Advanced in Computer Science and its Applications, 1st Edition

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The theme of CSA is focused on the various aspects of computer science and its applications for advances in computer science and its applications and provides an opportunity for academic and industry professionals to discuss the latest issues and progress in the area of computer science and its applications. Therefore this book will be including the various theories and practical applications in computer science and its applications.

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1: Volume 1.
2: Fast Mode Decision Algorithm Based on Adaptive Search Direction for Combined Scalability in Scalable Video Coding.
3: Monitoring and Automatic Control for Heating System of the Plant.
4: Distributed Sensor-Driven Web Applications through Multi-device Usage Patterns.
5: Touch Logger Resistant Mobile Authentication Scheme Using Multimodal Sensors.
6: Commodity Recommendation Algorithm Based on Social Network.
7: A Layered View Model of Social Experience Design: Beyond Single-User User Experience.
8: A New Schedule Strategy of Embedded Multi-core SoC.
9: A Power-Aware Scheduler Exploiting All Slacks under EDF Scheduling.
10: Network-Threatening Element Extraction and Quantification Framework.
11: Document Clustering Based on a Weighted Exponential Measurement.
12: A Robust Feature Selection Method for Classification of Cognitive States with fMRI Data.
13: Adaptive Networking for Continuous and Reliable Data Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks.
14: Model Transformation for Cyber Physical Systems.
15: Load Balancing Improvement Methods in Video Conferencing Based on H.323 Standard.
16: A Combination of Clonal Selection Algorithm and Artificial Neural Networks for Virus Detection.
17: Muti-dimensional Architecture Modeling for Cyber Physical Systems.
18: An Algorithm of Group Scheduling with Void Filling in OBS Core Nodes.
19: A Fast TRW Algorithm Using Binary Pattern.
20: Efficient Descriptor-Filtering Algorithm for Speeded Up Robust Features Matching.
21: Towards Effective 3D Model Management on Hadoop.
22: Double Hot/Cold Clustering for Solid State Drives.
23: A Case Study for Cyber Physical System with Hybrid Relation Calculus.
24: Optimizing Functional Link Neural Network Learning Using Modified Bee Colony on Multi-class Classifications.
25: Adult Contents Analysis and Remote Management Framework for Parental Control Based on Android Platform.
26: A Dual Approach of GeneralMatch in Time-Series Subsequence Matching.
27: An Approximate Multi-step k-NN Search in Time-Series Databases.
28: The Role of Graph Theory in Solving Euclidean Shortest Path Problems in 2D and 3D.
29: Illumination-Robust Local Pattern Descriptor for Face Recognition.
30: MAP: An Optimized Energy-Efficient Cluster Header Selection Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks*.
31: MRP-NEP: A Non-Equal-Probability Multicast Routing Protocol for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks.
32: Predicting Osteoporosis by Analyzing Fracture Risk Factors and Trabecular Microarchitectures of the Proximal Femur from DXA Images.
33: Malicious Web Page Detection: A Machine Learning Approach.
34: Proposal for Virtual Web Browser by Using HTML5.
35: Design and Implementation of Task Context-Aware E-mail Platform for Collaborative Tasks.
36: Empirical Analysis on the Users' Reply Behaviors of Online Forums.
37: On Companding Transform Techniques for OFDM Visible Light Communication over Indoor Dispersive Channels.
38: Head Pose Estimation Based on Random Forests with Binary Pattern Run Length Matrix.
39: Triggers That Increase Co-Creation Risks: A Consumer Perspective.
40: A New Lightweight Protection Method against Impersonation Attack on SIP.
41: Measuring Syntactic Sugar Usage in Programming Languages: An Empirical Study of C# and Java Projects.
42: Log Pre-processor for Security Visualization.
43: Fast Coding Unit (CU) Depth Decision Algorithm for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC).
44: A Study on Using OWC with Battery Storage for Providing Power to Sensor Nodes in a Fish Farm.
45: Location-Based Intelligent Robot Management Service Model Using RGPSi with AoA for Vertical Farm.
46: Design and Implementation of Intelligent Video Surveillance System Using Dual Cameras.
47: Context-Aware Control Service Model Based on Ontology for Greenhouse Environment.
48: An OWL-Based Ontology Model for Intelligent Service in Vertical Farm.
49: Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Multilayer Survivable Optical Network Design Problem.
50: A Context-Aware Collaborative Filtering Algorithm through Identifying Similar Preference Trends in Different Contextual Information.
51: Survivable Flows Routing in Large Scale Network Design Using Genetic Algorithm.
52: Belief Propagation in Bayesian Network.
53: A Method of Search Scope Compaction for Image Indexes.
54: Efficient Locking Scheme with OPOF on Smart Devices.
55: A Requirement Analysis of Awareness-Based Vessel Traffic Service System for Maritime Safety*.
56: Analysis of Open Interface Function in USN Service Middleware System*.
57: Security Controls Based on K-ISMS in Cloud Computing Service*.
58: Implementation of Smart Grid Educational Application.
59: Development of Open Service Interface's Instructional Design Model in USN Middleware Platform Environment*.
60: The Analysis of Case Result and Satisfaction of Digital Textbooks for Elementary School Students.
61: Cryptanalysis of Encrypted Remote User Authentication Scheme by Using Smart Card*.
62: The Development of Convergent STEAM Program Focused on Rube Goldberg for Improvement of Engineer Career Awareness of Elementary School Students.
63: Key Management Scheme Using Dynamic Identity-Based Broadcast Encryption for Social Network Services*.
64: Protecting Mobile Devices from Adversarial User by Fine-Grained Analysis of User Behavior.
65: Design of an RDFizer for Online Social Network Services.
66: A High Performance and Bandwidth Efficient IDMA Scheme with Large Receiver MIMO Technologies.
67: Security Considerations for Smart Phone Smishing Attacks.
68: Technology Venture Startup Invigoration Strategy for Building Infrastructures for the Business Startup Ecosystem.
69: Smart-Contents Visualization of Vehicle Big Data Using Vehicle Navigation Status Information.
70: A Model for Analyzing the Effectiveness of Smart Mobile Communication Quality Measurement.
71: Characteristics Analysis and Library Development for Common Lamps by Using PSPICE Modeling.
72: A Study on Brake Torque for Traction Motors by Using the Electric Brake.
73: A Virtual Cluster Scheme Technology for Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks.
74: Implementation of Wireless Electronic Acupuncture System.
75: Network Based Intelligent Agent for Ubiquitous Environments.
76: A Study on the Clustering Scheme for Node Mobility in Mobile Ad-hoc Network.
77: Design of User Access Authentication and Authorization System for VoIP Service.
78: Approach of Secure Authentication System for Hybrid Cloud Service.
79: Intelligent Inference System for Smart Electronic Acupuncture.
80: Electric Braking Control System to Secure Braking Force in the Wide Speed Range of Traction Motor.
81: Optimized Design of Charger for Electric Vehicles with Enabled Efficient CCCV Mode Movement.
82: Ubiquitous Mobile Computing on Cloud Infrastructure.
83: Identifying Invalid Data within Operating System for Higher Flash Utilization.
84: Moving Human Detection Using Motion Depth in Depth Image Sequences.
85: Microbial Fuel Cell for STEAM Teaching Tools and Method.
86: Research on Educational Use of Smart-Phone Applications with Smart Clicker Technique.
87: Hierarchical Customization Method for Ubiquitous Web Applications.
88: PV System for Medical Devices in the Hospital.
89: Color Image Retrieval Using Fuzzy Measure Hamming and S-Tree.
90: Pipeline Verification via Closed-Loop Feedback.
91: Fuzzy Rule-Based to Predict the Minimum Surface Roughness in the Laser Assisted Machining (LAM).
92: GRT-Multigraphs for Communication Networks: A Fuzzy Theoretical Model.
93: Exploring the Key Determinants of Successful ICT Innovation Adoption: A Case Study of a Fishing Community in Thailand.
94: Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm for Ethernet Passive Optical Networks Based on Traffic Prediction.
95: Game Based Learning for Teaching Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
96: Mobile WiMAX Resource Allocation Design Goals: Key Features/Factors/Issues.
97: Hybrid Trust Framework for Loss of Control in Cloud Computing.
98: Secure Authorized Proxy Signature Scheme for Value-Added Service in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks.
99: The Computer-Aided System for Promoting Judgments of Umpires.
100: A Distributed Model to Analyzed QoS Parameters Performance Improvement for Fixed WiMAX Networks.
101: A Hybrid of Fixed-Size and Dynamic-Size Tile Algorithm for Panoramic View on Mobile Devices.
102: A Relationship Strength-Aware Topic Model for Communities Discovery in Online Social Networks.
103: Replication in Data Grid: Determining Important Resources.
104: Backpropagation Neural Network for Sex Determination from Patella in Forensic Anthropology.
105: Learning History Using Role-Playing Game (RPG) on Mobile Platform.
106: Experiment on Modified Artificial Bee Colony for Better Global Optimisation.
107: Ontology-Supported Development for Drug Analysis Laboratory Corresponding to the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard.
108: Volume 2.
109: Modeling the Natural Capital Investment on Tourism Industry Using a Predator-Prey Model.
110: Study on Tracking Derivative Based Method for DC System Grounding Fault Detection.
111: Towards a VLIW Architecture for the 32-Bit Digital Signal Processor Core.
112: Application and Effectiveness of Cooperative Teaching Strategies in Entrepreneurship Education.
113: Isarn Dharma Alphabets to Thai Language Translation by ATNs.
114: Simulation and Analysis of Space Station Redocking.
115: Campus Mobile Navigation System Based on Shortest-Path Algorithm and Users Collaborations.
116: Tracking Multiple Fish in a Single Tank Using an Improved Particle Filter.
117: Efficient 3D Model Visualization System of Design Drawing Based on Mobile Augmented Reality.
118: A New Co-evolutionary Immune Algorithm for Flow Shop with Zero Wait.
119: Design and Implementation of Safety Verification for Civil Aviation Processing System Based on BPMN.
120: A Survey on Ontology Mapping Techniques.
121: The Parametric Design and Automatic Assembly of Hydrostatic Rotary Table Based on Pro/Engineer.
122: Modeling and Simulation of China's Competition Strategy for Highly Educated Talents Based on System Dynamic.
123: Kernelized-QEMU: A Study of System-Level Virtual Layer in Linux Kernel.
124: A Multi-pattern Matching Algorithm Based on Double Array Trie.
125: Lower Bound Estimation for Required Number of Nodes in the Opportunistic Communication – Based Wireless Sensor Network.
126: Potential Attacks against k-Anonymity on LBS and Solutions for Defending the Attacks.
127: To Practice Management Innovation and Reinforce the Foundation of Intellectual Property Strategy.
128: Research of Intranet Security Audit in E-government Management Website Group Based on Multi-agents.
129: Simulation of Three-Phase Voltage-Source PWM Rectifier with LCL Filter.
130: The Research on the Computer Control Technology of Tobacco Production.
131: A Study on the Application of Financial Engineering in Supply Chain Risk Management.
132: Logical Symmetry Based K-means Algorithm with Self-adaptive Distance Metric.
133: Modeling and Simulation of Network-Based C2 System Based on AOA.
134: Application Study of Spatiotemporal Chaotic Sequence in Code Division Multiple Access Communication System.
135: OPRF Secure Computation for Safety Neighbor Verification Protocols of Wireless Sensor Networks.
136: Texture Terrain Based on Land Cover Distribution.
137: Text Mining for Information Screen in Risk Assessment of Environmental Endocrine Disruptive Chemicals.
138: The Choices of Issued Inventory Valuation Methods Based on Different Accounting Standards at Home and Abroad.
139: Formal Constraints Research of Military Conceptual Model Elements.
140: Leaf Lesion Detection Method Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm.
141: The Accurate Positioning Method of Data Matrix Code Image Marked in Cylinder Glass.
142: Analysis of Urban Traffic Based on Taxi GPS Data.
143: Research and Application of Embedded System Development Based on Petri Nets.
144: CloStor: A Cloud Storage System for Fast Large-Scale Data I/O.
145: Nonnegative Variable Weight Based Auto Parts Combination Demand Forecasting Model Research.
146: A Data-Hiding Method Based on TCP/IP Checksum.
147: A Parallel Full-System Emulator for Risc Architure Host.
148: Density Based Active Self-training for Cross-Lingual Sentiment Classification.
149: Constructing 3D Model Based on Panoramic Images.
150: QoE Evaluation Model of Anti-Spam Allergy Problem Based on Fuzzy Entropy Method and Hidden Markov Model.
151: Topic Identification Strategy for English Academic Resources.
152: Performance Comparison between MLP Neural Network and Exponential Curve Fitting on Airwaves Data.
153: A Private Cloud Storage System Based on Multithread Optimization.
154: Cloud Storage-Based Medical Data Integration Technology.
155: The Operation and Maintenance Management System of the Cloud Computing Data Center Based on ITIL.
156: Underwater Object Detection by Combining the Spectral Residual and Three-Frame Algorithm.
157: The Data Mining of Breast Cancer Based-on K-Means.
158: Compositional Modeling for Underwater Warfare Simulation Based on HLA and Flames.
159: Spot Electricity Price Dynamics of Indian Electricity Market.
160: Guaranteed QoS for UDP and TCP Flows to Measure Throughput in VANETs.
161: Detecting People Using Histogram of Oriented Gradients: A Step towards Abnormal Human Activity Detection.
162: Research of Touchscreen Terminals Gesture Operation Error Based on Kansei Engineering.
163: Heart Sound Feature Extraction Based on Wavelet Singular Entropy.
164: Research on MTMP Structure Chlorine Dosing Decoupling Control.
165: Development of Ontology for the Diseases of Spine.
166: Implementation of Information Retrieval Service for Korean Spine Database with Degenerative Spinal Disease.
167: Automatic Surface Mesh Intersection Algorithm of Spine and Implant FEM Models.
168: Simulation Program Binding Technology Based on Supercomputing.
169: Data Security in Cloud for Health Care Applications.
170: Web Service Selection Using Decision Tree Analysis in a Risky Environment.
171: An Enhanced e-Voting System in Cloud Using Fingerprint Authentication.
172: Local Minima Jump PSO for Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environments.
173: Respiratory Rate Estimation by Extracted PPG Signals from Embedded Smart Attire of Operation Strategists.
174: The Assessment of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy in South Korea.
175: Computer Graphical Score and Music Education: Application to Music Animation Machine MIDI Player.
176: A Newton's Universal Gravitation Inspired Firefly Algorithm for Document Clustering.
177: A Study on the Correlation between the Customers' Perceived Risks and Online Shopping Tendencies.
178: Model Checking Probabilistic Timed Systems against Timed Automata Specification.
179: Particle Filter Parallel of Improved Algorithm Based on OpenMp.
180: An E-commerce-System-Based Research on Trust Risk Assessment Models.
181: An Analysis about the Security of the Operating System Trusted Platform.
182: Technology Venture Startup Invigoration Strategy for Building Infrastructures for the Business Startup Ecosystem.
183: Smart-Contents Visualization of Vehicle Big Data Using Vehicle Navigation Status Information.
184: A Model for Analyzing the Effectiveness of Smart Mobile Communication Quality Measurement.
185: Characteristics Analysis and Library Development for Common Lamps by Using PSPICE Modeling.