DK Illustrated Family Bible, 1st Edition

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  • ISBN-10: 1465413421
  • ISBN-13: 9781465413420
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  • Grade Level Range: 12th Grade +
  • 320 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2013 | Published/Released August 2014
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2013

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Based on the New International Version edition of the Bible, the DK Illustrated Family Bible is a great story, gloriously told, and a special keepsake bible for families to cherish and revisit over the years. Combining charmingly retold stories, including Noah's Ark, Samson and the Lion, the Birth of Jesus, the Tower of Babel, Preparing for Passover and more from the Old and New Testaments with enticing imagery and including original illustrations, artifacts, paintings, and photography, this book is perfect for reading alone or sharing at bedtime. With a short passage at the end of each key story explaining the meaning behind it, the DK Illustrated Family Bible encourages young readers and families to think and learn making for a wonderful and meaningful introduction to the greatest story ever told.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Title Page.
The Books of the Bible.
The Covenants.
1: Lands of the Bible.
2: The Old Testament.
3: Old Testament.
4: The Creation.
5: The Garden of Eden.
6: Cain and Abel.
7: Noah and the Flood.
8: The Tower of Babel.
9: Abram’s Journey.
10: Abram’s Two Sons.
11: Sodom and Gomorrah.
12: The Sacrifice of Isaac.
13: Isaac and Rebekah.
14: Esau and Jacob.
15: Jacob’s Ladder.
16: Jacob and Rachel.
17: Jacob’s Wedding.
18: Jacob’s Return.
19: Joseph’s Dreams.
20: Joseph the Slave.
21: Pharaoh’s Dreams.
22: Joseph the Governor.
23: The Silver Cup.
24: Moses in the Bulrushes.
25: Moses is Called by God.
26: Moses Warns Pharaoh.
27: The Plagues of Egypt.
28: The Tenth Plague.
29: The Crossing of the Red Sea.
30: God Provides.
31: Moses Receives God’s Laws.
32: The Golden Calf.
33: Balaam’s Donkey.
34: The Promised Land.
35: Rahab and the Spies.
36: The Battle of Jericho.
37: The Call of Gideon.
38: Samson and the Lion.
39: Samson and Delilah.
40: Samson in the Temple.
41: Ruth and Naomi.
42: Samuel is Called to Serve God.
43: The Ark is Captured.
44: Saul, King of the Israelites.
45: Saul’s Downfall.
46: God Chooses David.
47: David and Goliath.
48: Saul Turns Against David.
49: David the Outlaw.
50: The Death of Saul.
51: David is King.
52: The City of David.
53: David and Bathsheba.
54: Absalom’s Rebellion.
55: King Solomon’s Wisdom.
56: Solomon’s Temple.
57: The Queen of Sheba.
58: Camel Trains.
59: Elijah in the Wilderness.
60: Elijah and the Prophets of Baal.
61: Naboth’s Vineyard.
62: Elijah’s Final Journey.
63: Elisha and the Woman of Shunem.
64: Elisha and Naaman.
65: The Prophet Isaiah.
66: Hezekiah’s Gold.
67: Josiah and the Scroll of the Law.
68: Jeremiah and the Potter’s Wheel.
69: The Israelites in Captivity.
70: The Golden Statue.
71: Belshazzar’s Feast.
72: Daniel and the Lions.
73: Esther Becomes Queen.
74: Esther Saves Her People.
75: Susa.
76: The Rebuilding of Jerusalem.
77: Jonah and the Big Fish.
78: The Book of Psalms.
79: The New Testament.
80: New Testament.
81: A Son for Zechariah.
82: An Angel Appears to Mary.
83: The Birth of John.
84: Jesus is Born.
85: The Shepherds’ Visit.
86: The Presentation in the Temple.
87: The Wise Men.
88: The Flight into Egypt.
89: Jesus is Found in the Temple.
90: John Baptizes Jesus.
91: The Temptations in the Wilderness.
92: Jesus Calls his Disciples.
93: The Marriage Feast of Cana.
94: The Sermon on the Mount.
95: Goat Herder.
96: Healing the Sick.
97: The Centurion’s Servant.
98: Jesus Calms the Storm.
99: The Possessed Man.
100: Jairus’s Daughter.
101: The Sower.
102: The Death of John the Baptist.
103: The Feeding of the Five Thousand.
104: The Sea of Galilee.
105: Jesus Walks on the Water.
106: The Good Samaritan.
107: The Transfiguration.
108: Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.
109: Lost and Found.
110: The Prodigal Son.
111: The Unmerciful Servant.
112: Lazarus and the Rich Man.
113: The Pharisee and the Tax Collector.
114: Jesus and the Children.
115: The Rich Young Man.
116: Zacchaeus the Tax Collector.
117: The Wedding Feast.
118: The Wise and Foolish Maidens.
119: The Parable of the Talents.
120: Jesus Enters Jerusalem.
121: Jesus and the Temple Traders.
122: Market.
123: Judas's Betrayal.
124: Preparing for the Passover.
125: The Last Supper.
126: The Garden of Gethsemane: Part 1.
127: The Garden of Gethsemane: Part 2.
128: Peter’s Denial.
129: Jesus and the Sanhedrin.
130: Jesus and Pontius Pilate.
131: Jesus is Crucified.
132: The Resurrection.
133: The Road to Emmaus.
134: Doubting Thomas.
135: The Last Breakfast.
136: Jesus is Taken Up to Heaven.
137: Tongues of Fire.
138: Peter the Healer.
139: Saul’s Journey to Damascus.
140: Peter and Cornelius.
141: Peter in Prison.
142: The Adventures of Paul.
143: Paul is Arrested.
144: The Theatre of Ephesus.
145: Paul’s Journey to Rome.
146: Paul’s Letters.
147: The Book of Revelation.
148: People of the Old Testament.
149: People of the New Testament.