A Study of Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam

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A nine-volume set, this work initially was requested by the Defense Logistics Agency in order to analyze the lessons learned by the military during the war in Vietnam. Each volume deals with a topic and analyzes it at length. Volume subjects include: The enemy; South Vietnam; U.S. Foreign Policy and Vietnam, 1945-1975; U.S. Domestic Factors Influencing Vietnam War Policy Making; Planning the War; Conduct of the War (Bk. 1, Operational Analyses; Bk. 2, Functional Analyses); The Soldier; Results of the War; Omnibus Executive Summary.

Each volume has a clear focus and well-organized chapters; for example, in Volume 7 (The Soldier) chapter topics include race relations, drug abuse, and morale an d discipline. Such a format lends itself to use by specialists and undergraduates alike. With United States-Vietnam Relations (above) this publication is an excellent addition to any library's collections in Asian and military studies and recent U.S. history.

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