The Anglo Saxon Literature Handbook, 1st Edition

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With its careful balance of scholarly precision and accessibility, The Anglo-Saxon Literature Handbook presents an accessible introcution to the literary works produced in England during the 600-year period from the end of the Roman rule until the Norman Conquest in 1066.  Author Mark Amodio breaks down the linguistic, aesthetic, and cultural barriers to understanding Anglo-Saxon literature, and brings this literary period alive for modern readers, allowing them to gain a rich appreciation of the vitality and relevance of the surviving verse and prose. The book opens with accessible overviews of the language, politics, religion, and key literary figures of the Anglo-Saxon world, and then moves on to a series of original readings of such seminal works as Beowulf, The Battle of Maldon, The Wanderer, The Seafarer and The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, situating them within current critical debates on the role of women, notions of authorship and textual integrity, the role of the scribes, the oral tradition, and more. This is perfect introductory reading for students new to the field, whilst the close readings of key works allow those already familiar with the literature of the period to delve a little deeper.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Other Frontmatter.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Note on the Text.
List of Abbreviations.
1: Anglo-Saxon England: Backgrounds and Beginnings.
2: Political History.
3: Ecclesiastical History.
4: Intellectual History.
5: Linguistic History.
6: Literary History.
7: Traditions: Oral and Literate.
8: A Note on Dating Anglo-Saxon Texts.
9: Anglo-Saxon Prose.
10: The Writings of King Alfred the Great.
11: King Alfred's Translation of Pope Gregory the Great's Pastoral Care.
12: Alfred's Translation of Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy.
13: King Alfred's Translation of St Augustine's Soliloquies.
14: King Alfred's Translations of the Prose Psalms of the Paris Psalter.
15: King Alfred's Preface to Wærferth's Translation of Pope Gregory's Dialogues.
16: The Vercelli Homilies.
17: The Blickling Homilies.
18: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.
19: The OE Version of Paulus Orosius's Historiarium Adversum Paganos Libri Septem [Seven Books of History Against The Pagans].
20: Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People.
21: Apollonius of Tyre.
22: The Old English Martyrology.
23: The Life of St Guthlac.
24: The Wonders of the East, the Letter of Alexander to Aristotle, and the Life of St Christopher.
25: Bald's Leechbook and Leechbook III.
26: The Writings of Wulfstan, Archbishop of York.
27: The Writings of Ælfric of Eynsham.
28: Catholic Homilies.
29: Lives of Saints.
30: Colloquy on the Occupations.
31: Ælfric as Author.
32: Anglo-Saxon Poetry.
33: The Anglo-Saxon Poetic Tradition.
34: Cædmon's Hymn.
35: Bede's Death Song.
36: The Junius Manuscript.
37: Genesis.
38: Genesis A.
39: Genesis B.
40: Exodus.
41: Daniel.
42: Christ and Satan.
43: The Poems of the Vercelli Book.
44: Andreas.
45: Fates of the Apostles.
46: Soul and Body I (and II).
47: Homiletic Fragment I.
48: The Dream of the Rood.
49: Elene.
50: The Exeter Book.
51: The Advent Lyrics.
52: The Ascension.
53: Christ in Judgement.
54: The Life of St Guthlac.
55: Guthlac A.
56: Guthlac B.
57: Azarias.
58: The Phoenix.
59: Juliana.
60: The Wanderer.
61: The Gifts of Men.
62: Precepts.
63: The Seafarer.
64: Vainglory.
65: Widsið.
66: The Fortunes of Men.
67: Maxims (I).
68: The Order of the World.
69: The Rhyming Poem.
70: The Panther, the Whale, the Partridge (the Old English Physiologus).
71: Soul and Body II (and I).
72: Deor.
73: Wulf and Eadwacer.
74: The Exeter Book Riddles.
75: The Wife's Lament.
76: Judgement Day I.
77: Resignation (A and B).
78: The Descent into Hell.
79: Almsgiving.
80: Pharaoh.
81: The Lord's Prayer I.
82: Homiletic Fragment II.
83: The Husband's Message.
84: The Ruin.
85: The Poems of Cotton Vitellius A.XV.
86: Beowulf.
87: Judith.
88: Poems from Various Manuscripts.
89: The Metres of Boethius.
90: The Metrical Psalms of the Paris Psalter.
91: Solomon and Saturn I and II.
92: The Menologium.
93: The Rune Poem.
94: The Poems of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.
95: The Battle of Brunanburh.
96: The Battle of Maldon.
97: The Fight at Finnsburh.
98: Waldere.
99: Durham.
100: Critical Approaches.
101: The Alterity of Anglo-Saxon Literature.
102: Source Studies.
103: Manuscript Studies.
104: Grammatical and Syntactic Studies.
105: Theoretical Perspectives.
106: Themes.
107: Anglo-Saxon Thematics.
108: Heroism.
109: The End of the World.
110: The Transitory Nature of Life.
111: Fate.
112: Wisdom.
113: Otherness.
114: Oral-Traditional Themes.
Index of Manuscripts.