Advances in Systems Science, 1st Edition

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The International Conference on Systems Science 2013 (ICSS 2013) was the 18th event of the series of international scientific conferences for researchers and practitioners in the fields of systems science and systems engineering. The conference took place in Wroclaw, Poland during September 10-12, 2013 and was organized  by Wroclaw University of Technology and co-organized by: Committee of Automatics and Robotics of Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee of Computer Science of Polish Academy of Sciences and Polish Section of IEEE. The papers included in the proceedings cover the following topics: Control Theory, Databases and Data Mining, Image and Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Modeling and Simulation, Operational Research, Service Science, Time series and System Identification. The accepted and presented papers highlight new trends and challenges in systems science and systems engineering.

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1: Keynote Speakers.
2: Decoupling Zeros of Positive Continuous-Time Linear Systems and Electrical Circuit.
3: Information Security of Nuclear Systems.
4: Control Theory.
5: Distributed Reconfigurable Predictive Control of a Water Delivery Canal.
6: Estimation for Target Tracking Using a Control Theoretic Approach - Part I.
7: LQ Optimal Control of Periodic Review Perishable Inventories with Transportation Losses.
8: A Dynamic Vehicular Traffic Control Using Ant Colony and Traffic Light Optimization.
9: Robust Inventory Management under Uncertain Demand and Unreliable Delivery Channels.
10: Application of Hierarchical Systems Technology in Conceptual Design of Biomechatronic System.
11: Questions of Synthesis Systems Precision.
12: Polling System with Threshold Control for Modeling of SIP Server under Overload.
13: The Control Moment Gyroscope Inverted Pendulum.
14: Realization of an Inverted Pendulum Robot Using Nonlinear Control for Heading and Steering Velocities.
15: Databases and Data Mining.
16: Implementation of Usage Role-Based Access Control Approach for Logical Security of Information Systems.
17: Analytical Possibilities of SAP HANA — On the Example of Energy Consumption Forecasting.
18: An Efficient Algorithm for Sequential Pattern Mining with Privacy Preservation.
19: User Identity Unification in e-Commerce.
20: Polarity Lexicon for the Polish Language: Design and Extension with Random Walk Algorithm.
21: Image and Signal Processing.
22: Identifying Discriminatory Characteristics Location in an Iris Template.
23: Background Modeling in Video Sequences.
24: A Hybrid Fusion Technique for Watermarking Digital Images.
25: Metadata Projection for Visual Resources Retrieval.
26: Automated Detection Type Body and Shape Deformation for Robotic Welding Line.
27: The Comparison of the Stochastic Algorithms for the Filter Parameters Calculation.
28: The Performance of Concatenated Schemes Based on Non-binary Multithreshold Decoders.
29: Novel Precoded OFDM for Cognitive Radio in Noisy and Multipath Channels.
30: Key Learning Features as Means for Terrain Classification.
31: Machine Learning.
32: Manifold Regularized Particle Filter for Articulated Human Motion Tracking.
33: Associative Learning Using Ising-Like Model.
34: Cost Sensitive SVM with Non-informative Examples Elimination for Imbalanced Postoperative Risk Management Problem.
35: Cost-Sensitive Extensions for Global Model Trees: Application in Loan Charge-Off Forecasting.
36: Optical Music Recognition as the Case of Imbalanced Pattern Recognition: A Study of Complex Classifiers.
37: Recognition of Vehicle Motion Patterns in Video Sequences.
38: Automatic Route Shortening Based on Link Quality Classification in Ad Hoc Networks.
39: A Real-Time Approach for Detecting Malicious Executables.
40: Fault Diagnosis of a Corrugator Cut-off Using Neural Network Classifier.
41: RF Coverage and Pathloss Forecast Using Neural Network.
42: Automatic Generator Re-dispatch for a Dynamic Power System by Using an Artificial Neural Network Topology.
43: A New Bat Based Back-Propagation (BAT-BP) Algorithm.
44: Modelling and Simulation.
45: Probabilistic Description of Model Set Response in Neuromuscular Blockade.
46: Matlab Simulation of Photon Propagation in Three-Layer Tissue.
47: Magnetorheological Damper Dedicated Modelling of Force-Velocity Hysteresis Using All-Pass Delay Filters.
48: On Stability Criteria of Third-Order Autonomous Nonlinear Differential Equations with Quasi-Derivatives.
49: An M/G/1 Retrial Queue with Working Vacation.
50: Macroeconomic Analysis and Parametric Control Based on Computable General Equilibrium Model of the Regional Economic Union.
51: Self-organizational Aspects and Adaptation of Agent-Based Simulation Based on Economic Principles.
52: Task-Based Modelling of the Triage Domain Knowledge.
53: A Survey of High Level Synthesis Languages, Tools, and Compilers for Reconfigurable High Performance Computing.
54: Matrix Multiplication in Multiphysics Systems Using CUDA.
55: Tracker-Node Model for Energy Consumption in Reconfigurable Processing Systems.
56: A Nonlinear Analysis of Vibration Properties of Intracranial Saccular Aneurysms.
57: A Survey of Hardware Accelerated Methods for Intelligent Object Recognition on Camera.
58: Operational Research.
59: Heuristic Solution Algorithm for Routing Flow Shop with Buffers and Ready Times.
60: Common Route Planning for Carpoolers — Model and Exact Algorithm.
61: Allocation-Pricing Game for Multipath Routing in Virtual Networks.
62: Smart-Metering-Oriented Routing Protocol over Power Line Channel.
63: Algorithms for Joint Coverage, Routing and Scheduling Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks.
64: Cyclic Scheduling of Multimodal Concurrently Flowing Processes.
65: Integrated Scheduling of Quay Cranes and Automated Lifting Vehicles in Automated Container Terminal with Unlimited Buffer Space.
66: Genetic Algorithm Solving the Orienteering Problem with Time Windows.
67: The Study on the Collusion Mechanism of Auction and It's Efficiency.
68: Traditional Inventory Models for Better Price Competitiveness.
69: Problem of Optimal Route Determining for Linear Systems with Fixed Horizon.
70: Service Science.
71: Towards Service Science: Recent Developments and Applications.
72: Toward Self-adaptive Ecosystems of Services in Dynamic Environments.
73: Communication Protocol Negotiation in a Composite Data Stream Processing Service.
74: Towards a Service-Oriented Platform for Exoplanets Discovery.
75: Decision Making in Security Level Evaluation Process of Service-Based Applications in Future Internet Architecture.
76: Integrating SIP with F-HMIPv6 to Enhance End-to-End QoS in Next Generation Networks.
77: Management of Inter-domain Quality of Service Using DiffServ Model in Intra-domain.
78: Time Series and System Identification.
79: Bilinear Representation of Non-stationary Autoregressive Time Series.
80: Enhancements of Moving Trend Based Filters Aimed at Time Series Prediction.
81: Indivertible Elementary Bilinear Time-Series Models for Data Encryption.
82: Direction—of—Arrival Estimation in Nonuniform Noise Fields: A Frisch Scheme Approach.
83: Closed-Loop System Identification Using Quantized Observations and Integrated Bispectra.
84: Identification of Fractional-Order Continuous-Time Hybrid Box-Jenkins Models Using Refined Instrumental Variable Continuous-Time Fractional-Order Method.
85: Investigation of Model Order Reduction Techniques: A Supercapacitor Case Study.
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