Biomes, 1st Edition

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  • ISBN-10: 1625132395
  • ISBN-13: 9781625132390
  • Grade Level Range: Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
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  • Original Copyright 2014 | Published/Released August 2014
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2014

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Biomes are explained in easy-to-understand language and supported by age-appropriate science concepts. Kid-friendly, real-world examples, hands-on activities kids can try, and interesting facts are included in each book.

Products Included

Seasons of the Boreal Forest Biome  (ISBN-10: 1625131704 | ISBN-13: 9781625131706)

In the far-north latitudes, just below the treeless tundra of the polar region, a forest of evergreen trees called the boreal forest encircles the earth. In this book, students explore the biggest terrestrial ecosystem in the world and can make observations comparing the diversity of life in different habitats.

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Seasons of the Decidous Forest Biome  (ISBN-10: 1625131968 | ISBN-13: 9781625131966)

The deciduous forest has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The animals in this biome adapt to the climate by hibernating in the winter and living off the land in the other three seasons. The plants have adapted to the forests by leaning toward the Sun. This book enables students to understand the adaptations which are necessary for plants and animals to live in such diverse conditions.

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Seasons of the Estuary Biome  (ISBN-10: 1625131976 | ISBN-13: 9781625131973)

Estuaries and the lands surrounding them are places of transition from land to sea, and from fresh water to salt water. Estuaries are protected from the full force of ocean waves, winds, and storms by the reefs, barrier islands, or fingers of land, mud, or sand that define an estuary's seaward boundary. This title will allow students to develop a model to represent the estuary biome, including the shapes and kinds of land and bodies of water in such an area.

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Seasons of the Grassland Biome  (ISBN-10: 1625132085 | ISBN-13: 9781625132086)

Grassland biomes are unaltered areas of land where grass is the dominant plant life. They are inhabited by grazing mammals, ground-nesting birds, insects, and a few species of reptiles. This book allows students to learn more about the animals that live in grassland biomes and the dangers posed by human exploitation.

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Seasons of the Tundra Biome  (ISBN-10: 1625132093 | ISBN-13: 9781625132093)

Did you know that the Arctic Tundra is the world's youngest biome? Located at latitudes 55° to 70° North, the tundra is a vast and treeless land which covers about 20% of the Earth's surface. The tundra is the world's coldest and driest biomes. This book helps students discover the unique features of the world's coldest and driest biome and also synthesize information to describe climates in different regions.

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