Exotic Nuclei: Exon-2012: Proceedings Of The International Symposium, 1st Edition

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The production and the properties of nuclei in extreme conditions, such as high isospin, temperature, angular momenta, large deformations etc., have become the subject of detailed investigations in all scientific centers. The main topics discussed at the Symposium were: Synthesis and Properties of Exotic Nuclei; Superheavy Elements; Rare Processes and Decays; Physics with Radioactive Ion Beams; Experimental Facilities; and Future Projects.This book provides a comprehensive overview of the newest results of the investigations in the main scientific centers such as GSI, GANIL, RIKEN, MSU, and JINR.

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Welcome Jinr: Brief Introduction into History, Present Status and Future Development.
1: Methods of Production of Light Exotic Nuclei and Nuclear Structure.
2: Deconstructing the Nucleus One (or Two) Nucleons at a Time.
3: Nuclear Astrophysics @ Ganil.
4: Study of 8,9,10He Structure in the Experiments with a Tritium Target.
5: Dilute Nuclear States in 12C and Neighbor Nuclei.
6: Beta-Deacy Spectroscopy in the 100Sn Region: Impact on Rp-Process Calculations.
7: Study of Exotic Nuclei through Conversion Electron Spectroscopy.
8: Study of Nuclear Astrophysics at Cns and Riken Naohito Iwasa.
9: Quadrupole Moment of the 7/21 Isomer State of 43mS.
10: Cluster Structure of 10C and 12N Nuclei Studied in Coherent Dissociation*.
11: Correlation Studies of the Low-Energy 6Be Spectrum.
12: Neutron Halo Rotation in 11Be and 9Be and Measuring the Radii of Nuclear Excited States.
13: Nuclear Astrophysics in NPI ASCR ŘEŽ.
14: Compound Nucleus Aspect in Sub-Barrier Heavy Ion Fusion.
15: Microscopic Analysis of 11Li Elastic Scattering on Protons.
16: Energy and Mass Dependence of Deuterons by Macroscopically Optical Model in Range of Coulomb Barrier Till 200 MEV*.
17: Microscopic Analysis of Nucleon Transfer Processes in Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions with Neutron-Enriched Nuclei 6He, 18O, 48Ca.
18: Features of Nuclear Reactions with Light Weakly Bound Nuclei at Energy Near the Coulomb Barrier.
19: Structure of the Isobar Analogue States (IAS), Double Isobar Analogue States (DIAS), and Configuration States (CS) in Halo Nuclei.
20: Superheavy Elements. Synthesis and Properties.
21: Status and Perspective of Chemical Studies of Heaviest Elements.
22: Nuclear Structure Far from Stability.
23: Fissibility of Compound Nuclei.
24: New Insights into the Discoveries of Elements 113, 115 and 117.
25: Superasymmetric Fission of 260No* Formed in the Reaction 12C+248Cm.
26: The Investigation of Properties of Short-Lived SF Isotopes (Z > 100) at the Focal Plane of Vassilissa Separator.
27: The Peninsulas of Neutron Stability of Nuclei on Nuclear Chart.
28: Investigation of Neutron-Rich Osmium Isotopes in the Reaction 136xe+208PB at the Energies Close to Coulomb Barrier*.
29: Superheavy Elements Production in High Intensive Neutron Fluxes*.
30: Time-Dependent Quantum Description of Nucleon Transfers in Reactions with Deformed Nuclei.
31: Evidence of the Formation and Decay of Giant Long-Lived Nuclear Molecules.
32: Rare Processes and Decays.
33: Triaxial and Triaxial Softness in Neutron Rich Ru and Pd Nuclei.
34: Tetrahedral Shapes and Octupole Excitations in the Mass 160 and 230 Regions.
35: Finite Rank Separable Approximation for Skyrme Interactions: Spin-Isospin Excitations.
36: Dynamical Dipole Mode in Fusion Heavy-Ion Reactions in the Mass Region of a = 192.
37: Measurements and Analyses of the Photonuclear Reaction Yields.
38: Collinear Cluster Tripartition: First Steps in Physical Treating.
39: Radioactive Beams. Production and Research Program.
40: Recent Results from FRS Experiments with Exotic Nuclei Produced with Uranium Projectiles and Perspectives with the Super-FRS.
41: Production of Neutron-Rich Isotopes in the Calcium Region.
42: Evolution of Nuclear Structure in Neutron-Deficient Pв Isotopes.
43: Exploring of Neutron Drip Line.
44: Production of Exotic Nuclei in Uranium Photofission Reactions*.
45: Experimental Set-Ups and Future Projects.
46: Prespec – Gamma-Spectroscopy on the Way Towards Nustar.
47: Heavy Ion Collider Facility NICA at JINR (Dubna): Status and Development.
48: Current and Future Exotic Nuclei Research at ACCULINNA/ACCULINNA-2 Facilities.
49: Status of the Superconducting CW LINAC at GSI.
50: A New Plunger Device for Investigating the Effects of Deformation on Proton Emission Rates Via Lifetime Measurements.
51: Mass-Spectrometric Method to Study the Properties of Heavy Nuclei.
52: First Delayed Neutron Emission Measurements at Alto with the Neutron Detector.
53: Construction of Multi-Neutron Correlation Spectrometer (Muncos) at Peking University.
54: A Conceptual Design Study of a Next Generation Separator for the In-Flight Separation of Superheavy Nuclei.
55: Scrit Electron Scattering Facility at Riken.
56: Will Finland Become the Center of European Neutrino Physics?.
57: ELI-NP an European Facility at the Frontier between PW Lasers and Nuclear Physics.
58: Status and Prospects of Collinear Cluster Tripartition Experimental Studies.
59: Methodical Base of Experimental Studies of Collinear Multibody Decays.
60: IGISOL-Based Setup for Production and Investigation of Neutron Rich Heavy Nuclei.
61: Vme Based Daq in the Experiments at Acculinna.
62: A New Set-Up for Total Reaction Cross Section Measuring.
63: Scientific Projects.
64: The Scientific Potential of the Far East, Present and Future.
65: Prospect of Riken Ri Beam Factory for Coming 5 Years.
66: Extreme of Landscape in Nuclear Physics Via High Power Accelerators and Innovative Instrumentation.
67: Exotic Nuclei and Superheavy Element Research on Its Way from GSI to FAIR.
68: Exotic Nuclei Research at LLNL.
69: Synthesis of the Heaviest Nuclei at FLNR: Main Results and Prospects.
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