Surface Using a Birefringent Phase Sensitive High Speed Camera.
112: Towards Grating Reconstruction in Coherent Fourier Scatterometry.
113: Contrast Enhancement in 3D Microscopic Imaging of Microorganisms Immersed in a Liquid Medium.
114: 3-Dimensional Quantification of Surface Shape and Acoustically-Induced Vibrations of TM by Digital Holography.
115: High Dynamic Range Solutions in Optical Imaging and Metrology.
116: Nanoscale Precision Measurements of Magnetic and Electric Fields by a Magneto-Optical Sensor.
117: Transverse Polarization Structure of an Optical Vortex Beam around the Unfolding Point in a Birefringent Crystal.
118: Ultra High Speed 3D Measurement with the Focus Variation Method.
119: Topography Measurements of High Gradient and Reflective Micro-Structures by Digital Holography.
120: Interference Technique for Experimental Observation of the Spin Flow.
121: High Dynamic Range Digital Holographic Method for Very Small Amplitude Measurement.
122: The Metrology of Optical Fields Using Nanomanipulation.
123: Interferometry with Stabilization of Wavelength within a Fixed Measuring Range.
124: Speckle Noise Reduction in Michelson Digital Holography Using Known or Unknown Reference Linear Phases and Image Processing.
125: Generalized Phase Unwrapping for Multi-Wavelength Interferometry.
126: Acousto-Mechanical Response of the Human TM Characterized by High-Speed Digital Holographic Methods.
127: Hybrid Technologies in Optical Imaging and Metrology.
128: Performance Limits for Computational Photography.
129: Problems and Solutions in Tomographic Analysis of Phase Biological Objects.
130: 3D-Optical Interference Microscopy at the Lateral Resolution Limit.
131: Coherent Pattern Projection for Highspeed 3D Shape Measurements.
132: Multiwavelength Ptychography.
133: Preliminary Comparison of DUV Scatterometry for CD and Edge Profile Metrology on EUV Masks.
134: Results of a Sensitivity Analysis for the Tilted-Wave Interferometer.
135: Application of Combined GI/DSPI Technique in Displacement Measurements of Cylindrical Objects.
136: Automated Multi-Sensor Inspection of 3D Objects.
137: Recording of 3D Spatial and Spectral Information of Self-Luminous Objects Using a Mach-Zehnder Radial Shearing Interferometer.
138: New Optical Sensors, Imaging and Measurement Systems.
139: Preservation of Cultural Heritage: The Bridge between Inspection and Conservation.
140: Precise Optical Metrology Using Computational Shear Interferometry and an LCD Monitor as Light Source.
141: Potentials of Endoscopic Fringe Projection – A Differentiation of Measuring Video-, Fiber- and Borescopy.
142: Digital Holographic Imaging Based on Shearing Interferometry.
143: High-NA Interferometrical Stylus for Free Form Surface Measurement in Optical and Automotive Industry.
144: The Value of Fringes: How Interferometry Made Money.
145: Mid-Infrared Interferometer Operating at 4.41 μm: Design, Fabrication and Application.
146: Dynamic Measurements by Interferometry Based on High-Speed Camera and Photodetector.
147: Shape Measurements of Fast Rotating Objects with Enhanced Speckle Correlation Coefficient.
148: A Traceable Nanometre Sensor Based on FP Feedback Cavity.
149: Revelations in the Art of Fringe Counting: The State of the Art in Distance Measuring Interferometry.
150: Novel Parabolic Mirror Microscope Illuminated with Cylindrical Vector Beams for Confocal and Tip Enhanced Super Resolution Imaging.
151: Longitudinal-Differential Interferometry: Axial Phase Study of Light for Micro- and Nano-Optical Problems.
152: Digital Holographic Recording of a Diffusely Reflecting Object without Speckle Noise.
153: Handheld 3D Scanning with Automatic Multi-View Registration Based on Optical and Inertial Pose Estimation.
154: Heterodyne Common-Path Interference Microscope with a Wavelength-Tunable Diode Source.
155: Automatic 3D Imaging and Modelling System with Color Information for Cultural Heritage Digitization.
156: Fabrication of Square-Lattice Crossed Gratings Based on Diffraction of a Reference Grating.
157: Using LED Illumination in Fringe Projection Profilometry with a Sinusoidal Phase Grating.
158: High-Speed 3D Shape Measurement Using an Array Projector.
159: Spectral Properties of Saturation Pressure Filled Iodine Absorption Cells.
160: Spectroscopic Traceability Route for Variable Synthetic Wavelength Absolute Distance Interferometry.
161: System and Method for Cylindrical Error Measurement with Interferometry.
162: Comparison of System Properties for Wave-Front Holographic Printers.
163: Multidimensional Mueller Matrices Microscopy of Biological Crystal Networks Structure.
164: Double-Ended Interferometer for Measuring Gauge Blocks without Wringing.
165: The New Sphere Interferometer for Diameter Determination of the Si-Spheres for a Redefinition of the Kilogram.
166: Thickness Measurement with Multi-Wavelength THz Interferometry.
167: An Innovative Multi-Headed Camera Network: A Displacement-Relay Videometrics Method in Unstable Areas.
168: Stereophotogrammetric Image Field Holography.
169: Broad Area Laser Diode Coherence Measurement and Modeling.
170: SLM-Based Fringe Projection Profilometry under Coherent Illumination.
171: New Sensor for Small Angle Deflectometry with Lateral Resolution in the Sub-Millimetre Range.
172: Displacement Interferometry within a Passive Fabry-Perot Cavity.
173: Flying Triangulation – Towards the 3D Movie Camera.
174: 3D Scanning System for In-Vivo Imaging of Human Body.
175: A Novel Form Measurement System for Precision Components Using Interferometric Sub-Aperture Stitching.
176: Quantitative Deflectometry Challenges Interferometry.
177: Looking beyond Smoke and Flames by Lensless Infrared Digital Holography.
178: Simultaneous Temperature and Deformations Measurements Using Long-Wave Infrared Speckle Interferometry: A Novel Hybrid Technique for Industrial Nondestructive Testing.
179: Digital Holographic Interferometry in the Long-Wave Infrared for the Testing of Large Aspheric Space Reflectors.
180: VIS-NIR Full-Field Low Coherence Interferometer for Surface Layers Non-Destructive Testing and Defects Detection.
181: Fringe Projection Based Real-Time Three-Dimensional Measurement System.
182: In-Vivo Skin Roughness Measurement by Laser Speckle.
183: Surface Reaction under Climate Impact: A Direct Holographic Visualisation of Assumed Processes.
184: Technology, Business, and Ethics in the Age of Open Access.
185: Design of a Hybrid Miniaturized Zoom Imaging System.
186: Optical Methods for the Assessment of Transport and Age Induced Defects of Artwork.
187: itom – An Open Source Measurement, Automation and Evaluation Software Suite.
Appendix: New Products.
Author Index.