Proceedings of 2013 Chinese Intelligent Automation Conference

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Proceedings of the 2013 Chinese Intelligent Automation Conference presents selected research papers from the CIAC'13, held in Yangzhou, China. The topics include e.g. adaptive control, fuzzy control, neural network based control, knowledge based control, hybrid intelligent control, learning control, evolutionary mechanism based control, multi-sensor integration, failure diagnosis, and reconfigurable control. Engineers and researchers from academia, industry, and government can gain an inside view of new solutions combining ideas from multiple disciplines in the field of intelligent automation. Zengqi Sun and Zhidong Deng are professors at the Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University, China.

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1: Intelligent Automation.
2: Application of Production Rule in Intelligent Collaboration System of Information Appliances.
3: Research on Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Engine Based on MOBP Neural Network.
4: Feedback Linearization Optimal Control for Bilinear Systems with Time-Delay in Control Input.
5: L∞ Dynamic Surface Control for a Class of Nonlinear Pure-Feedback Systems with Finite-Time Extended State Observer.
6: Cross Function Projective Synchronization of Liu System and the New Lorenz System with Known and Unknown Parameters.
7: The Application of Multiwavelets to Chaotic Time Series Analysis.
8: Localization and Navigation of Intelligent Wheelchair in Dynamic Environments.
9: Adaptive Particle Filter with Estimation Windows.
10: Binary Encoding Differential Evolution with Application to Combinatorial Optimization Problem.
11: The Research on the Fuzzing.
12: Attitude Control of Solar Sail Spacecraft Using Fractional-Order PID Controller.
13: Ubiquitous Visual Navigation for the Robotic Wheelchair.
14: Torque Distribution Control for Independent Wheel Drive Electric Vehicles with Varying Vertical Load.
15: Fault Diagnosis of Subway Auxiliary Inverter Based on PCA and WNN.
16: Ultrasonic Array Based Obstacle Detection in Automatic Parking.
17: Approximate Dynamic Programming Based Controller Design Using an Improved Learning Algorithm with Application to Tracking Control of Aircraft.
18: New Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Schur D-Stability of Matrices.
19: Aerial Cooperative Combination Formation Method of Manned/Unmanned Combats Agents.
20: Finite-Time Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control of Dual Motor Driving Systems.
21: Hybrid Reinforcement Learning and Uneven Generalization of Learning Space Method for Robot Obstacle Avoidance.
22: The Effects of Public Expenditure on Pro-poor Growth in Rural China: A General Equilibrium Simulation Approach.
23: Robust Control for Air-Breathing Hypersonic Cruise Vehicles.
24: Sensor Failure Detection and Diagnosis via Polynomial Chaos Theory—Part II: Digital Realization.
25: Covariance Intersection Fusion Robust Steady-State Kalman Filter for Two-Sensor Systems with Time-Delayed Measurements.
26: Centralized Fusion Steady-State Robust Kalman Filter for Uncertain Multisensor Systems.
27: Intelligent Technology and Systems.
28: Agent Based Railway Network Rescheduling System.
29: The BLDCM Control System Based on Fuzzy-PI Controller.
30: Research and Comparison of CUDA GPU Programming in MATLAB and Mathematica.
31: Researching on the Placement of Data Replicas in the System of HDFS Cloud Storage Cluster.
32: Optimization and Implementation of the Sobel Edge Detection on Davinci Platform.
33: Modeling for Penicillin Fermentation Process Based on Weighted LS-SVM and Pensim.
34: Testing-Oriented Simulator for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.
35: Virtual Reality-Based Forward Looking Sonar Simulation.
36: A Machine Vision System for Bearing Greasing Procedure.
37: Active Control of Sound Transmission Through Double Plate Structures Using Volume Velocity Sensor.
38: Research on Prognostics of Dynamically Tuned Gyroscope Storage Life.
39: Automatic Testing Device for Gas Cylinder Based on LabVIEW.
40: Study on the FBG and ZigBee Technologies in Telemetry System of Flow Velocity.
41: Statics of Supporting Leg for a Water Strider Robot.
42: Orientation Control for Mobile Robot with Two Trailers.
43: The Effects of Leg Configurations on Trotting Quadruped Robot.
44: Accuracy Improvement of Ship's Inertial System by Deflections of the Vertical Based Gravity Gradiometer.
45: Probability Distribution of the Monthly Passenger Flow from Chongqing to Yichang and Monte Carlo Simulation.
46: A Design of Bus Automatic Broadcast Station System Based on RFID.
47: A Strategy for Improving Interference Suppression of Airborne Array Radar Under Clutter Environment.
48: Magnetometer Calibration Scheme for Quadrotors with On-Board Magnetic Field of Multiple DC Motors.
49: TSVD Regularization with Ill-Conditioning Diagnosis in GNSS Multipath Estimation.
50: Power Line Detection Based on Region Growing and Ridge-Based Line Detector.
51: The Implementation of the HTTP-Based Network Storage Queue Service.
52: The Visual Internet of Things System Based on Depth Camera.
53: Design and Implementation of Fire-Alarming System for Indoor Environment Based on Wireless Sensor Networks.
54: Sound Source Localization Strategy Based on Mobile Robot.
55: The Design of a Novel Artificial Label for Robot Navigation.
56: Information System Design for Ship Surveillance.
57: Modeling of an Electric Vehicle for Drivability Improvements.
58: Simulation of the Dynamic Environment of Carrier Aircraft Approach and Landing.
59: Script Based Spacecraft Fault Automatic Rapid Disposal Method Research and Application.
60: Synthetical Ramp Shift Strategy on Electric Vehicle with AMT.
61: The Study of Taxi Drivers' Fatigue Relieving Ways.
62: Landmark Design for Indoor Localization of Mobile Robots.
63: A Remote Intelligent Greenhouse Distributed Control System Based on ZIGBEE and GPRS.
64: Emergency Response Technology Transaction Forecasting Based on SARIMA Model.
65: Research on Cloud-Based Simulation Resource Management.
66: Research on the Design of Railway Passenger Traffic Decision Support System.
67: State Identification of Automatic Gauge Control Hydraulic Cylinder Using Acoustic Emission.
68: Small-Signal Model and Control of PV Grid-Connected Micro Inverter Based on Interleaved Parallel Flyback Converter.
69: An Improved Total Variation Regularization Method for Electrical Resistance Tomography.
70: Modeling and Prediction of Pressure Loss in Dilute Pneumatic Conveying System with 90° Bend.
71: The Coverage Problem in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network: An Improved Algorithm of Virtual Forces.
72: Object Localization with Wireless Binary Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors.
73: Petri Net Based Research of Home Automation Communication Protocol.
74: Research and Implementation of Data Link Layer in KNX Communication Protocol Stack.
75: Experimental Research of Vortex Street Oil—Gas—Water Three-Phase Flow Base on Wavelet.
76: Multi-Phase Kernel Based Adaptive Soft Sensor Approach for Fed-Batch Processes.
77: Application of Ultrasonic Phased Array Testing Technology on Ladle Trunnion.
78: Optimal Tracking Design for Dry Clutch Engagement.
79: Automatic Generation of User Interface Method Based on Automated Planning.
80: Coordinated Passivation Techniques for the Control of Permanent Magnet Wind Generator.
81: The Electromagnetic Field of a Horizontal and Time-Harmonic Dipole in a Two-Layer Medium.
82: Analysis and Application of Sensor in Index.
83: Design of Digital Switching Power Amplifier for Magnetic Suspended Bearing.
84: Weld Pool Surface Model Establishment for GTAW Based on 3D Reconstruction Technology.
85: Design of Intelligent Vertical Axis Turbofan Wind-Driven Generator.
86: Differencial-Clustering: Mining Bicluster Based on Weighted Graph in Microarray Dataset.
87: Design and Implementation of an Ultralow Power Data Acquisition System.
88: Research on Temperature Optimal Control for the Continuous Casting Billet in Induction Heating Process Based on ARX Model.
89: LED Intelligent Dimming System Based on Data Fusion Technology.
90: Dual Networks Model for Lower Error and Delay Using RS-CRC Encoding.
91: Aggregation-Based Privacy-Preservation Approximate Query Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks.
92: Safety Evaluation of Dike with Cracks.
93: Simulation of Water and Floating Body with SPH Method.
94: A Jacket Robot and its Human—Robot Interacting Technology.
95: Time-Delay Estimation Based on Cross-Correlation and Wavelet Denoising.
96: 3D Temperature Field Reconstruction: A Comparison Study of Direct and Indirect Method.
97: Real Time Simulation of Ship Wake Based on Particle System.
98: Erratum to: Modeling and Prediction of Pressure Loss in Dilute Pneumatic Conveying System with 90° Bend.