Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North America, 1st Edition

  • Editor: Paul H. Stuart [University of Alabama]
  • Published By: SAGE
  • ISBN-10: 1412925363
  • ISBN-13: 9781412925365
  • Grade Level Range: College Freshman - College Senior
  • 534 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2005 | Published/Released June 2005
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2005

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The Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North America, originally published in print format in 2004, is a unique reference work that provides readers with basic information about the history of social welfare in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The intent of the encyclopedia is to provide readers with information about how these three nations have dealt with social welfare issues, as well as to describe important events, developments, and the lives and work of some key contributors to social welfare developments. In choosing a continental focus, editors John M. Herrick and Paul H. Stuart encourage readers to explore cross-national and comparative work in the development of social welfare history.

The encyclopedia defines social welfare broadly to include education, informal mutual assistance, the development of the social work profession, and voluntary charitable activities as well as state supported public welfare activities. The coverage is therefore broad and interdisciplinary, including the fields of anthropology, health sciences, history, political science, social work, and sociology.

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  • Paul H. Stuart [University of Alabama]

Table of Contents

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Note to Readers.
About the Editors.
1: Abbott, Edith (1876–1957).
2: Abbott, Grace (1878–1939).
3: Aboriginal People and Policy (Canada).
4: Aboriginal People and Policy (Mexico).
5: Aboriginal People and Policy (United States).
6: Addams, Jane (1860–1935).
7: African Americans and Social Welfare (United States).
8: Aging Policy (Canada).
9: Aging Policy (Mexico).
10: Aging Policy (United States).
11: Aid to Dependent Children/Aid to Families with Dependent Children (United States).
12: Altmeyer, Arthur Joseph (1891–1972).
13: American Public Welfare Association (United States).
14: Asian Americans and Social Welfare (United States).
15: Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor (United States).
16: Ball, Robert Myers (B. 1914).
17: Bowers, Frank Swithun Barrington (1908–1992).
18: Brace, Charles Loring (1826–1890).
19: Canadian Association of Social Workers.
20: Canadian Council on Social Development.
21: Cassidy, Harry (1900–1951).
22: Charity Organization Societies (United States).
23: Children's Aid Society (United States).
24: Child Welfare Policy (Canada).
25: Child Welfare Policy (Mexico).
26: Child Welfare Policy (United States).
27: Cohen, Wilbur Joseph (1913–1987).
28: Community Development (Canada).
29: Community Economic Development (Canada).
30: Conservative Views on Social Welfare.
31: Constitution of 1917 (Mexico).
32: Criminal Justice Policy (Canada).
33: Criminal Justice Policy (United States).
34: Davidson, George Forrester (1909–1995).
35: Disability Policy (Canada).
36: Disability Policy (Mexico).
37: Disability Policy (United States).
38: DuBois, W. E. B. (1868–1963).
39: Economic Crisis, Family and Gender, 1980s to the Present (Mexico).
40: Economic Policy (Canada).
41: Economic Policy (Mexico).
42: Economic Policy (United States).
43: Education Policy (Canada).
44: Education Policy (Mexico).
45: Education Policy (United States).
46: Family Allowance/Child Tax Benefit (Canada).
47: Family Service Association of America (United States).
48: Family Violence (Canada).
49: Family Violence (Mexico).
50: Family Violence (United States).
51: Federalism and Social Welfare Policy (Canada).
52: Federalism and Social Welfare Policy (United States).
53: Food Assistance Policy (Canada).
54: Food Assistance Policy (Mexico).
55: Food Assistance Policy (United States).
56: Frazier, E. Franklin (1894–1962).
57: French Language and Identity (Canada).
58: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Policy Issues (Canada).
59: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Policy Issues (Mexico).
60: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Policy Issues (United States).
61: General Insane Asylum: La Castañeda (Mexico).
62: Group Work (Canada).
63: Hamilton, Alice (1869–1970).
64: Health Policy (Canada).
65: Health Policy (United States).
66: Hendry, Charles Eric (1903–1979).
67: Hispanic Americans and Social Welfare (United States).
68: Homelessness (United States).
69: Homestead Act (United States).
70: Hopkins, Harry Lloyd (1890–1946).
71: Housing Policy (Mexico).
72: Housing Policy (United States).
73: Hull House (United States).
74: Human Rights (Canada).
75: Hygiene and Public Health Policy During the Porfiriato (Mexico).
76: Immigration and Social Welfare Policy (Canada).
77: Immigration and Social Welfare Policy (Mexico).
78: Immigration and Social Welfare Policy (United States).
79: Informal Economy (Mexico).
80: International Social Welfare.
81: Juvenile Justice Policy (United States).
82: Kelso, John Joseph (1864–1935).
83: King, Martin Luther, Jr. (1929–1968).
84: Labor Movement and Social Welfare (Mexico).
85: Labor Movement and Social Welfare (United States).
86: Labour Movement and Social Welfare (Canada).
87: Land Reform (Mexico).
88: Lathrop, Julia Clifford (1858–1932).
89: Lowell, Josephine Shaw (1843–1905).
90: Lurie, Harry Lawrence (1892–1973).
91: The Marsh Report (Canada).
92: Medicine and Popular Healing Practices in Colonial Mexico.
93: Mental Health Policy (Canada).
94: Mental Health Policy (United States).
95: Mexico City Poor House.
96: Mother and Family Programs (Mexico).
97: Mothers' Pensions (United States).
98: Multiculturalism (Canada).
99: Mutual Aid (United States).
100: National Association of Social Workers (United States).
101: National Conference on Social Welfare (United States).
102: National Council of Women of Canada.
103: Neoliberalism, Social Programs, and Social Movements (Mexico).
104: The New Deal (United States).
105: Peasant Movements and Social Programs (Mexico).
106: Perkins, Frances (1882–1965).
107: Philanthropy (Canada).
108: Philanthropy (Mexico).
109: Philanthropy (United States).
110: Poor Law (United States).
111: Poverty (Canada).
112: Poverty (Mexico).
113: Poverty Policy (Mexico).
114: Poverty (United States).
115: Progressive Era (United States).
116: Quebec Province Social Welfare Policy (Canada).
117: Race and Ethnic Relations (Canada).
118: Rank and File Movement (United States).
119: Rankin, Jeannette Pickering (1880–1973).
120: Religion and Social Welfare (Canada).
121: Religion and Social Welfare (United States).
122: The Rockefeller Foundation and Public Health (Mexico).
123: Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor (1884–1962).
124: Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882–1945).
125: Rural Education (Mexico).
126: Rural/Northern Social Welfare (Canada).
127: Rush, Benjamin (1745–1813).
128: Sanger, Margaret Higgins (1879–1966).
129: Scientific Philanthropy (United States).
130: Settlement Houses (Canada).
131: Settlement Houses (United States).
132: Small Systems Social Work (Canada).
133: Social Democracy (Canada).
134: Social Gospel (United States).
135: Social Justice (United States).
136: Social Reform and State-Building (Mexico).
137: Social Reform Movements (Canada).
138: Social Reform Movements (United States).
139: Social Security (Canada).
140: Social Security (Mexico).
141: Social Security (United States).
142: Social Welfare (Canada): Before the Marsh Report.
143: Social Welfare (Canada): Since the Marsh Report.
144: Social Welfare (Mexico): Before 1867.
145: Social Welfare (Mexico): Since 1867.
146: Social Welfare (United States): Before the Social Security Act.
147: Social Welfare (United States): Since the Social Security Act.
148: Social Work Profession (Canada).
149: Social Work Profession (Mexico).
150: Social Work Profession (United States).
151: State Boards of Charities (United States).
152: Structural Social Work (Canada).
153: Substance Abuse Policy (Canada).
154: Substance Abuse Policy (Mexico).
155: Substance Abuse Policy (United States).
156: Supplemental Security Income (United States).
157: The Survey (United States).
158: Tax Expenditures (United States).
159: Touzel, Bessie (1904–1997).
160: Urwick, Edward Johns (1867–1945).
161: van Kleeck, Mary (1883–1972).
162: Voluntarism (United States).
163: Wald, Lillian D. (1867–1940).
164: War and Social Welfare (Canada).
165: War and Social Welfare (United States).
166: Welfare Capitalism (Canada).
167: Welfare Capitalism (Mexico).
168: Welfare Capitalism (United States).
169: Welfare Ministries in the Twentieth Century (Mexico).
170: Wells-Barnett, Ida B. (1862–1931).
171: Whitton, Charlotte (1896–1975).
172: Women and Poverty (Canada).
173: Women and Social Welfare (Canada).
174: Women and Social Welfare (Mexico).
175: Women and Social Welfare (United States).
176: Work Relief (United States).
177: Young, Whitney (1922–1971).
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