Proceedings of the Institute of Industrial Engineers Asian Conference 2013, 2013 Edition

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This book is based on the research papers presented during The Institute of Industrial Engineers Asian Conference 2013 held at Taipei in July 2013. It presents information on the most recent and relevant research, theories and practices in industrial and systems engineering. Key topics include: Engineering and Technology Management Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis Engineering Education and Training Facilities Planning and Management Global Manufacturing and Management Human Factors Industrial & Systems Engineering Education Information Processing and Engineering Intelligent Systems Manufacturing Systems Operations Research Production Planning and Control Project Management Quality Control and Management Reliability and Maintenance Engineering Safety, Security and Risk Management Supply Chain Management Systems Modeling and Simulation Large scale complex systems

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1: An Optimal Ordering Policy of the Retailers Under Partial Trade Credit Financing and Restricted Cycle Time in Supply Chain.
2: An Immunized Ant Colony System Algorithm to Solve Unequal Area Facility Layout Problems Using Flexible Bay Structure.
3: Characterizing the Trade-Off Between Queue Time and Utilization of a Manufacturing System.
4: Using Latent Variable to Estimate Parameters of Inverse Gaussian Distribution Based on Time-Censored Wiener Degradation Data.
5: Interpolation Approximations for the Performance of Two Single Servers in Series.
6: On Reliability Evaluation of Flow Networks with Time-Variant Quality Components.
7: Defect Detection of Solar Cells Using EL Imaging and Fourier Image Reconstruction.
8: Teaching Industrial Engineering: Developing a Conjoint Support System Catered for Non-Majors.
9: An Automatic Image Enhancement Framework for Industrial Products Inspection.
10: Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms for Unrelated Parallel Machine Scheduling with Controllable Processing Times and Eligibility Constraints.
11: General Model for Cross-Docking Distribution Planning Problem with Time Window Constraints.
12: A New Solution Representation for Solving Location Routing Problem via Particle Swarm Optimization.
13: An Efficient Multiple Object Tracking Method with Mobile RFID Readers.
14: A New Bounded Intensity Function for Repairable Systems.
15: Value Creation Through 3PL for Automotive Logistical Excellence.
16: Dynamics of Food and Beverage Subsector Industry in East Java Province: The Effect of Investment on Total Labor Absorption.
17: Solving Two-Sided Assembly Line Balancing Problems Using an Integrated Evolution and Swarm Intelligence.
18: Genetic Algorithm Approach for Multi-Objective Optimization of Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network.
19: Replacement Policies with a Random Threshold Number of Faults.
20: A Multi-Agent Model of Consumer Behavior Considering Social Networks: Simulations for an Effective Movie Advertising Strategy.
21: Government Subsidy Impacts on a Decentralized Reverse Supply Chain Using a Multitiered Network Equilibrium Model.
22: A Capacity Planning Method for the Demand-to-Supply Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
23: Storage Assignment Methods Based on Dependence of Items.
24: Selection of Approximation Model on Total Perceived Discomfort Function for the Upper Limb Based on Joint Moment.
25: Waiting as a Signal of Quality When Multiple Extrinsic Cues are Presented.
26: Effect of Relationship Types on the Behaviors of Health Care Professionals.
27: A Simulation with PSO Approach for Semiconductor Back-End Assembly.
28: Effect of Grasp Conditions on Upper Limb Load During Visual Inspection of Objects in One Hand.
29: A Process-Oriented Mechanism Combining Fuzzy Decision Analysis for Supplier Selection in New Product Development.
30: Reliability-Based Performance Evaluation for a Stochastic Project Network Under Time and Budget Thresholds.
31: System Reliability and Decision Making for a Production System with Intersectional Lines.
32: Customer Perceptions of Bowing with Different Trunk Flexions.
33: A Pilot Study Determining Optimal Protruding Node Length of Bicycle Seats Using Subjective Ratings.
34: Variable Neighborhood Search with Path-Relinking for the Capacitated Location Routing Problem.
35: Improving Optimization of Tool Path Planning in 5-Axis Flank Milling by Integrating Statistical Techniques.
36: A Multiple Objectives Based DEA Model to Explore the Efficiency of Airports in Asia–Pacific.
37: A Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Approach for Supply Chain Capable-to-Promise Coordination.
38: Design and Selection of Plant Layout by Mean of Analytic Hierarchy Process: A Case Study of Medical Device Producer.
39: Using Taguchi Method for Coffee Cup Sleeve Design.
40: Utilizing QFD and TRIZ Techniques to Design a Helmet Combined with the Wireless Camcorder.
41: South East Asia Work Measurement Practices Challenges and Case Study.
42: Decision Support System: Real-Time Dispatch of Manufacturing Processes.
43: The Application of MFCA Analysis in Process Improvement: A Case Study of Plastics Packaging Factory in Thailand.
44: Discussion of Water Footprint in Industrial Applications.
45: Mitigating Uncertainty Risks Through Inventory Management: A Case Study for an Automobile Company.
46: Service Quality for the YouBike System in Taipei.
47: Replenishment Strategies for the YouBike System in Taipei.
48: A Tagging Mechanism for Solving the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem.
49: Two-Stage Multi-Project Scheduling with Minimum Makespan Under Limited Resource.
50: A Weighting Approach for Scheduling Multi-Product Assembly Line with Multiple Objectives.
51: Exploring Technology Feature with Patent Analysis.
52: Making the MOST Out of Economical Key-Tabbing Automation.
53: Integer Program Modeling of Portfolio Optimization with Mental Accounts Using Simulated Tail Distribution.
54: Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Berth Allocation Problems.
55: Using Hyperbolic Tangent Function for Nonlinear Profile Monitoring.
56: Full Fault Detection for Semiconductor Processes Using Independent Component Analysis.
57: Multi-Objective Optimal Placement of Automatic Line Switches in Power Distribution Networks.
58: The Design of Combing Hair Assistive Device to Increase the Upper Limb Activities for Female Hemiplegia.
59: Surgical Suites Scheduling with Integrating Upstream and Downstream Operations.
60: Research on Culture Supply Chain Intension and Its Operation Models.
61: Power System by Variable Scaling Hybrid Differential Evolution.
62: Investigating the Replenishment Policy for Retail Industries Under VMI Strategic Alliance Using Simulation.
63: Applying RFID in Picker’s Positioning in a Warehouse.
64: An Innovation Planning Approach Based on Combining Technology Progress Trends and Market Price Trends.
65: Preemptive Two-Agent Scheduling in Open Shops Subject to Machine Availability and Eligibility Constraints.
66: Supply Risk Management via Social Capital Theory and Its Impact on Buyer’s Performance Improvement and Innovation.
67: Variable Time Windows-Based Three-Phase Combined Algorithm for On-Line Batch Processing Machine Scheduling with Limited Waiting Time Constraints.
68: Optimal Organic Rankine Cycle Installation Planning for Factory Waste Heat Recovery.
69: Evaluation of Risky Driving Performance in Lighting Transition Zones Near Tunnel Portals.
70: Application of Maple on Solving Some Differential Problems.
71: Six Sigma Approach Applied to LCD Photolithography Process Improvement.
72: A Study of the Integrals of Trigonometric Functions with Maple.
73: A Study of Optimization on Mainland Tourist Souvenir Shops Service Reliability.
74: The Effects of Background Music Style on Study Performance.
75: Using Maple to Study the Multiple Improper Integral Problem.
76: On Reformulation of a Berth Allocation Model.
77: Forecast of Development Trends in Cloud Computing Industry.
78: Self-Organizing Maps with Support Vector Regression for Sales Forecasting: A Case Study in Fresh Food Data.
79: State of Charge Estimation for Lithium-Ion Batteries Using a Temperature-Based Equivalent Circuit Model.
80: Linking Individual Investors’ Preferences to a Portfolio Optimization Model.
81: Models and Partial Re-Optimization Heuristics for Dynamic Hub-and-Spoke Transferring Route Problems.
82: Hazards and Risks Associated with Warehouse Workers: A Field Study.
83: Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) in an Industrial Estate: A Case Study of Karawang Industrial Estate, Indonesia.
84: Limits The Insured Amount to Reduce Loss?: Use the Group Accident Insurance as an Example.
85: Manipulation Errors in Blindfold Pointing Operation for Visual Acuity Screenings.
86: 3-Rainbow Domination Number in Graphs.
87: A Semi-Fuzzy AHP Approach to Weigh the Customer Requirements in QFD for Customer-Oriented Product Design.
88: An Optimization Approach to Integrated Aircraft and Passenger Recovery.
89: Minimizing Setup Time from Mold-Lifting Crane in Mold Maintenance Schedule.
90: Differential Evolution Algorithm for Generalized Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Pickup and Delivery Requests.
91: A Robust Policy for the Integrated Single-Vendor Single-Buyer Inventory System in a Supply Chain.
92: Cost-Based Design of a Heat Sink Using SVR, Taguchi Quality Loss, and ACO.
93: Particle Swarm Optimization Based Nurses’ Shift Scheduling.
94: Applying KANO Model to Exploit Service Quality for the Real Estate Brokering Industry.
95: Automated Plastic Cap Defect Inspection Using Machine Vision.
96: Coordination of Long-Term, Short-Term Supply Contract and Capacity Investment Strategy.
97: An Analysis of Energy Prices and Economic Indicators Under the Uncertainties: Evidence from South East Asian Markets.
98: Effects of Cooling and Sex on the Relationship Between Estimation and Actual Grip Strength.
99: Data Clustering on Taiwan Crop Sales Under Hadoop Platform.
100: Control with Hand Gestures in Home Environment: A Review.
101: An Integrated Method for Customer-Oriented Product Design.
102: Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization with Path-Relinking for Solving the Open Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows.
103: Application of Economic Order Quantity on Production Scheduling and Control System for a Small Company.
104: CUSUM Residual Charts for Monitoring Enterovirus Infections.
105: A Study on the Operation Model of the R&D Center for the Man-Made Fiber Processing Industry Headquarter.
106: Planning Logistics by Algorithm with VRPTWBD for Rice Distribution: A Case BULOG Agency in the Nganjuk District Indonesia.
107: A Systematic and Innovative Approach to Universal Design Based on TRIZ Theories.
108: Wireless LAN Access Point Location Planning.
109: The Parametric Design of Adhesive Dispensing Process with Multiple Quality Characteristics.
110: The Shortage Study for the EOQ Model with Imperfect Items.
111: Power, Relationship Commitment and Supplier Integration in Taiwan.
112: A Search Mechanism for Geographic Information Processing System.
113: Maximum Acceptable Weight Limit on Carrying a Food Tray.
114: Fatigue Life and Reliability Analysis of Electronic Packages Under Thermal Cycling and Moisture Conditions.
115: Clustering-Locating-Routing Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem: An Application in Medical Equipment Maintenance.
116: Whole-Body Vibration Exposure in Urban Motorcycle Riders.
117: Analysis of Sales Strategy with Lead-Time Sensitive Demand.
118: Order and Pricing Decisions with Return and Buyback Policies.
119: Investigation of Safety Compliance and Safety Participation as Well as Cultural Influences Using Selenginsk Pulp and Cardboard Mill in Russia as an Example.
120: Identifying Process Status Changes via Integration of Independent Component Analysis and Support Vector Machine.
121: A Naïve Bayes Based Machine Learning Approach and Application Tools Comparison Based on Telephone Conversations.
122: Evaluating the Development of the Renewable Energy Industry.
123: On-Line Quality Inspection System for Automotive Component Manufacturing Process.
124: Using Six Sigma to Improve Design Quality: A Case of Mechanical Development of the Notebook PC in Wistron.
125: Estimating Product Development Project Duration for the Concurrent Execution of Multiple Activities.
126: Modeling of Community-Based Mangrove Cultivation Policy in Sidoarjo Mudflow Area by Implementing Green Economy Concept.
127: Three Approaches to Find Optimal Production Run Time of an Imperfect Production System.
128: Rice Fulfillment Analysis in System Dynamics Framework (Study Case: East Java, Indonesia).
129: Activity Modeling Using Semantic-Based Reasoning to Provide Meaningful Context in Human Activity Recognizing.
130: An Integrated Systems Approach to Long-Term Energy Security Planning.
131: An EPQ with Shortage Backorders Model on Imperfect Production System Subject to Two Key Production Systems.
132: Reducing Medication Dispensing Process Time in a Multi-Hospital Health System.
133: A Pareto-Based Differential Evolution Algorithm for Multi-Objective Job Shop Scheduling Problems.
134: Smart Grid and Emergency Power Supply on Systems with Renewable Energy and Batteries: An Recovery Planning for EAST JAPAN Disaster Area.
135: Establishing Interaction Specifications for Online-to-Offline (O2O) Service Systems.
136: Investigation of Learning Remission in Manual Work Given that Similar Work is Performed During the Work Contract Break.
137: A Hidden Markov Model for Tool Wear Management.
138: Energy Management Using Storage Batteries in Large Commercial Facilities Based on Projection of Power Demand.
139: The Optimal Parameters Design of Multiple Quality Characteristics for the Welding Thick Plate of Aerospace Aluminum Alloy.
140: Synergizing Both Universal Design Principles and Su-Field Analysis to an Innovative Product Design Process.
141: The Joint Determination of Optimum Process Mean, Economic Order Quantity, and Production Run Length.
142: Developing Customer Information System Using Fuzzy Query and Cluster Analysis.
143: Automatic Clustering Combining Differential Evolution Algorithm and k-Means Algorithm.
144: Application of Two-Stage Clustering on the Attitude and Behavioral of the Nursing Staff: A Case Study of Medical Center in Taiwan.
145: The Effects of Music Training on the Cognitive Ability and Auditory Memory.
146: Control Scheme for the Service Quality.
147: Particle Swam Optimization for Multi-level Location Allocation Problem Under Supplier Evaluation.
148: Evaluation Model for Residual Performance of Lithium-Ion Battery.
149: A Simulated Annealing Heuristic for the Green Vehicle Routing Problem.
150: Designing an Urban Sustainable Water Supply System Using System Dynamics.
151: An Evaluation of LED Ceiling Lighting Design with Bi-CCT Layouts.
152: Postponement Strategies in a Supply Chain Under the MTO Production Environment.
153: Consumer Value Assessment with Consideration of Environmental Impact.
154: A Study of Bi-criteria Flexible Flow Lines Scheduling Problems with Queue Time Constraints.
155: Modeling the Dual-Domain Performance of a Large Infrastructure Project: The Case of Desalination.
156: Flexibility in Natural Resource Recovery Systems: A Practical Approach to the “Tragedy of the Commons”.
157: The Workload Assessment and Learning Effective Associated with Truck Driving Training Courses.
158: Prognostics Based Design for Reliability Technique for Electronic Product Design.
159: A Case Study on Optimal Maintenance Interval and Spare Part Inventory Based on Reliability.
160: Developing Decision Models with Varying Machine Ratios in a Semiconductor Company.
161: New/Advanced Industrial Engineering Perspective: Leading Growth Through Customer Centricity.
162: Scheduling a Hybrid Flow-Shop Problem via Artificial Immune System.
163: Modeling and Simulation on a Resilient Water Supply System Under Disruptions.
164: A Hybrid ANP-DEA Approach for Vulnerability Assessment in Water Supply System.
165: An Integrated BOM Evaluation and Supplier Selection Model for a Design for Supply Chain System.
166: Estimation Biases in Construction Projects: Further Evidence.
167: Exploring Management Issues in Spare Parts Forecast.
168: Artificial Particle Swarm Optimization with Heuristic Procedure to Solve Multi-Line Facility Layout Problem.
169: Applying a Hybrid Data Preprocessing Methods in Stroke Prediction.
170: Applying a Hybrid Data Mining Approach to Develop Carotid Artery Prediction Models.
171: Comparing Two Methods of Analysis and Design Modelling Techniques: Unified Modelling Language and Agent Modelling Language. Study Case: A Virtual Bubble Tea Vending Machine System Development.
172: Persuasive Technology on User Interface Energy Display: Case Study on Intelligent Bathroom.
173: Investigating the Relationship Between Electronic Image of Online Business on Smartphone and Users’ Purchase Intention.
174: Forecast of Development Trends in Big Data Industry.
175: Reliability Analysis of Smartphones Based on the Field Return Data.
176: The Impact of Commercial Banking Performance on Economic Growth.
177: Data and Information Fusion for Bio-Medical Design and Bio-Manufacturing Systems.
178: Evaluating the Profit Efficiency of Commercial Banks: Empirical Evidence from Nepal.
179: Explore the Inventory Problem in a System Point of View: A Lot Sizing Policy.
180: Global Industrial Teamwork Dynamics in China and Southeast Asia: Influence on Production Tact Time and Management Cumulative Effect to Teamwork Awareness-1/2.
181: Global Industrial Teamwork Dynamics in Malaysia—Effects of Social Culture and Corporate Culture to Teamwork Awareness—2/2.
182: Relaxed Flexible Bay Structure in the Unequal Area Facility Layout Problem.
183: Comparisons of Different Mutation and Recombination Processes of the DEA for SALB-1.
184: An Exploration of GA, DE and PSO in Assignment Problems.
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