World War II Naval Histories and Historical Reports: U.S. Submarine War Patrol Reports and Related Documents, 1941-1945: Reference Documents on Submarine Operational History

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This collection is made up of eight smaller groups of documents: 1) Submarine Operational History of World War II; 2) Japanese Naval and Merchant Ship Losses during WW II by All Causes; 3) The Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II: A Graphic Presentation of the Japanese Naval Organization and List of Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels Lost or Damaged in the War; 4) Submarine Report: Depth Charge, Bomb Mine, Torpedo and Gunfire Damage, Including Losses in Action (Dec. 7, 1941-Aug. 15, 1945); 5) U.S. Submarine Losses in World War II; 6) Current Tactical Orders Submarines, April 1939; 7) Submarine Officers Conferences, 1940-1949; and 8) The Role of Communications Intelligence in Submarine Warfare in the Pacific, January 1943-October 1943.