Foundations and Practical Applications of Cognitive Systems and Information Processing, 1st Edition

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'Foundations and Practical Applications of Cognitive Systems and Information Processing' presents selected papers from the First International Conference on Cognitive Systems and Information Processing, held in Beijing, China on December 15-17, 2012 (CSIP2012). The aim of this conference is to bring together experts from different fields of expertise to discuss the state-of-the-art in artificial cognitive systems and advanced information processing, and to present new findings and perspectives on future development. This book introduces multidisciplinary perspectives on the subject areas of Cognitive Systems and Information Processing, including cognitive sciences and technology, autonomous vehicles, cognitive psychology, cognitive metrics, information fusion, image/video understanding, brain-computer interfaces, visual cognitive processing, neural computation, bioinformatics, etc. The book will be beneficial for both researchers and practitioners in the fields of Cognitive Science, Computer Science and Cognitive Engineering. Fuchun Sun and Huaping Liu are both professors at the Department of Computer Science & Technology, Tsinghua University, China. Dr. Dewen Hu is a professor at the College of Mechatronics and Automation, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China.

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1: Effects of Stimulus Views on Mental Rotation of Hands: An Event-Related Potential Study.
2: Predictive Coding with Context as a Model of Image Saliency Map.
3: Multiclass Pattern Analysis of Whole-Brain Functional Connectivity of Schizophrenia and Their Healthy Siblings.
4: Network Organization of Information Process in Young Adults' Brain.
5: Reconfigurable Control Allocation of Multi-Surfaces Aircraft Based on Improved Fixed Point Iteration.
6: Particle Filter-Based Object Tracking and Handover in Disjoint View Multi-Cameras.
7: Analyzing Effects of Pressing Radio Button on Driver's Visual Cognition.
8: MAC Protocol Used Progressive Reservation Mechanism in Ad hoc Networks.
9: An Automatic SSVEP Component Selection Measure for High-Performance Brain-Computer Interface.
10: Human Gender Differences in Cognitive Preferences Toward Attractive Faces in a Visual Oddball Paradigm: An ERP Study.
11: An Optimized Particle Filter Based on Improved MCMC Sampling Method.
12: A Novel Spectrum Sensing Algorithm in Cognitive Radio System Based on OFDM.
13: Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Multi-Subblock Feature Matching.
14: Intuitive Systemic Models and Intrinsic Features for Radar-Specific Emitter Identification.
15: RGBD SLAM for Indoor Environment.
16: Neighborhood-Based Variable-Scale Model in Mobile Maps.
17: ODE-LM: A Hybrid Training Algorithm for Feedforward Neural Networks.
18: Weather Condition Recognition Based on Feature Extraction and K-NN.
19: Improvements of UMHexagonS Algorithm for Fast Motion Estimation in H.264.
20: Research on Middle-Semantic Manifold Object Annotation.
21: Research on HVS-Inspired, Parallel, and Hierarchical Scene Classification Framework.
22: Adaptive Sub-Channel Allocation Based on Hopfield Neural Network for Multiuser OFDM.
23: CUDA on Hadoop: A Mixed Computing Framework for Massive Data Processing.
24: Human Appearance Matching Based on Major Color and Spatio-Texture Features Across Disjoint Camera Views.
25: Fast Image Dehazing Using Fuzzy System and Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm.
26: Anti-Interference Performance Improvement Using Probability Control in Cognitive CDMA Communication System.
27: A Stereo Matching Algorithm Based on Outline-Assisted Dynamic Programming.
28: Dynamic Visual Time Context Descriptors for Automatic Human Expression Classification.
29: Moving Objects Detecting and Tracking for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
30: Object Recognition and Pose Estimation Based on Principle of Homology-Continuity.
31: Vision-Based Traffic Sign Recognition System for Intelligent Vehicles.
32: An Iterative Method for Classifying Stroke Subjects' Motor Imagery EEG Data in the BCI-FES Rehabilitation Training System.
33: The Research and Application of Multi-Resource Heterogeneous Data Fusion on Dynamic Traffic Routing System.
34: Data Fusion for the Diagnostics, Prognostics, and Health Management of Aircraft Systems.
35: Multiscale Image Segmentation via Exact Inference of Hidden Markov Tree.
36: Cognitive Emotion Research of Humanoid Expression Robot.
37: Detecting System of Ink Cells in Gravure Cylinder via Neural Network.
38: An Underwater Laser Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Pulse Coupled Neural Network and Morphology.
39: Locality Preserving Discriminant Projection for Total-Variability-Based Language Recognition.
40: Adaptive Spectrum Detecting Algorithm in Cognitive Radio.
41: The Autonomous Positioning Method for the Mars Probes Based on Cognizing Optical Information.
42: A Cognitive-Heuristic Framework for Optimization of Spaceplane-System Configurations.
43: Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Parametric Optimization of Spacecraft Attitude Tracking Controller.
44: Routing for Predictable LEO/MEO Multi-Layered Satellite Networks.
45: Improved ICP Algorithm with Bounded Rotation Angle for 2D Point Set Registration.
46: Obstacle Detection for On-Road Vehicle Based on Range and Visual Information Fusion.
47: Decoupled Parameter Estimation for Coherently Distributed Source.
48: A Novel Blind Image Restoration Algorithm Using A SVR-Based Noise Reduction Technique.
49: Effects of Music's Emotional Styles and Tempo on Driving Behavior and Eye Movement: A Driving Simulation Study.
50: An Improved HOG Based Pedestrian Detector.
51: A Reconfigurable Array Synthesis Method Using the Correlation Weightings of Smooth Local Trigonometric Base.
52: A Multi-channel SSVEP-Based Brain–Computer Interface Using a Canonical Correlation Analysis in the Frequency Domain.
53: Acquiring Brain Signals of Imagining Humanoid Robot Walking Behavior via Cerebot.
54: Multimodal Mixed Conditional Random Field Model for Category-Independent Object Detection.
55: Research on Orbiting Information Procession of Satellites Based on Parallel Management.
56: Multi-sensor Multi-Target Detection Based on Joint Probability Density.
57: Robot Learning of Everyday Object Manipulation Using Kinect.
58: Research and Development of Automatic Driving System for Intelligent Vehicles.
59: The Application of V Test Method in Detecting Auditory Steady-State Response.
60: Neural Network-Based Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control for Inverted Pendulum System.
61: Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle Path Planning Based on SVM Algorithm.
62: Modeling Passenger Flow Distribution Based on Disaggregate Model for Urban Rail Transit.
63: Information Consensus in Distributed Systems Under Local Communication and Switching Topologies.
64: How Can We Find the Origin of a Path We Visually Traveled? The Effect of the Visual Environment on Path Integration.
65: Missile Turbofan Engine Fault Diagnosis Technology and Its Application.
66: A Novel Acquisition Scheme for a GPS Software Receiver Based on Two Stand-Alone One-Dimensional Search Processes.
67: In-hand Manipulation Action Gist Extraction from a Data-Glove.
68: Development of an Intelligent Omnivision Surveillance System.
69: Active Scene Analysis Based on Multi-Sensor Fusion and Mixed Reality on Mobile Systems.
70: Object Learning with Natural Language in a Distributed Intelligent System: A Case Study of Human-Robot Interaction.
71: Verbally Assisting Virtual-Environment Tactile Maps: A Cross-Linguistic and Cross-Cultural Study.
72: Structural Similarity-Optimal Total Variation Algorithm for Image Denoising.
73: Dexterous Robotic-Hand Grasp Learning Using Piecewise Linear Dynamic Systems Model.
74: Low-Rank Matrix Recovery for Traffic Sign Recognition in Image Sequences.
75: Locality-Constrained Linear Coding with Spatial Pyramid Matching for SAR Image Classification.
76: Quantitative Evaluation of Interictal High Frequency Oscillations in Scalp EEGs for Epileptogenic Region Localization.