Violence and Abuse in Society: Understanding a Global Crisis, 1st Edition

  • Angela Browne-Miller Ph.D.
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This collection looks at the range of violence and abuse we see today, conducting a detailed examination against the backdrop of a history of violence and abuse around the globe. The works within focus for the most part on violence and abuse taking place outside of war contexts, discussing road rage, child abuse, elder abuse, abuse of women and girls, sex slavery, violent rituals including female genital cutting, abuse within cults, domestic violence, gun violence, and modern problems fueled by technology, including cyberbullying and cyberstalking.

Table of Contents

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1: Faces of Violence: Introduction to Volume 1.
2: Dimensions of Aggression, Violence, and Abuse.
3: The Global Gun Epidemic.
4: Fundamentals of Aggression.
5: Gender Violence: Theoretical Overview.
6: Global Effects of Violence and Abuse on Youth: Understanding the Impact of Culture.
7: The History of Infanticide: Exposure, Sacrifice, and Femicide.
8: Hunting Witches: Psychological and Physical Abuse and Violence.
9: The Revolving Door: Religious Abuse and the Cultures That Sustain It; Cultural Pathology and the Religions That Codify It.
10: War, Rape, and Genocide: Never Again?.
11: The Other Borderlands: Militarized Spaces and Violence against Women and Girls.
12: Flowers, Diamonds, and Gold: The Destructive Public Health, Human Rights, and Environmental Consequences of Symbols of Love.
13: Global Violence Snapsnots.
14: A Chronological Explanation of Violence in Nigeria.
15: The Phenomena of Violence and Abuse in Cyprus.
16: A Cross-Section of Violence and Abuse in Poland.
17: Overview of Violence and Abuse in Malaysia.
18: The Role of Sex and Urbanicity in Physical Fighting and Suicidal Ideation among Students in Uganda.
19: Social Perceptions of Violence against Youth: Brazil.
20: The Prevalence and Nature of Child Abuse and Violence in Japan.
21: A Review on Abuse Research in China: Exemplified by Child Abuse.
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Title Page.
1: Addressing Violence and Abuse in Society: Introduction to Volume 2.
2: Violence and Abuse across Various Contexts.
3: Commentary on Violence against and Abuse of Persons with Disabilities.
4: Forgotten First Responders: Journalists' Experience of Violence and Trauma.
5: Workplace Violence: Current Research and Theories.
6: Bullying: Then and Now.
7: Commentary on the Modern Plague of Cyberabuse: Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking, and Cyber-Predation.
8: American Indian Stalking: Conquest or Coincidence?.
9: Violence and the Homeless Population: Perpetrators or Victims?.
10: Economic Violence: Working-Class Women in Western Europe.
11: Violence, Abuse, and Youth.
12: Abuse of Children through Poverty and Powerlessness: Children's Perspectives and Experiences.
13: Systemic Perspectives on Adolescent Violence and Abuse: The Ecological Context of Youth.
14: Doli Incapax: Violence by Children.
15: Adolescent-to-Parent Abuse: Who Are the Abusers? Who Are the Victims?.
16: “He Ruined My Life …”: Impacts of Adolescent-to-Parent Abuse on the Family.
17: Moving from Them to Us: Challenges in Reframing Violence among Youth.
18: Initiatives Aimed at Counteracting School Violence in Poland.
19: The Role of Education in the Fight against Child Labor in Africa.
20: Gender-Related Violence.
21: Sexual Harassment Is Not Playful or Seductive, It Is Aggressive Abuse.
22: But What If He Doesn't Hate All Women?: Rethinking Gender-Motivated Hate Crimes.
23: Gender and Violence: How Gender Affects Risks of Offending and Victimization.
24: An Overall View of Wife Beating From the Perspective of Judaic Texts.
25: Violence against Women: The Middle East.
26: Female Genital Cutting: Epidemiology, Consequences, and Female Empowerment as a Means of Cultural Change.
27: Violence and Human Rights Abuses against Women in the Developing World.
28: Violence against Women in the Military.
29: Elder and Transgenerational Abuse and Awareness.
30: “The Invisible Old”: Age Discrimination, Social Neglect of Older Persons and Human Rights.
31: Transgenerational Violence and Abuse: The Need for a New Paradigm.
32: Transgenerational Plan of Action: Models for Violence and Abuse Eradication.
33: Elder Abuse: A Methodology for Listening, Counseling, and Following Up.
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Title Page.
1: From Abuse to Violence and Back: Introduction to Volume 3.
2: Psychological Dimensions.
3: Betrayal, Revenge, and Religion: Selective Denial of Violence.
4: Violence in the Brain.
5: Structural Brain Changes in Patients with Schizophrenia Who Commit Homicide or Other Dangerous Violent Offenses.
6: Impulsive Murder: Air Rage, Road Rage, and Sports Rage.
7: How Killing and Inflicting Trauma on Others Is Traumatic.
8: Suicide: Self-Directed Violence.
9: SSRIs, Suicide, Violence, and Correctional Policy.
10: The Problem of Bus Rage in Poland: Preventive Aspects.
11: Cult and Religious Abuse.
12: Possession, Ritual Abuse, and Dissociation.
13: Cult and Ritual Trauma Disorder.
14: Sexual Abuse and Sexual Aggression.
15: Long-Term Health Effects Associated with Childhood Sexual Abuse.
16: Cardinal William Levada on Clergy Child Sexual Abuse: PBS NewsHour Interview of Cardinal Levada by Margaret Warner, April 27, 2010.
17: From Powerlessness to Resilience: Therapeutic Interventions with Adult Survivors of Incest.
18: Sexual Coercion: A Subtle Form of Dating Violence.
19: Sexual Violence: Policies, Practices, and Challenges.
20: Sexual Assault Prevention Programs for Men.
21: Excessive Alcohol Consumption and Its Relation to Sexual Abuse in Men and Women.
22: Prostitution, Trafficking, and Enslavement Abuses.
23: Regulatory Approaches to Prostitution: Comparing Sweden, Denmark, and Nevada, United States.
24: Sexual Slavery against Girls and Women Worldwide.
25: What Is Human Trafficking?.
26: Jewish Sources on Trafficking in Women.
About the Editor and Contributors.
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Title Page.
1: Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse: Introduction to Volume 4.
2: General Characteristics and Implications.
3: Victims and Survivors of DV/IPV and the General Population: Commentary on the Case for Wide-Scale Prevention Education.
4: Stemming the Tide: Working with Persons Who Batter.
5: Collateral Damage: Children Exposed to Domestic Violence.
6: In the Heart of IPV.
7: Surviving Domestic Violence: A Commentary.
8: Reasons for Staying in Abusive Relationships: A Resource for Understanding Identities.
9: Intimate Partner Violence and Alcohol Abuse.
10: Predicting Victims' Contact with Former Abusive Partners.
11: The Role of Empathy in Domestic Violence Treatment of Male Batterers: A Comprehensive Literature Review.
12: Responding to IPV.
13: Responding to Spousal Violence: Does Gender Matter?.
14: Violence in the Lives of Homeless Women: Implications for Shelter Design.
15: Female Survivors of Interpersonal Violence: Pathways to Change.
16: Recovery: Resilience and Redemption in Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence.
17: Legal and Enforcement Aspects.
18: Traditional Response to Domestic Violence: Criminal and Civil Legal Systems in the United States.
19: Beyond Traditional Legal Response to Domestic Violence: Emerging Community-Based Solutions in the United States.
20: How the Legal System Revictimizes Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Children: Systemic Abuse in the California Family Court.
21: Batterer Intervention Systems in California—An Evaluation: Policy Issues and Research Implications.
22: Global IPV Snapshots.
23: Domestic Violence in the United Kingdom: Prevalence, Impact, and Correlates.
24: Domestic Violence against Women and Girls: The Case of India.
25: Brutal Symbol of Existing Inequality: Domestic Violence in Spain.
26: Domestic Violence in Bolivia.
27: Assimilating Adversity: Gender, Family, and the Cultural Normalization of Intimate Partner Violence in Western Belize.
28: Negotiating Battered Women's Marginality in Health Care: Changing Approaches to Domestic Violence in Northern Vietnam.
About the Editor and Contributors.